Bioluminescence Forest News:  Once just part of the Rainforest Crater, this forest has now been expanded to include half of Inisfree.
Bioluminescence Forest
Bioluminescence Forest

The Bioluminescent Forest is a term which indicates all of the combined forested regions of Inisfree; the surface-side and subterranean alike, wherever subtly glowing flora grows.  This term is not to be confused with FAU, which is the rainforest crater of Inisfree.

Dimensions & Layout:
A whopping half of the total surface area of all Inisfreean lands inside the city's Perimeter Wall are covered in this type of forest.  That's 50 square miles, and includes all of the following neighborhoods, regions, and other constructs within this special city:
  • Asian Mansion
  • ​Asphalt Curves Neighborhood
  • Automated Factory for Generic Clothing​
  • Automated Factory for Government Vehicles
  • Automated Factory for Kno Brand Clothing​
  • Automated Factory for Military Vehicles​​
  • Automated Factory for Personal Vehicles​
  • Auzdein's Domed Temple​​
  • Basket-bells Temple Ruins​
  • Borg Cube Apartment Building​
  • Castles Neighborhood
  • Chateaux Neighborhood​​
  • ​Chinese Great Gate
  • Cliffdwellings Neighborhood
  • ColonyPod Hatches (all 4)​
  • Crater Lake​
  • Crucible Reaper Hike Trail
  • ​Disc Pond​
  • Grocery Store​
  • Highway Niagara
  • Inverted Half-dome Balconies Apartment Building​
  • Inverted Pail-shaped Buildings Complex​​
  • Kathedrom​
  • Log Cabin Mansions Neighborhood​
  • Luxury Tree-houses Neighborhood
  • Mansions Neighborhood​​
  • Mosques and Palaces Neighborhood​
  • Ryokans Neighborhood​
  • Schlosser Neighborhood​
  • San Diego Hills Neighborhood​
  • Santorini II​
  • Sea-tanks​
  • Shrine-mansions Neighborhood​
  • Slant-top Spire​
  • 'Sphere-houses Rotating on Water on the Slant Foundation' Building​
  • Statue Park​
  • Tantric Sex Academy
  • Timber-mine Lounges​​
  • Uber Baobab​
  • Wave-shaped Buildings Complex​
  • White Pyramids Complex​​
  • WMKM Studios​
  • Wylie Cove Neighborhood​

Special Features:
The vines and cattails of this vast Inisfreean region and biome double as 'smart'-dildos which sense the presence of nearby females and lean or reach toward their compatible openings (mouth, pussy, and anus) in case their services are desired.  Yes, that means that the plant-life in each part of Inisfree's bioluminescent forest can and will -literally- fuck you if you are a girl passing by.  These are intelligent plants hard-wired into the city's main supercomputer, and, like the Inisfreean population, they are born with supercomputer minds of their own, programmed to be the most aware and dutiful lovers imaginable, instantly detecting and wonderfully responding to even the slightest of nonverbal cues, as well as thoughts, daydreams, fantasies, and primal, involuntary urges.  For girls who enjoy being raped, for example, groups of these dildo-headed, tentacle-like plants will roughly coil around their limbs, restrain them spread-eagle at first, then triple penetrate them while manipulating them through dozens of Kama Sutra (and other) poses, 'jack-hammering' (roughly fucking) all their holes simultaneously until both the girls and their raping plants orgasm.  And, yes, of course, these 'smart'-dildos time their orgasms so that they release their cum at precise moments to help the girls they are fucking cum much harder than they normally would.