Amusement-park Ship News:  An entire waterpark is now part of the many levels of this cruiseliner-sized vessel.
Amusement-park Ship
Amusement-park Ship

This is one of the largest ships of Inisfree's main lake.  The size of an aircraft carrier, built with the virtually invincible Inisfreean materials and construction techniques, and fashioned after a classic galleon, Inisfree's amusement-park-ship fusion takes the Wet 'n' Wild waterpark concept out to sea and on to a whole new level.

Dimensions & Layout:
Nearly 1,000 feet from nose to tail, 330 feet wide at its widest point, and 250 feet tall; 25 stories, this ship boasts dozens of decks with just as many water rides, and thousands of inner tubes for speeding down its water-lubed tubes... or just floating and bobbing along its open-air 'lazy river'; the creek-sized moat built as a perimeter waterway along this ship's largest open-air deck.

Special Features:
Guests can ride water slides, slingshots, catapults, and even trebuchets out over the edge of this ship, launching them out to splash down in the crystal clear waters of the lake it slowly sails upon.  Guests can also use the dive pools built into its keel to explore the floor of this lake, as well as the colorful barrier reef that runs almost half its length.

The pirate-themed dance club, Rock The Boat, is here.

[Rides] Directory

All these rides are Wet-n-wild style; quick waterworks.
*size of an aircraft carrier, with rides on the flight deck,
and rides inside the hangar,
and rides with waterslide tubes arcing out over the sides,
then down into the hangar, etc.

0. Waterpark with water-canons mounted on soft play-castles,
and self-refilling waterbuckets mounted on dump/tip hinges,
and sprinklers and water-fountains designed to be run through
1. Surfrider (inverted arch, like the Pirate Ship ride)
2. Kamikaze (group inflatable raft)
3. Mach 5 (tall, steep waterslides side-by-side)
4. Aqualoop (waterslide tubes corkscrewing around each other)
5. River Rapids (waterslide into funnel)
6. Black Hole (dark tunnels with flashing LEDs)

*Each squadbay/berthing in this aircraft carrier has:
luxurious canopy bunkbeds
walk-in group showers with dozens of showerheads at all heights and on all sides