B&B Spire News:  The final added piece is literally its crowning touch; The Pinnacle suite at the very tip-top of this construct is now open.
Bed and Breakfast Spire
The Bed & Breakfast Spire

Concept and Design:
Standing one full mile in height, this sky-high spire towers over its portion of the Beach Strip, affording its visitors yet another impressive Inisfreean view.  Host to many hundreds of rooms, dozens of which are far outside its sheer, smooth, soft-white walls, the 'BB Spire' (as it is called by locals) provides 'breakfast in bed' services while catering to the acclimations of its various patrons; a variety of suite design styles are available to pick from based on one's level of acclimation to elevation, heights, guard rails, and the open sky.

For the Thrill-seekers:
Joining the 'Mile-high Club' no longer requires an aircraft; just take one of the AIOWs up to your desired floor and chosen suite, enjoy yourselves there within, and even feel free to don your BASE-jumping kit and dive off your suite's disc-arm -right out into the big open air and sky.  If you decide to open your 'chute early, you may very well experience several minutes of coasting, gliding, banking, and cool breezes before settling back down onto the beach from which you came.

A Hypnotic Flooring Nightlight:
One of the latest upgrades to this towering construct is the one particular suite which has, atop the canopy-bed supporting disc out on its giant metal 'arm', the most unique 'floor' material; like that of the Rainbow Dunes alongside the GAH leading to Meeris and the Uber Baobab, the round floor of  this open-air suite is covered in bioluminescent sands such that, at night, they subtly glow in different areas, slowly fading back and forth between all the colors of the rainbow.
The Pinnacle

This suite, highest of them all for the BB Spire, is situated atop the very highest point and level of entire building; staying here is like having a glamping site perched upon the needle's-end of a radio antenna affixed to the top of a skyscraper.

Water Features

The disc arms of some suites now include Caribbean-colored ponds and/or swimming pools.  Imagine lounging in their crystal-clear waters precisely set to the perfect temperature just for you, all the while gazing up at the billion stars and Aurora Australis over Inisfree.