Aquaduct Canal System News:  The original 8 canal design has been expanded to now include 10.
Aquaduct Canal System
Aquaduct Canal System

Inisfree has 10 canals fed by 8 waterfall spouts channeling melt-water from the Snowdunes region (the circular plateau atop the city's central and largest mountain).  The shortest of these canals is one quarter of a mile, and feeds the jacuzzis of the Valhalla ski resort.  The longest of these canals is ~3.25 miles long, and feeds the majority of Inisfree's apartment complexes, ti houses, yurts and ger, Waterfall City II, the Earthships, and Arch City.

Mobile Homes:
Inisfree's longer canals are home to a number of house-boats fashioned in the likeness of the classic riverboat ferries used for gambling when casinos on land were illegal in much of America but the loophole allowed mobile ones riding up and down the major rivers.

All of the canals and other major waterworks of Inisfree come standard with tiny, tastefully hidden, hydroelectric generators running their lengths.  With these canals, there are hundreds of thousands of these small, turbine-like motors built into the edges of the canals just a few feet below their water levels.  As the water flows down and out from Inisfree's central mountaintop, it spins the fan blades in these hydroelectric generators, maintaining a constant and massive amount of free, renewable, 'green' (clean; environmentally friendly) energy which powers much of all the neighborhoods and other attractions bordering these waterways.
[Canals] Directory:

Canal 1:  feeds the Flower Towers, going underground the rest of the way out to the Tree Castles.

​​Canal 2:  feeds the 'Hoods Slope all the way down to the two Caribbean-colored ponds just past Arch City.

Canal 3:  feeds two of the three main waterfalls of the Rainforest Crater, which then feed the waterfalls of the Uber Geode.

Canal 4:  feeds the third of the three main waterfalls of the Rainforest Crater.

Canal 5:  feeds the neighborhoods of the various cabins, tree-houses, and ryokans, then of the various castle and mansion types, including many of the palaces and mosques.

Canal 6:  feeds the innermost Cliffdwellings neighborhood, then Slant-top Spire, which in turn feeds the Auzdome.

Canal 7:  feeds Dickens Village, the Valhalla ski resort, and then Crater Lake.

Canal 8:  feeds the shrine-mansions, the Tantric Academy, and then the Disc Pond and Canyon Rivers.

Canal 9:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  feeds the Governor's Mansion, the Beach Cliff Waterfall, the Beach River Delta, and then Inisfree's main lake.

Canal 10:  feeds Statue Park's perimeter stone waterslides.

* SCUBA City, the Sotu moat, the Mall's water features, the G.A.H. Cathedral moat, the Military Training Area, Inisfree's Swamp Region, the Highway Niagara, Inisfree's commercial farmland, ​​​​the Water-rise by the Civilian Aerospaceport, and the drive-through Sea-tanks (sometimes called the Uber Aquarium), all have their own water supply systems which are independent of the city's canals.