Timeline Update:  The timeline of our Verse has now reached summer, 2518 AD.
Prehistoric Conclusions:

Mythology, theoretical magics, religion, and science have been combined to postulate that:

1) Anything imagined can be created and/or convinced.

2) With the dimensions of Space (including its perceived age), all things imaginable and unimaginable have existed, do exist, and/or will exist. 

3) If sufficient focused thought, belief, and resources are combined, modern humans can reclassify "magic" as science.

4) It is impossible to fully "know" any given thing.

5) All is relative, therefore navigational directions, the perception of colors and the passage of time, as well as the fundamentals of morality, are all infinitely interpretable gray areas.

6) Any once-thought immortal entity becomes mortal, changeable, erasable, and malleable, the instant it is considered to be a possibility.

7) The Laws of Physics were created by linear, logical, compartmentalized thinking, and applied only to a narrow layer of the surface area of a single world.  These laws can be bent at times, or changed entirely, and are expected to be different the farther and further one explores from this starting point.  Anticipation influences that within range.

8) Due to the discovery of mobile microbes that respond to stimulus, said lifeforms could have been created in any number of ways, if they weren't here all along, and due to their existence, sentient lifeforms and civilizations of any size, great (macrocosmic) or small (microcosmic / microscopic), are likely.

9) Star-sized organisms roam the known Verse at a rate "slow" to us, relative to how slowly we move relative to the bacteria and other microbes moving within us.  A fly's lifespan to a human's, is the same as a human's to one of these astronomically-large lifeforms.

10) These star-sized organisms are as unique as each human is to humanity, and begin to emit pieces of their mass that form into orbiting planets.

11) Much in the same way we inject things into our bodies to adjust or eradicate certain bacteria colonies (think "civilizations") within us, so, too, do these astronomical giants (these moons and stars and black holes); sending things into themselves, or down onto their surfaces, which modify, adjust, and sometimes eradicate (almost) Us.

12) Even the age of all things, and how they unfolded, may have been reversely influenced by our strings of associations and assumptions about them; our own minds generating pro-active anti-tachyonic streams and reactions.
Human Recorded History

​Despite "the victors writing the history books", it is still commonly accepted that the following chronology of Earth and humankind occurred:

65,000,000 BCE:  Extinction Level Event (ELE).  Once believed to be a massive meteor impact that wiped out the dinosaurs, it is now believed that an ancient nuclear war merely endangered some of the dinosaurs, mutated others, and caused many of them to live underground in caves for many generations.

2012: Pyramids in Egypt, Sudan, Italy, Greece, Romania, China, Australia, the Grand Canyon, along the Andes, and off the coast of Cuba are found to be built as microwave communication relay stations and global regulators for terraforming and magnetoshere stabilization.  No longer seen as primitive; the pyramid technology is studied as highly advanced biomechanical masoncraft.

Allies in War and Peace:  All wars on Earth have accurate dates, but the reasons they were fought is now widely opened up to speculation.  It is now believed that all groups of warring nations throughout history were secretly allied the entire time they were fighting, and chose to go to war with each other to cover up ulterior motives, such as paranormal research, repopulation retrograde,  and the extermination of all non-human sentient terrestrial species and competing civilizations (using propaganda to label all of said entities as "demonic" and "evil", and later as "fairytale" and "superstition", then jailing, banishing into exile, sealing in asylum, and killing or assassinating all those who questioned said propaganda efforts); the Inquisition and the Crusades never truly ended; they've been going on this whole time.

NAZIs Blaze a Cosmic Trail:  Mankind spreads to the moon, pioneered by the 3rd Reich during WWII.  America and the Soviet Union (allies with the National Socialist German Workers' party the whole time) play along, and pretend to be in a Space race, while their Germanic partners continue with their hushed experiments, expeditions, and technological advances in the name of modern man's stability.

Science Fiction becomes History:  Star Trek and Star Wars technology exists, but the alien races are still publicly "undiscovered", and all technology continues to be with-held and classified for 75 years after its invention, allowing for ample time to slowly transition it into the human economy.

The Present Age

The Union of Allied Planets (here-to-forth to be referred to as the UAP, or more commonly as "The Alliance") controls the colonized area of the Verse that includes the mutli-system of the White Sun, Red Sun, Georgia, Kalidasa, and Blue Sunmulti-solar systems.

50 Billion humans live in this portion of the known Verse, as of the still winding down Unification War.  This "Verse" is contained within an Oort Cloud, same as is the Sol (or Ra) System they all left behind.

"Earth-That-Was" (ETW) is a fairytale for most of those settlers living in the young, new Verse now, but there is still a multi-billion human population thriving within a few isolated high-tech city-biomes scattered about the more inaccessible and elevated regions of this once lush planet.  Efforts to re-terraform Earth have been suspended, as those who now remain there do not want a repeat of human history any time soon, so they keep the majority of it hostile and unliveable.

The Mass Effect Relay found inside Charon was never publically used, and any sentient non-human discoveries and interaction remain unheard of.

Mankind "as you know it" is now predominantly anchored in the new Verse of multi- and sub- or "proto" solar systems; what remains behind are mostly automations, ruins, and/or cloning operations.
Time and Aging:

   The year is based on ETW revolutions, and is used as the Galactic Standard (the same way the Astronomical Unit (AU) is). Each planet affects people differently, and has different durations for its rotations (days), revolutions (years), and other cycles, so an age (based on a planet’s year) is relative with these factors all included, and while a person may live to be 300 on one world (based upon that world’s revolutions around its primary star), a 100-year lifespan on another world may be the exact same amount of time. Therefore age is determined based on the ETW calendar. Time-zones and age-zones exist across the colonized Verse. When sub-FTL and near-FTL speeds are encountered, and time and perception change relative to those not moving at those speeds, age records are adjusted accordingly to reflect that the person aged less quickly while in-transit at those speeds.

All Sagas Timeline Fusion and Overlaps:








Legend 1:
TYA = Trillion Years Ago
BYA = Billion Years Ago
MYA = Million Years Ago
KYA = 1,000 Years Ago
BC = Before Common era
Legend 2:
Colors are just aesthetic.
Text is sci-fi saga titles.
Timeline goes left to right.
Columns are years.
Rows are time-spans.
Legend 3:
MIL = Million years ahead
BIL = Billion years ahead
TRIL = Trillion (not used)
This timeline is linear.
The intervals are not even.
Legend 4:
There are 4 sections;
1: ends at year 1285.
2: covers 1485 to 1990.
3: covers 1992 to 2133.
4: covers 2192 to 1 BIL.
Lemuria rumored 
to exist.
Majority of this saga's events start here.
Lone Gunmen start working together.
Cases start.
Voyages start.
4 prisoner-ships lost.
Mass-effect technology found in Mars ruins.
John-117 born.
Last Earth race.
1st Venus life.
Humans end.
Last Earth continent.
Human-Covenant War ends.
EVE-gate found.
EVE-gate collapses.
EVE-system Dark Age(s).
---[The Chart's Purpose]--- 
Giving you, the writer, a clear picture of which sagas overlap:  so you can see exactly which species and constructs from which stories and story-lines existed during the same time, which then gives you an idea of which of them might encounter and interact with one another.  This explains the very quintessence of our site and community, TNH; how we can realistically write Predators and Xenomorphs running into the Borg and the Spartan super-soldiers of Halo, and so on.

---[Four Internal Divisions or Sections]--- 
Each of the four sections:  covers the same number of columns, but a different number of years; section 1 covers the time period between 2-trillion-years-ago (TYA) to 1285 Anno Domini (AD), section 2 covers the time period between 1485 AD and 1990 AD, section 3 covers the time period between 1992 AD and 2133 AD, and section 4 covers the time period between 2192 AD and 1-billion (BIL) AD. 

---[The Colored Horizontal Bars]---
What each represents:  a single saga or story's timeline; the entire lifespan of all of the events of that story or author.  Each saga's bar will always remain the same color in every section.

---[The Text Labels]---
Horizontal and vertical ones:  both are just the names of the sagas or events; their orientation (horizontal or vertical) is only adjusted so that they will fit in the chart without overlapping.  It also serves to keep brief sagas and stories from appearing as if they cover much longer time periods (which might seem to be the case if their labels were written horizontally across more of the columns).

---[Vertical Number Labels]---
What they mean:  in a few columns of this chart, you will see labels like "8 billion", "6 million", "23 billion", "34 Tauri: 50 billion", and "500 trillion"; these are the Human population grand totals at that time.  Respectively, they are:  1) 8 billion Humans on Earth, 2) 6 million Humans on Earth, 3) 23 billion Humans on Earth, 4) 50 billion Humans in the 34 Tauri Multi-system, and 5) 500 trillion Humans in all of the Human-colonized Space

---[Why the uneven year-column intervals?]--- 
Each saga's timeline, as researched and cross-referenced, has milestones spread out over these intervals:  only a few of the sagas share years as some of their milestones.

---[Single Boxes versus Boxes with Dots]--- 
Single boxes, colored in with a single color the same way each horizontal bar is, represent:  much shorter sagas, stories, or individual events, such as those portrayed in movies, rather than in series of books or comics.  A single lifespan, for example (i.e. Conan the Barbarian's lifespan), is always going to be too short to cover more than one rectangular box on this chart.
The signature TNH-style squares with dark blue edges, light blue circles, and red dots in their centers represent:  much shorter events than even 1 lifespan, and each of these "dots" or icons are labeled with a translucent blue box with white text that indicates the main concept or advent (of the "dot" or icon that its corner touches) of what occurred on this chart's timeline.

---[The Single, Red Boxes]---
What they represent:  early terminations of saga timelines (often indicating that saga's timeline was shifted / adjusted slightly) due to the Biblical-scale, global war (during the tail-end of 2012 and the first few days of 2013) that resulted in terraforming events reshaping entire continents and oceans.  Although the characters of these several adjusted sagas (timelines)  may have survived, any events until the Earth re-stablized years later would be pushed back (and have to occur much later).

---[Quick Reference]---
Rows:  saga lifespans / story-lines.
Columns:  years.
Colors:  aesthetics / cosmetic only.
Dot Icons:  events much shorter than one year.
About the Chart:
Too complicated?  Try this version instead:  It has all of the 4 sections lined up.