Asphalt Curves Hood News:  This neighborhood now has hundreds of full-sized, stand-alone houses.
Asphalt Curves Hood
Asphalt Curves Hood

This neighborhood is named for its type of streets; the ones which appear to be the black, coarse, almost rubbery-looking roadways which make 180 degree curves connecting each of their straightaways, and which are rare in Inisfree, as they are seen only in this housing development. Originally called the 'Three Slopes 'Hood', as its three streets were arranged over their own distinct slopes, the name was later changed just before construction to make it more of an identifier; there are many other neighborhoods in Inisfree which have three or more slopes within their area.

Dimensions & Layout:
Spanning a full mile across its longest sides, and one fifth of a mile across its smaller sides, this neighborhood is a long rectangular section halfway up the slope of Inisfree's central mountain from the city's hospital on the outer perimeter of its downtown area.  As mentioned above, three streets run through this neighborhood, each one from side to side along its long axis, quad-secting it laterally in this way, resulting in there being four rows of houses.  Those houses are what you would expect to find in any early 21st-century suburbia; two- and three-story houses, some with basements, and all with a few architectural personality traits, though all clearly belonging to the same home owners' association; all being clearly base formatted and designed to look as similar as possible without being boring by all having the same façades and paint color schemes.  Each of these four rows of houses is a mile long, with each house on its own 66'x66' plot of land; plenty of room set aside so that each of the 320 houses in this neighborhood has yards on all four sides. More specifically, each of these houses is on a rectangular foundation oriented such that the front yard and backyard are larger than its side yards, maintaining space for a swimming pool and swing-set in the backyard, and a wide, smooth stone tiles driveway from a two- or three-car garage facing the street.  With the side yards being about 13 feet from fence to house wall, that leaves 40 feet of foundation between them.  Since that 40' is the distance along the foundation of one of these houses along its longer axis, that leaves about 30' between the front and back edges of the foundation, resulting in front- and backyards which both measure 66' across and 18' from their outer edge up to the house.

Looking out from this neighborhood down the overall slope of the section of the city's central mountain it is on, one will see Mt. Auzmore, the hospital just a little farther down the slope from it, and the moat and wall of Sotu at the bottom where the foot-hills even out into the prairie plains. Looking to one of this 'hood's sides, one will see past some of the Glamping Sites to the Apartments Neighborhood, Waterfall City, and the tops of the Flower Towers visible just on the far side​​ of the Earthships Neighborhood.  The school, Arch City a mile beyond it, and the Perimeter Wall a mile beyond That are also visible from that vantage, as are, right in the middle of that vantage, the tops of the Performing Arts Center and the Library of Congress II, with the towering Harmonics Mechs standing in their line just behind them, and the Welcoming Lot spreading out past the Asian Great Gate, its Glowing Art Highway section, and Pearly Gate 1 right behind it. Looking out the opposite side of this Asphalt Curves 'Hood, one will see through its trees one of Inisfree's famous, Caribbean-colored canals running down the main mountain's slope and separating this neighborhood from the start of Inisfree's Ryokans one.  Lastly, looking out the back of this neighborhood; up the slope toward the top of this central mountain, one will see the Evergreen trees start to include fewer Ponderosa Pines... and more and more Redwoods and Sequoias.

Special Features:
Home to the all-girl garage bands such as Nyria's, Liesel's, and Kelsi's; all now well-known and beloved Inisfreeans, this neighborhood of Inisfree has become a popular hangout and center of creative music. Its classic upper-middle-class suburbia look and feel make it the picturesque, ideal, laid back environment for just such a safe and inviting, music genre experiments scene.

Actual asphalt is not used for the streets of this neighborhood, as asphalt releases toxic oil and other materials which are banned in Inisfree.  The streets of this neighborhood are made only to Look like asphalt.

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See what the different rooms in your residence will look like:

Bathroom (and walk-in shower)
Bedroom (often in center of livingroom)
Bookroom (library and study)
Breezeroom (patio, porch, balcony)
Cookingroom (and pantry)
Croproom (miniature farm)
Diningroom (including breakfastrooms)
Entryroom (foyer)
Exerciseroom (gym and dojo)
Gameroom (billiards, chess, et cetera)
Gardenroom (greenhouse, lawn / yard)
Laundryroom (breeze-drying)
Livingroom (lounge and piano)
Mediaroom (theater / movie screen)
Meditationroom (cube within a cube)
Poolroom (indoor swimming)
Storageroom (closet, built-in laser-eye)
Toiletroom (urinal, throne, and bidet) 
Trophyroom (war-suit display)
Workroom (office)