The Armada Catalog:  In the New Horizon's holographic Omnimax map room, you will also have access to this database.
 Armada Catalog 
Armada Catalog Access

Access to this catalog is by security clearance only, and it is viewable only in the main map room.  To file for and obtain a suitable security clearance, speak to the Chief Duty Officer (CDO) or Officer of the Day (OOD) via one of the Gold Hammers in the chatroom.

Firefly-class ships aboard the New Horizon have been outfitted for the Maritime Special-Purpose Force (MSPF) deep reconnaissance missions into Reaver Space.
Automated Scanning and Cataloging

Upon setting foot aboard any ship in this armada, a genetic pedigree dating back through your prehistoric lineage is compiled, backed-up, analyzed, and reported on. This serves as one of your ID methods for future visits, returns from missions, and protocol drills. Therefore "Man Overboard" drills cannot be used to plant look-alikes on the ship.

Conventional Vessels
Dreadnoughts - super-carriers
  Carriers -           
  Battleships -      warship, large
  Cruisers -          warship, medium
  Destroyers -      warship, small
  Frigates -           warship, tiny
Fighterjets -
  Escape Pods - 
  Drones - 

Space-to-land Amphibious:
  Dropships - (modern 'Amphibs')

  Battlemechs -     legged tanks
  Tanks -               tracked tanks

Forward Deployable Troops
  Infantry -
  Forward Observers -
  Scout-Snipers -
  Reconnaissancemen -

Non-combatant / Support:
  Seabees -

Unconventional Vessels
Space-to-land Amphibious:
  Fireflies - small cargo planes