Beach Strip News:  This area of Inisfree is now home to dozens of shops and submersible lounges!
Beach Strip
The Beach Strip

While there are numerous strips of beaches throughout Inisfree, such as those bordering the canyon's river, the two ponds by Arch City, the moat around the highway-cathedral, the channels of Waterfall City, and the many individual residence pools, 'The Beach Strip' is the term Inisfreeans use for the particular stretch of smooth, soft, slightly moist sands which form a rectangular ring around Inisfree's main lake. Half of this Beach Strip is reserved for civilian use (citizenry; the Inisfreeans, and patrons; approved Outlander guests), and half of it for military use (the NWO military personnel of Inisfree, who practice routine landings, take-offs, SPIE-rigging, amphibious assaults, beachhead obstacles breaching, and related special warfare and sex-fare operations).

The Beach Strip is home to several neighborhoods, often truncated in common speech by Inisfreeans to just 'hoods', which include the following:
  • The San Diego Hills:  This 'hood is modeled after the rolling foot-hills terrain of its namesake city from California's southernmost coast.​
  • The Wave-shaped Buildings:​  This 'hood is biotecture; blending into the terrain.
  • The Atlantis Resort Complex:  One of Inisfree's signature attractions, this hotel follows the slope of the lake's shore down into its underwater floor.
  • ​​The Palms Hotel:  A skyscraper-high complex of wings full of suites, this, too, is considered a full 'hood.​
  • Bora-tiki:  Fashioned after Bora Bora, the Seychelles, the Maldives, and many other popular Outland island resorts.
  • Santorini:  ​​Built in honor of the breathtaking white and blue cityscape stretching up and out over one of Greece's most famous landforms.

Location, Location, Location:
Vision is always a key element in any Inisfreean construction, and the Beach Strip is no exception; every single residence and suite here has a view of the main lake.

Beach clean-up station info here.​​