AA-Governments News:  All non-military government vehicles, such as Fire Tanks, Tumblers, and Work Horses, are produced here.
Automated Government Automobiles Factory

This facility produces all of Inisfree's government vehicles, such as the Dulles Shuttles (for off-road sight-seeing mass-transportation), Luxury Buses (which are also used as school buses in this city), and Work-horses (multi-purpose construction, earth-moving, and maintenance vehicles).

This facility's foundation measures 990'x990'; floor-space of just over 980,000 square feet per story. Like the Distribution Port on the opposite side of the city, this facility is 90% underground, its roof being half covered in landscaping. Its top story is 10' tall and has the vehicle ports and other access points (such as the Inisfreean-style pull-down L-hallway doors) which allow its products to be transported out by automated vehicles or picked up in person. Nine stories are below ground level, starting with the factory floor where raw materials are subatomically sung into existence from slush matter vats. As these creations are moved to higher and higher successive floors in this facility, they become more and more recognizable as the finished product; the large municipal vehicles signature to Inisfree.

Special Features:
In time sensitive situations, this facility can mass-flash-clone even vehicles of this size and complexity; like the batches of Inisfreeans that are sung into existence in a matter of seconds, Inisfree's government vehicles can be, as well.  This technology also allows nearly instant maintenance and repairs when recalled to these types of facilities, though field repairs using similar technology only take a few seconds or minutes longer.


自動化 汽車 政府