Basket Bells Temple News:  This temple now has a quiet singing effect.
Basket Bells Temple
Basket-bells Temple

Inspired by Borobudur; a Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Indonesia, this version is also sometimes considered to be ruins, as 1) it is partially made to appear that way; ancient or timeless, and 2) it is seldom used for anything other than brief meditative visits by the Master Females and the Inisfreean girls they are training.  Instead of using its form-sake's name, the name Inisfreeans refer to it by is one with a much more descriptive meaning; the entire construct looks like a collection of basket-bell fusions; Liberty Bell-sized bells with sides which look like basket weaves.

Dimensions & Layout:
This construct is 858 feet in diameter, has several terraces, and is situated on Inisfree's central mountain's slope between about 1.6 and 1.7 miles elevation.  Many of its bells are wide enough for two or three Inisfreeans to sit inside, and there are many hundreds of these bell-shaped pieces of masonry, along with thousands of smaller ones, and additional stone designs.

Special Features:
Inisfree's wind is kept to a gentle breeze at all times by the coordination of its HAARP Facility's ion emissions and the flight path and turbine speeds of Cloud City II.  When little, brief gusts occur, though, it is possible, if one is very close to the Basket-bells Temple, to hear the temple 'singing'; as the wind passes through the holes in the basket-weave-like exteriors of its many bells, the same effect is produced as when air is blown over the open top of a bottle.  With hundreds of thousands of these holes, bells of different sizes, and gusts affecting different groups of these bells at different times and in different ways, one will always be able to hear a new and almost hypnotic song from this temple, perfect for meditation.