Arch City News:  This construct remains an elevated suburban neighborhood with bungee jumping from the arch's apex on both sides.
Arch City
Arch City

This is the town-sized urban area of Inisfree which is a group of skyscrapers and other buildings arranged upon a giant bridge long and wide enough to comfortably house and support them all.

Dimensions & Layout:
Arch City is a construct whose bridge part spans half a mile by one quarter of a mile, rising to a point at its center more than 100 stories about local ground level.  Counting the height of the tallest buildings which are perched upon it, this construct reaches a total height of nearly half a mile, though most of the buildings that are built atop this giant bridge are only several stories tall. Running up over its center is a section of the G.A.H.; all 462 feet of its width, with hundreds more feet on either side (room for the foundations of the buildings built as the top part of Arch City).

Special Features:
Some of the skyscrapers of this construct of Inisfree now rotate ('shape-shift') like a number of their larger counterparts in nearby Sotu.

On the grounds near the base of Arch City are the two Caribbean Ponds.

拱 城市