Baobab News:  Renovations have now created amenities in the gargantuan branches level of this tree-shaped, biomechanical construct.
Baobab Pass
The Baobab Uber-tree Highway Pass

This is a skyscraper as tall as the Burj Khalifa; half a mile tall, and is in the form of a giant Baobab tree; one of the signature examples of flora from Africa.  This 'tree' is so large, in fact, that several lanes of the Glowing Art Highway (the 16-lanes-wide superhighway which passes directly through the archway in its trunk (that trunk being one third of a mile in diameter)) diverge from the main highway passing through it and corkscrew up in tunnels within this skyscraper to reach its uppermost levels of suites, clubs, restaurants, and observation lounges.

Dimensions & Layout:
This is Inisfree's largest tree, and measures about one third of a mile in diameter at its base, and half a mile in diameter up in the middle of its leafy section.  It also stands over half a mile tall, and has an entire section of the G.A.H. corkscrewing up and down through its core; this is what provides the most access to its many hundreds of stories and tens of thousands of suites.

Special Features:
Near the inside middle of the trunk of this massive construct is one of Inisfree's dance clubs called Congo Combine.

The base of this Uber Baobab is surrounded by normal-sized baobab trees, as well as several varieties of Joshua Trees and Yucca plants. The Uber Baobab is so large that there are also full-sized baobabs growing on many of its balconies, as well as all the way up the GAH lanes branching off into streets for its higher levels (baobabs adorn the medians of these street tunnels).

猴麵包樹 通

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