Apartments News:  This region of Inisfree now includes more than 100 distinctly themed apartment complexes.
Apartment Complexes

Inisfree has 112 gorgeous, uniquely-themed apartment complexes throughout this residency zone called 'The 'Hoods Slope'; the section of Inisfree's central mountain's slope which is zoned exclusively for this type of residential structure.

Aesthetic & Beautification Focus:
It's not about efficiency anymore, such as was the case with Soviet-block-era style buildings; it's about unbridled art and design, and every last one of our constructs reflects that.  All of these apartment complexes are works of art and Feng Shui design all their own, as are each of their apartment buildings, and each of the individual apartments, each of which comes fully furnished long before any guests of Inisfree visit or move in.

Common Speech & References:
Sometimes these are called "apart-mints" because there are no dirty or unkempt apartments in Inisfree; they are all in mint condition.


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See what each posh apartment complex in the neighborhoods region looks like:

David Citadel - in Israel
周長 UC