Biodomes News:  These constructs, and their surrounding landscapes, are now where the reserve crops are grown.
The Cropland's Biodomes

Technically, all of Inisfree is one single bio-dome, although it would be more accurate to call it a bio-sphere, as it is contained within a complex sphere of a 'shell', rather than just a dome anchored to a foundation built flat atop the ground.  This encapsulation affords Inisfree numerous nature preserve advantages, but still warrants additional internal biodomes for further compartmentalization of its flora and fauna.  The biodomes this webpage discusses are those of Inisfree's Cropland; its region devoted to the growing of all types of Inisfreean-diet-approved crops, including hundreds of types of fruit and nut trees, vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers, and more. The biodomes here are grouped together on the side of this Cropland region nearest the GAH section separating the Cropland from woodland surrounding two of its most major distribution facilities.

This group of biodomes houses several of the aforementioned crop-producing plant types; namely all of the ones which are too likely to cross-breed or otherwise alter one another, as well as some of the other crop-producing plants, if they are left exposed to them.  Cross-breeding, such as by cross-pollination, is banned in Inisfree, as the whole city functions as a preserve and, to a degree, a seed bank like that of the Svalbard islands.

Each of these biodomes is hundreds of feet in diameter, and some of them extend down well below ground level.  Also, some of these biodomes double in function as greenhouses (though the HAARP facility atop the Snowdunes disc-plateau ensures inclement weather never befalls this Cropland region of the city).​​

Beneath this region of Inisfree is a continuation of the grid of silo clusters, but the distinguishing feature of all of the skyscraper-tall/deep silos beneath this section of Inisfree is that they are filled with hydroponic and aeroponic back-ups of everything growing on the surface.  This results in enough of every type of healthy food (known to planet Earth) to keep all of the 100 million Inisfreean citizens and kajiras perfectly well-fed forever -with (literally) tons of food to spare at all times, in all seasons, and during all outside weather conditions.  Each of these silos (of which there are thousands under the Cropland region) are also hermetically sealed, completely self-sustaining environments as well protected as a CDC laboratory.  Think of them, again, as a version of the Svalbard seed banks, although these are much more like vaults; far better protected, being deep inside the heavily-guarded and ever-hidden realm of the Inisfreeans.
List of Flora Housed Here

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