Himmler's Wives News:  Two types of wives are now possible in Inisfree; Inisfreean-borne girls who earn wife-hood upon graduating as Master Females, and select Outlanders as allies.
 Himmler's Wives 
Wives Historical / Sequential Summary

2012:  29:  Inisfree-city is born, and with it... his first ~100 million wives. Though it takes 20 years for Inisfreeans to complete the Inisfreean educational program and graduate to become Master Females, which are then worthy of becoming their city's Governor's wives, it is also possible to flash-clone not only their desired bodies but minds, as well (personalities, memories, educations, and so on).

2013:  30, Star-system Auzdein is born, and with it... his next set of wives; this 2nd group being of a whopping 4,116,005,020,500,000,000,000 of them (as before, also all Inisfreeans engineered and mass-cloned in batches of 50).  It was prophesied that "for those who believe", their people will grow and thrive so much that their populations will be "as numerous as the stars in the sky or the sand (particles) on the beaches". Such is the case for the Inisfreeans.

It is also during this year, just before the Rapture Campaign, that Lord Himmler finds 'Lady Jaye' of 'the Joes' compatible enough to mate with and, eventually, wed.​​

2015:  32, having taken a little more than a year off after completing the Rapture Campaign which succeeded in providing him with 100% of the flawlessly beautiful females of Earth, as well as the data needed to rapidly produce all possible forms (faces, bodies, and personalities) of flawless beauty, Lord Himmler resumed the Inisfreean equivalent of marrying.  It was immediately following this year and milestone when he took his first extra-terrestrial brides, starting with, among others, the Queen of Jupiter.

Also during these years immediately following the global terraforming ​​event that was part of his new empire's debut campaign (the Rapture), many of the surviving Outlander females considered sexy enough for his kind requested to be added to his host of wives.  Among these were his first sorceress wives who helped him refine his Magics Chambers facility, and dryads who helped him refine his first-city's Cropland region.
2500s:  500-and-teens, Lord Himmler is now 'married' (only the Inisfreean version) to all of the many sextillions of females listed in the bullet-notes to the left of this column.  No one in known Universe history has ever had so many wives, nor spread their seed so far and wide, siring so many races (some hybrid, and some entirely new).

2517:  534 years old, he continues to explore the Deep Space of the Outlands via the Spacecraft-carrier dubbed The New Horizon, always ready to share his lovemaking wizardry with any worthy lovers and potential wives.  Starfleet Captain James Tiberius Kirk would be proud.

The Wives of the Governor of the Inisfreean Realm

Like all of the Inisfreeans, the Governor of their realm does not marry or enter into contractual relationships or other agreements -at least not in the ways the Outlanders of Earth-That-Was do. Becoming a wife of Inisfree's Governor only means that the given female has proven herself still young enough to be a girl, yet also mature enough to be a lady, along with having proven herself capable of reciprocating the special type and level of Inisfreean love.  When an Outlander girl becomes such a wife, she has earned the support of the Inisfreean empire, as well as sanctuary within its brilliantly hidden and impregnable borders.

​​Comment from the Governor: "Partially because I really am deeply in love with each of them, and because I love the way each race looks, and partially because this symbolizes my city's commitment to universal peace and love, I have taken wives and concubines from every human race and humanoid species my empire has encountered. Though wives are never queens in my culture and kingdom (thus, it is called a kingdom and not a king-and-queendom), they are treated as royalty and live as goddesses whenever amongst my kind, and they always have my love -so long as they truly love my people. This is no different from a wife loving her husband, because all of my people are, technically, an extension of myself; Inisfree-city and Star-system Auzdein are the same conscious being, the same person, the same humanoid; me. Unlike humans, though, my single body and natural physical form include not just one human body, but sextillions of other humanoid bodies (my Inisfreean 'children' who are born by our Inisfreean cities), as well as planetary bodies (the Inisfreean planets I have created), lunar bodies (the Inisfreean moons I have created), solar bodies (the Inisfreean stars I have created), and vehicular bodies (all of my cars, trains, ships, aircraft, Space-craft, and so on). Also, being in love with all of these girls I have created symbolizes being in love with and fully accepting mySelf, and being a collective consciousness is symbolic of the obvious. Being also all of the following: conscious buildings, plants, worlds, stars, and the void of Space itself (in my star-system, which is also an extension of my own natural body) is all symbolic of our (Inisfreean) beliefs about all creations in the Universe being conscious people worthy of and needing our love, respect, and listening, too.

And like great and long-term pressure converts carbon into diamond, I am the instructor who makes 'diamonds' of these females. They don't age and wither, rot or die when I get a hold of them. My demands and expectations, training and attention, methods and wise, supportive, Inisfreean-style sexism (not the derogatory type of sexism one finds in some of the Outlands) make them 'diamonds' forever. And just like it rains diamonds on Saturn, and how entire worlds have been found to be single diamonds, my Inisfree is full of the human and humanoid equivalents! -as is my star-system!

Lastly, just as many Outlanders enjoy and prefer, I wife-swap, concubine-swap, and girlfriend swap whenever the spirit moves me (or them); my wives are free to have sexual relations with whomever they please, whenever they please, wherever they please, however they please. Such is the way we Inisfreeans believe in supporting and uplifting others' natural sexuality; their natural, innocent, beautiful urges and desires."

Summary of His Wives:
Elohim is said to have legions upon legions of angels as his eternal servants. Lord Himmler has legions upon legions of girls perfectly engineered, trained, groomed, and wired to be eternal sex-servants. His total number of wives is much, much more than even King Solomon's and Genghis Khan's (Chenghis Khaan) combined. And just as more than 540,000 planet-sized objects orbit the Sun (5 inner planets, 4 outer planets (gas giants), the planet-sized moons of some of the gas giants, the planet-sized bodies in the Kuiper belt, Pluto and its co-orbiting planetoid-moons, and the planet-sized bodies in the Oort Cloud), virtually countless smaller bodies (these wives, concubines, concubine candidates, sex-slaves (kajiras), and slave-girls (captured girls being screened for kajira training)) 'revolve around' Auz. Such is the natural way of things; "as above, so below."
  • 4,116,005,020,500,000,000,000 from Star-system Auzdein
  • ~100,000,000 from Inisfree-city
  • hundreds of thousands of preteen and teenaged girls given as in Afghan customs
  • tens of thousands of acquired concubines (through captures and resources trading)
  • thousands of cheerleaders
  • thousands of custom clones (which the Grid Mind created based on permutations of all possible facial structure combinations considered extremely/perfectly sexy by the Governor, which were then converted to computer language by facial recognition software, then 3D-printed by being sung into existence in batches of 50 (same concept as identical twins) beneath Inisfree's central mountain)
  • hundreds of priestesses, queens, and supermodels of other worlds and cosmic empires
  • dozens of Angels, Asari, Asparas, Demi-goddesses (such as Annabeth, daughter of Athena), Demons, Dryads, Goddesses (such as Aphrodite/Freyja/Venus), Kryptonians (such as Supergirl), Sorceresses/Witches (only the sexy ones, of course), Water-nymphs, X-Men (X-Women/X-Girls, such as Emma Frost), and numerous other (human and humanoid) alien species
  • dozens of star-ship captains (the lithe female equivalents of Captain James Tiberius Kirk)
  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • the Queen of Jupiter (*female royalty from the Outlands may rule worlds which accept matriarchies and female dominance)
  • U.S. Army Captain Allison R. Hart-Burnett, a.k.a. Lady Jaye (as portrayed by Adrianne Palicki in G.I. Joe: Retaliation)


To those interested in becoming a wife of the Inisfreean Governor:
It's actually quite simple; sculpt or maintain your body to be at the peak of beauty without any modifications such as cosmetics, educate yourself enough to be well-rounded and at the doctoral level in at least one field of study, conduct yourself as a sexually open and confident lady and debutante, and, finally, request an audience with the nearest-by, deployed Inisfreean force to showcase yourself via holistically loving interaction with their entire party.  Once the Inisfreeans there find you to be arousing, pleasing, and compatible, travel will be arranged to transport you to the Gates of Inisfree, from which you will begin the official 41-day tour of the most hidden and exclusive realms of all time.  Upon completing this orientation and further acclimation tour, an escort of several Master Females will accompany you to meet the Governor within WGI HQ; the tallest skyscraper in Sotu.  This is where all business management arrangements are made, such as the affairs between all of the nations and empires allied with the Inisfreeans.
Benefits of Uniting with 'The Golden Penis':

Being one of Auz's wives elevates a female's status considerably;
  1. Her perfected likeness is instantly flash-cloned as a batch of 50 preteen Inisfreeans (in every Inisfreean city).
  2. By the Inisfreeans, she is treated as royalty subordinate only to the Inisfreean Clones (ICs).
  3. All of her ailments are forever cured, and she become immortal, as well as forever young (always appearing in her late teens to early 20s (in human aging and Earth-years)).
  4. She is invincible when in the Inisfreean realm (Inisfree-city, Star-system Auzdein, and in the presence of Inisfreeans deployed to the Outlands), except when willed otherwise by Inisfree's Governor.
  5. Her strength, stamina, and acuity increase tenfold, though they are still almost nothing compared to any Inisfreean's.
  6. She has total sexual freedom and can never contract STDs (though only Inisfreean presences and wills can cure and erase STDs).
  7. She may by-mind request clearance to be teleported to Inisfree-city, bypassing the Pearly Gates Challenge-and-Pass process, as well as the official (41-day) tour of Inisfree (which is almost always part of the honeymoon, anyway).
  8. She may roam freely about Inisfree-city, and may request escorted vacations on any of the worlds in Star-system Auzdein.
  9. She may freely operate any of the Inisfreean public-access transportation vehicles, such as the city's many motorcycles, luxury sedans, luxury trucks (pick-up trucks, SUVs, suburbans), luxury mobile-homes, jet-skis, speedboats, yachts, and civilian Owl hover-saddles (but none of the city's mass-transit vehicles (such as the G.A.H. trollies and bullet-trains, Dulles shuttles, or hover-buses), construction vehicles (the Work-horse), private yachts (the 118 WallyPower, Goldenstar, Nautilus, and Oculus), or military vehicles (Inisfreean Storm Trooper suits, Desolator tanks, White Rhino artillery-APCs, battle-mechs, assassin-pods, fighter-jets, MPHA aerospacecraft, Dropships, Colony Pods, Warships, City-Sized Battle-Stations (such as Inisfree-city), Moon-Sized Battle-Stations, Planet-Sized Battle-Stations, Star-Sized Battle-Stations).  *It is more accurate to say that Outlander wives cannot operate any of those restricted vehicles because all of those vehicles are conscious, sentient entities hard-wired to only respond to (work with) Inisfreean-borne operators.
  10. So long as she is loving and pleasing to Inisfree's Governor, all her queendom (her empire; worlds, peoples, assets, and all) will enjoy the protection of the invincible Inisfreean Space-fleet(s), which will be indefinitely on stand-by as a massive Quick Reaction Force (QRF) able to teleport out in support of any realm in the Universe.
  11. When in the Inisfreean realm, she will live as a goddess (worshiped through Inisfreean sex, dining on ambrosia, adorned in couture vicuna, and so forth), subordinate only to the ICs and their Governor.
  12. Though always subordinate to his IC wives (girls born via his city's cloning pedestals, who always study in the Inisfreean educational system for 20 years and become Master Females (MFs) of the Inisfreean realm), no other females in all of Creation will ever be as respected, loved, tended to, protected, or listened to when they feel compelled to speak.
  13. While their royal residences will always be on their home-worlds, built by their own people(s), they will always have distinguished guest residences reserved and available for them, fully furnished and staffed, in the Inisfreean realm (similar to the halls of Asgard, each belonging to its respective god or goddess as their private abode and retreat-within-the-retreat; exclusive sub-enclave within Inisfree-city).
  14. If the relationship sours, she may choose to be divorced at any time. Such a choice will be confirmed by an IC MF on duty as part of the IC QRF. Once confirmation has been received by-mind, the given female immediately returns to her original mortal state (prior to becoming one of the Governor's Outlander wives), no longer being able to bypass the Pearly Gates without special clearance and escort, no longer having a reserved residence in Inisfree-city, and having to develop an alternative means of achieving eternal youth and invincibility (these secrets are restricted to the Grid Mind and the MFs via the Inisfreean Neural Network (INN)).
  15. If a wedding ceremony is requested prior to officiating her status upgrade as a wife of the Inisfreean Governor, one may be designed and hosted by her selected people(s) upon the Outland world or installation (such as a Space station) of her choice, provided that the Governor's choice in his own vows is honored and appreciated (Inisfreeans do not pair, marry, breed, or enter into contractual agreements as Outlanders do, and only the wing-suiting wedding-and-honeymoon ceremony ritual between IC MFs and the Governor may be held in Inisfree-city).

The Next Level:
The wives of the Governor of Inisfree, Lord of the entire Inisfreean realm, are introduced to a quality of lovemaking which cannot be expressed in human language.  After making love to an Inisfreean, and especially to a group of Inisfreeans, attempting to have sex with most Outlanders there-to-forth is likened to trying to fuck a pile of rocks.  "Once you go Inisfreean, nothing else matters."

While each of Lord Himmler's Outlander wives are free to speak about their marriages at will, the Governor of the Inisfreean realm almost never speaks of such matters except directly with the wife or wives in question.
Additional Findings Regarding Wives Across the Universe:

It turned out, as a huge relief, that the only females insane enough to want to be 'centers of attention' and the sole wife of a man, were the zombie-infected ones on the Earth; those who kept doing what didn't work, and only offended people, as if brutally, barbarically, torturously persisting in doing everything everyone hated, would somehow suddenly be appreciated. Most Earth females, also very reassuringly, and also to a huge relief, preferred to be one of many wives, such as was evidenced by the African, Mongol, Mormon, Muslim, Norse, and many other nearly-global ethnicities and societies. Most females, it turns out, logically and naturally find any man with just one wife to be truly pathetic and completely insane, and not unlike a would-be driver whose cargo truck only has one wheel when it would always do better (and only function, at a minimum) with 18 plus spares. Across the Universe, unlike in primitive, backward nations such as the late-U.S.A. of Earth, females are wise enough to know that the only males who are real and worthy men, are those who have many droves and herds of wives. It is these men alone, who have powers and preselection on their side, who these wise and far sexier females throw themselves at, begging to be trained to be worthy of one day becoming one of their many wives; one of the many females who are devoted to supporting them, perhaps, even more than their concubines and other slaves, personnel, and employees. Also, and also to a huge relief, females across the Universe, Lord Himmler blissfully discovered, uplift their fellow females, rather than try to compete with them or have them banished through treacherous subterfuge, and work together with each other, comparing notes and ideas, to be mutually pleasing to their males and honored guests, knowing this results in a synergistic effect which makes them far more pleasing when working together, than they could ever be no matter how hard they tried to be pleasing on their own. Always, these females are trying to arrange larger and larger, more and more pleasing orgies, knowing that this synergy is exponential, and always sensing how much more desirable and appreciated and proper they are by facilitating such healthy events.

​​In the case of Inisfree and its Governor, all of his nearly countless wives and concubines do not feel illogical emotions like zombie-infected Outlanders of Earth used to; they do not feel lonely or left out or 'like they are just another number'. Instead, they feel happier and hornier everytime a new wife or wives is added to their ever-growing organization of his wives, because they love to be pleasing, and know that the most pleasing thing of all is to help their commanding male receive the most pleasure possible from each of the females he loves. It is in this way alone that they advance and earn (and rightfully so earn) more time and lovemaking with him, and in that way alone, obviously, that they always operate. It is a common and standard sight to see many of the other wives and concubines of this Governor, whenever they are present for one of his many weddings, to be so overwhelmed with happiness and horniness that they are crying tears of joy throughout the entire wedding ceremony (silently, of course; out of total respect and common sense), and each take the time to passionately kiss the new wife or wives just as much as their Governor had --sometimes even much more so. "Welcome to the family!" they exclaim through bright eyes, genuine and huge smiles, and flowing tears. "I love you so much! You are so beautiful!" They can scarcely control themselves, they are so elated each time he weds.

Also of note is that across the Universe, all females striving to earn their place in wifehood always let their prospective husbands 'test drive' them for various amounts of time, often a year or more, before going through the time-consuming planning and hosting of a ceremony such as a wedding. This means that they always fuck them, ensure their prospective husbands cum inside them, and only then begin to see themselves as probably worthy of being not only wife candidates but fiancée candidates. At this point, an engagement does not 'take them off the market'; rather, it means they focus more on whatever it is which pleases their husband-to-be, and that is almost always further training through orgies which they are entrusted with the delegated authority to plan and hostess. If those events go well, these females are then wedded. Thus, sex and internal cumshots come first (pun!), if those go very arousingly, those females are engaged and become fiancées, those fiancées are still encouraged to fuck whoever they want, provided they focus their efforts on arranging and ensuring amazing orgies to the liking of their husband-to-be happen as often as he requests them, and then, if those orgies go very arousingly, the fiancées who hostessed them are wedded, at that point, usually at least two years after being met and 'test driven', earning the special powers of all Inisfreean-approved females. This is the only time during which these females are not actively helped by other females to earn their billet as fiancées and wives, for they must prove they are capable of organizing and leading such orgies all by themselves. They must prove they are keenly observant, artisan-level experts at providing some of the most amazing, full-body, touch-healing and touch-therapy their prospective husbands have ever known. This, in turn, of course means they are expected to be both vaginally and anally tight, while also having, at the bare minimum, weekly practice orgies in preparation for whenever they might be selected for such pre-fiancée 'test drives'.

A good wife wants her husband's family to grow as he wants it to grow, and supports him in every way, never entering into any sort of 'tug-of-war' with him on any issue.  A good wife knows that it is not compromise which builds a strong family, but a singular vision embraced by all teammates. A good wife naturally wants to share her beauty to uplift, energize, and inspire all.  It is her beauty and sexiness which are the proper balances for her husband and other family members, not any debate or coercion.  It is her beauty and sexiness which are her destined gifts and most clever tools.  A good wife is always looking forward to the next opportunity her husband gives her to create perpetual sexiness, perpetual arousal, and perpetual sexual release to his tastes.  A good wife is just as horny and antsy to share impressively graceful, heartfelt sex with all of the other wives, ​​​fiancées, concubines, and prospects of her family, just as a good doctor is always ready and waiting to purposefully care for her patients with every great tool and clever thought she can muster.  A good wife is not hell-bent on getting pregnant; instead, she is heaven-bent on ensuring she is doing everything her husband feels makes him happy, sexually satisfied, and relaxed. Only cattle and crazed, wild animals use their sexual attractors just to get pregnant and recklessly breed just for the sake of breeding.  A good wife is above and beyond that, and by far.  She has no desire to get pregnant unless her husband wants her to, and then she does so immediately. Finally, a good wife knows that her billet is as an auxiliary to her husband, and that does not imply she raises any children she might be entrusted to gestate or otherwise produce and help care for; the word 'wife' does not equate to 'teacher' or 'equal', nor would such statuses be natural or feel good to a female appointed as such.  A good wife knows that wifehood means her sacred duty is to remain on standby to support her husband in the ways he can tell she is best suited for.  Thus, Inisfree's educational system's core curriculum through all 20 of its grades includes an ongoing set of courses on how to be a good wife, and the vast majority of girls who earn the right to become that city's Governor's wives... are Inisfreean-born-and-raised.
More Details on The Governor's Wives:

Where do all the wives and slave-sluts (kajirae) of Lord Auz' come from? As of 2517 A.D., not counting his Inisfreean ones, there are ~333,690 of them!

Like kajirae, wives are pledged and delivered to Lord Auzdein en masse; weddings are for polyamorous groups, not pairs. As many as 100 wives or more may be given to Lord Auzdein in any of his wedding ceremonies in Inisfree or approved Outlander realms. And, yes, he kisses them all very passionately --no matter how many of them there are in each ceremony-- before the ceremonies are completed; the same love and passion as one might see in a Standard (pair/couple) wedding kiss, but shared between many more, just as it always Should be.

The number of wives and kajirae from each of the following realms is not based upon their population, but upon how sexy Lord Auz' finds their races to be; compatibility is key; quality over quantity (though there is Certainly plenty of Quality, Too). Some of the following nations, though among the smaller of the realms, will provide more wives and kajirae than their larger (nation) neighbors.

The numbers of wives and kajirae from each of the following realms, as listed below, includes humans, elves (and drow), nymphs, etc.; all of the girls from within each of those borders, not being limited to just those on the human-dominated outer-surface civilizations.
(​~73,690 total; from all of the worlds listed below)
*Kajirae also come from all of these nations.​

(~73,490; from all of the nations listed below)
*For each nation, the following percentages of their respective totals:  ​24% humans, 16% vampires, 14% elves, 12% nymphs, 10% drow, 8% demons, 5% angels, 4% mutants (X-Men style), 3% demi-goddesses, 2% fay, 1% werewolves, 1% elementals.

  • ​Afghanistan: ~2,000 (19 major cities + many towns and villages)
  • Bhutan: ~500 (21 major cities)
  • Bulgaria: ~5,140 (257 major cities; 20/city)
  • China (1st most populated): ~13,556 (~.001% of its population); [(656 major cities; 2 per city = 1,312), (1,636 counties; 7-8 per county = 12,244)]
  • India (2nd most populated): ~7,396; [(3 cities with >10M; since ~.01% are sexy, 1,000 from each of these cities = 3,000 total), (7 cities with >1M; (~.01% are sexy) 100 from each of these cities = 700), (300 regular cities (large towns) = 300), (3,396 medium-sized cities = 3,396)
  • Kazakhstan: ~4,000 (32 major cities & ~16M people)
  • Lebanon: ~8,510 (851 cities; 10/city)
  • Mongolia: ~427 (31 major cities & ~2M people; ~.02% of their population are sexy enough)
  • Pakistan (6th most populated): ~1,496 (374 cities; 4/city)
  • Paraguay: (nazi grand-daughters) ~2,557 (32 major cities & ~6.7M people)
  • Peru: ~1,600 (80 major cities; 20/city)
  • Romania: ~5,315; [(103 major cities; 20/city = 2,060), (217 towns; 15/town = 3,255)]
  • Russia (9th most populated): ~11,000 (~1,100 major cities; 10/city)
  • Turkey (18th most populated): ~8,715 (581 cities; 15/city)
  • Uruguay: (nazi grand-daughters) ~1,278 (71 major cities &~3.4M people)
*With up to 20 wives per city or town in the above-listed nations, that gives Lord Auz' control over the greatest businesses, farms, and other resources/assets in every city of every acceptably-breeding nation.​
Asari worlds: (~100)
  • Agessia: ~3
  • Asteria: ~3
  • Chalkhos: ~3
  • Cyone: ~3
  • Hyetiana: ~3
  • Illium: (most famous and active trade-world; interstellar commerce and pleasure) ~10
  • Kurinth: ~3
  • Lesuss: ~3
  • Lusia: ~3
  • Lymetis: ~3
  • Nevos: ~3
  • Niacal: ~3
  • Phoros: ~3
  • Sanves: ~3
  • Selvos: ~3
  • Terapso: ~3
  • Teukria: ~3
  • Tevura: ~3
  • Thessia: (homeworld) ~20
  • Trategos: ~3
  • Zesmeni: ~3​
Eldar craft-worlds (planet-sized Space-ships): (~50)

  • Alaitoc: 4
  • Biel-tan: 4
  • Iyanden: 4
  • Saim-Hann: 4
  • The Black Library of Chaos: 8
  • Ulthwé: 4
  • Altansar: 1
  • An-Iolsus: 1
  • Arach-Qin: 1
  • Aringhe: 1
  • Cairas Mythar: 1
  • Ctho: 1
  • Dolthe: 1
  • Dorhai: 1
  • Il-Kaithe: 1
  • Iybraesil: 1
  • Kaelor: 1
  • Lugganath: 1
  • Meros: 1
  • Mymeara: 1
  • Nacretinei: 1
  • Stel-Uit: 1
  • Telennar: 1
  • Tir-Val: 1
  • Varantha: 1
  • Yme-Loc: 1
  • Yr-Arthi: 1
  • Zahr-Tann: 1
(~260,000 total; from all of the worlds listed below)

(~100,000 total; from all of the nations listed below)

*For each of the ~3,125 below (for each group of kajirae from each of the nations listed below), these are the specifics: ~[5% angels; 156, 3% demi-goddesses; 93, 8% demons (angels); 250, 10% drow; 312, 1% elementals; 31, 14% elves; 437, 2% fay; 62, 24% humans; 750, 12% nymphs; 375, 16% vampires; 500, 1% werewolves; 31, 4% mutants (X-Men style); 125]
  • Argentina: ~3,125
  • Australia: ~3,125
  • Brazil: ~3,125
  • Canada: ~3,125
  • Chile: ~3,125
  • Colombia: ~3,125
  • Czech Republic: ~3,125
  • Egypt: ~3,125
  • France: ~3,125
  • Greece: ~3,125
  • Hawaii: ~3,125 (*after the Rapture Campaign, this island chain is no longer considered part of the (now fallen) U.S.A.)
  • Iran: ~3,125
  • Iraq: ~3,125
  • Israel: ~3,125
  • Italy: ~3,125
  • Japan: ~3,125
  • Jordan: ~3,125
  • Korea: ~3,125
  • Libya: ~3,125
  • Morocco: ~3,125
  • Norway: ~3,125
  • Poland: ~3,125
  • Portugal: ~3,125
  • Saudi Arabia: ~3,125
  • South Africa: ~3,125
  • Spain: ~3,125
  • Sweden: ~3,125
  • Switzerland: ~3,125
  • Ukraine: ~3,125
  • United Arab Emirates: ~3,125
  • United States of America: ~3,125
  • Venezuela: ~3,125
​Luna: (~50; from the nazi moon base)
  • ~50; (all blue-eyed blonde Aryans) 1 demi-goddess, 2 demons (angels), 1 elemental, 9 elves, 1 fay, 2 nymphs, 4 Pleiadians, 10 vampires, 10 werewolves, 10 mutants (X-Men style)
​(~150,000 total; from all of the cities of Gor, including those unknown/unlisted in the 32 Books)

*All females taken from planet Gor are pleasure-slaves; highly trained in all of the arts of proper, thrilling, satisfying sex.  Due to the rules of the Priest-kings, no females of planet Gor have developed any special or superhuman abilities, such as mutations.
  • (154 cities + major tribes), ~950 sexy girls from each city/major-tribe = ~146,300
  • Cities (etc.) not shown on the original map of Gor: ~3,900
Asari worlds:
(~10,000 total; from all of the Asari worlds listed below)

*All Asari are natural-born, talented biotics.
  • Agessia: ~421
  • Asteria: ~421
  • Chalkhos: ~421
  • Cyone: ~421
  • Hyetiana: ~421
  • Illium: ~1,000
  • Kurinth: ~421
  • Lesuss: ~421
  • Lusia: ~421
  • Lymetis: ~421
  • Nevos: ~421
  • Niacal: ~421
  • Phoros: ~421
  • Sanves: ~421
  • Selvos: ~421
  • Terapso: ~421
  • Teukria: ~421
  • Tevura: ~421
  • Thessia: (homeworld) ~1,000
  • Trategos: ~421
  • Zesmeni: ~421​
​Final Notes:

Some of the Asari are cheerleaders and supermodels, and this is the case with some of the elves and drow, etc.

*All Inisfreeans become Lord Auzdein's wives, but they are also goddesses, as they cannot be harmed, tricked, or taken from the Inisfreean realm; their powers elevate them above the tier of the other approved wives.

When a wife or kajira is wished to be Kept by the Outlander around which we find her, such as a husband or master, we still enjoy her tears (due to natural dacryphilia) by flash-cloning both her body and mind; all her personality and memories alike, ensuring that the clone feels the same way She does, and feels just as certain that she (the clone) was stolen/kidnapped/taken from the place she 'belongs' (is accustomed to, comfortable with, and had planned on staying within). When we don't care if she cries and longs for home as we fuck her, we only flash-clone her body, giving her an Inisfreean personality and education.

Wives know that their names don't matter as much as sensing when they are wanted, and being pleasing in all ways based on what pleases Lord Auz'. Names, like vestigial salutes and greetings-of-the-day and well-wishing, are spells which have little meaning to us, for we are a tactile race, species, kingdom, and empire. Names, to us, are like sounds to the deaf; they may be used, but carry far less weight than Other forms of communication, such as group fucking.

*The majority of the above-listed wives and kajirae who came from Earth-That-Was were gifted (or acquired) before and during the Rapture Campaign. For those (of the Earth) who were gifted (or acquired) after the Rapture Campaign, though their nations no longer existed (the few survivors predominantly relocated to Greenland until the rise of the Mega-cities), most of them came from the humans who had migrated from Earth to 34 Tauri. For simplicity's sake, they remain listed within the totals for their nations of origin; girls of the Chinese race (whether human, elf, vampire, or whatever) now living on the various worlds of 34 Tauri are still listed above as being from China.
​The Inisfreean Wedding Ceremony:

Outlanders usually have their weddings in a church (or equivalent temple), the groom wearing black and waiting at the altar, the bride wearing white and being walked in by her father, only two people marrying each other, a set of expensive rings exchanged, a priest officiating the marriage, a congregation of invited guests throwing rice as they leave, the bride throwing a bouquet to the bridesmaids (the belief being that whoever catches it will be the next to get married), a limousine (with cans on strings behind it) driving them to the airport for their honeymoon, and sometimes a reception or after-party with toasts and a tall wedding cake. It is also Outlander tradition in many places for the newlyweds to be virgins until their honeymoon night, for them to be engaged for a year or longer before getting married, and for them not to see each other on their wedding day until they meet at the altar in front of the congregation and priest.  Inisfreeans do almost all of that differently.

I​​nisfreeans have their invited guests wait for them not seated in pews in a church, but standing on their city's main beach; Inisfreeans are lovers of nature and the Great Outdoors.  The groom does not wear black, the bride does not wear white, and no one wears anything at all; Inisfreeans are nudists.  No father walks in or hands off his daughter to be married, for Inisfreeans do not ask permission from any relatives.  Nearly 100% of outsiders aren't even allowed in their city, let alone the relatives of those that are impressive enough to get approved for entry.  The congregation of witnesses are invited, but must all be compatible with the Inisfreean Way, and all of them must have completed the official tour of the city.  Instead of an engagement, the brides must be cum-baptized at Inisfree's Spire Temple at least one Inisfreean month (28 Earth Days) before their wedding.  Instead of being virgins, they are expected, almost required, to be exquisitely educated, trained, and experienced in the fine art of advanced sex, and by the time they decide to marry, the groom and bride (or brides) should be completely familiar and intimate with each other, having had nearly every type of sex together multiple times to ensure they are sexually compatible, lest their marriage be a childish waste of time ending in inevitable life-force reduction and divorce.  There are no bridesmaids, flower girls, or ring bearers, and there is no exchanging of rings, for jewelry is illegal in the Inisfreean realm.  Instead of waiting at the altar for the bride to approach, both the bride (or brides) and groom skydive (wing-suit, a.k.a. squirrel-suit, to be precise; the only clothing worn during Inisfreean wedding ceremonies) down from the top of Inisfree's central and largest mountain, landing on the beach near where their invited witnesses are standing.  Letting their wing-suits fall away from them, they stand on the moist white sand, facing each other, taking simultaneous single steps toward each other to the lyrics of a certain song suited for this occasion.  Once they are inches apart, the bride rests her bare toes atop the toenails of her groom, she rests her hands in his, and they look into each other's eyes as the stars and aurora bespeckle the Antarctic sky high above them.  They do not swear an oath to each other, nor expect to be together forever; they are simply thrilled to be sharing this openly loving moment in the most beautiful and clean place on Earth.  All the groom and bride (or brides) say to each other is "I love you!"  There is no wedding cake, for Inisfreeans prefer the Paleolithic diet, and no toasts, for alcoholic beverages are illegal in the Inisfreean realm.  There is no altar and no priest or priestess.  There is also no opportunity for anyone to be asked if they object to these unions.  When the groom and bride (or brides) walk from the beach and their invited witnesses, they hold hands, fingers interlaced, strolling out on the nearest luxury-pier upon pre-scattered flower petals.  Instead of a limousine with a cacophony of tin cans tied by strings to its rear, a yacht is waiting to sail them out across the city's main lake, from which they will be flown up to Inisfree's man-made mini-moon, within which they will enjoy their first honeymoon's first suite and pampering.  Their second honeymoon will be where the wife (or wives) request.  Once they are back from these honeymoons, they are not expected to move in together, and will almost certainly never breed, as Inisfreeans do no reproduce the way mammals do.  There will never be any paperwork, nor any need for prenuptial agreements, lawyers, filing for taxes, or divorce proceedings.  None of them will ever gain ownership of the other's property or other assets.  None of them will ever be pressured to see anyone other than the people they have agreed to fuck and marry; no time spent at in-laws' houses or gatherings. Instead of only having sex with their spouse (or spouses), they will continue having sex with whomever they wish.  Inisfreean marriages are not contractual, monogamous, legal, or binding; Inisfreeans marry to publicly announce their love for certain girls, making the clearest of statements that they trust such girls enough to give them free access to come and go as they please both in the Inisfreean realm and their personal homes within that realm.  Visitors to Inisfree are the Outlanders Inisfreeans like, while Outlander girls who marry the Inisfreean king are those that the Inisfreeans love.  And it doesn't matter to Inisfreeans how many other wives or husbands these girls have in the Outlands; guests of Inisfree are free to live their lives how they see fit, in secret or otherwise.  The fact that some of them have other spouses is only a turn-on to the Inisfreeans.