BIS Building News:  This is now one of the only buildings in Inisfree nearly identical to its inspiration.
Bank of International Settlements Building
The B.I.S. Building-clone

Based on its form-sake building in Basel, Switzerland, this construct is another prime example of the Inisfreeans' uncanny ability to make architectural clones (and vastly superior versions) of even the most uniquely and complexly shaped buildings and other structures from around the world and across the Verse.  This Inisfreean B.I.S. is not used for non-monetary banking and other settlements as its form-sake used to be, however; it is just another interesting and pretty piece of Inisfree's landscape.

Dimensions & Layout:
This is one of the few cases of nearly identical construction between an Inisfreean building and the Outlands building which inspired it.  Like the original B.I.S. tower, this Inisfreean one is 24 stories tall, with the same dimensions as its form-sake for every floor, as well as its foundation.

Special Features: