Black Ops News:  Rainbow 12 now has one of its covert operatives stationed on board The New Horizon Spacecraft-carrier.
Black Operations
Black Operations:

A black operation or 'black op' is a covert operation typically involving activities that are highly clandestine and, often, outside of standard military protocol and operating procedures (SOPs), such as the Laws of War.

We are the entities who often resort to triggering natural disasters like twisters and tsunamis.  Better-known examples of our work include the Chile and Japan 'quakes of Earth-That-Was.  Whenever an Outlander cult (organization) refuses to work with us or doesn't give us enough of their finest members and acquaintances, we strike by these means, exposing none of our own forces or personnel to capture in the process.

Listed here are some of the organizations who frequent the implementation of black operations to further their investments and achieve their lofty and overlapping mission objectives.

The existence of some of the following companies and corporations is declassified enough to allow for them to be posted on our website's Corporations webpage, however the details of their histories and relationships remains sensitive enough to remain considered as black operations, which is why such data is only posted here. The following text elaborates a bit more into what led to the resurrection of 'the SED', the formal creation of Inisfree's first company, and the Rainbow Initiative.
[Black Ops Organizations] Directory

Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA)

Nuclear Clandestine Service (NCS)
Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST)

Rainbow Units (R7 through R12)
Unidentified Foreign / Flying Object Retrieval Team (UFORT)

Name (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Operative Roster

Agent Code Name, then Actual Name:
"Please, step into my office..."
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."


black op·er·a·tions
plural noun: black operations; plural noun: black ops
1. covert military or political operations that may employ measures not generally authorized.
"The plan involved wiretapping, burglary, mail-opening, and other black operations."

18 years of business development from The Governor's adolescence to manhood:

1997 -- S.E.D.: (The) Supreme Environmentalist Dictatorship
  • Focus: militarized global humanitarian relief campaign; foreign aid such as air-dropped food supplies
  • Black Ops aspect: disregarding international law and airspace in order to proactively prevent pollution and inappropriate nutrients distribution, such as by compromising facilities (industrial sabotage) and surgical neutralization (assassination)
1998 -- (time off for J.R.O.T.C.)
  • Focus: kick-start formal military studies as a preparatory school for O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School)
  • Black Ops aspect: applying all teachings and training to an organization of learned and motivated gentlemen operating in the private sector and making their own judgment calls as to morals, ethics, objectives, and targets
1999 -- E.T. (Elite Team; nothing to do with extra-terrestrials)
  • Focus: When the J.R.O.T.C. (Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps) P.T. (Physical Training) team was undermined and prevented from actually teaching and practicing fitness, this clandestine rebellion preserved its wise lifestyle, and grew into the precursor for The Wolves.
  • Black Ops aspect: practicing camouflage, infiltration, reconnaissance, and exfiltration techniques on convenient, local, civilian objectives, such as construction sites and drainage tunnels
2000 -- W.G.I.: War God Industries
  • Focus: adding a company for weapons R+D (Research and Development); as a support role for S.E.D.
  • Black Ops aspect: designing and engineering unconventional land-mines and other munitions with the only constraints being effectiveness (for mobility kills, catastrophic kills, and psychological warfare impacts (morale kills)) rather than compliance with the Geneva Conventions (examples include the electro-shock mine and the nuclear machine-gun, which became the precursor to some of Inisfree's black-hole technology)
2001 -- (time off for O.C.S.)
  • Focus: kick-start secondary education as preparation for aerospace engineering, piloting, and being a commissioned officer
  • Black Ops aspect: initial long-term escape attempt from religious persecution, emotional torture, entrapment, and enslavement while still stuck within the illogical and tyrannical Lone-star State
2002 -- The Wolves
  • Focus: prophesied evolution of Elite Team into an I.R.L. (In Real Life) variant of Richard Marcinko's Red Cell, and of Swordfish's Black Cell (which became the precursor for Schwarzdonner, as well as M.K.M.'s first illustrated saga)
  • Black Ops aspect: executing self-assigned missions and campaigns against unacceptable citizens inside CONUS (CONtinental United States), such as Operation Robin Hood, which is exactly what it sounds like; professional bank robberies and the accompanying guerrilla tactics to facilitate the reapportionment of monetary assets to acceptable organizations and individuals
2003 -- M.K.M.: Mein Komedy Magazine (a spin on Mein Kampf, with an abbreviated name and target-audience inspired by FHM)
  • Focus: a magazine predominantly of military-level (extreme, often dark) satire, but also with articles and artwork
  • Black Ops aspect: psychological warfare by means of subtleties, subterfuge, and the rewiring of impressionable minds through satirical media-flooding; reprogramming prospective populations for later use as (Outlander) Rapture Campaign personnel
2004 -- Grunt, a.k.a. G. Entertainment
  • Focus: an adult videos film company encompassing casting, training, film-shooting, editing, and post-production work
  • Black Ops aspect: additional psychological warfare (uncensored holistic educational programming) to counteract, negate, and heal the damage caused by the Xombies (Xians); reprogramming minds of useful Outlanders to naturally and fully enjoy correct sexual interaction (this is part of W.G.I.'s meme- and mentality-based answer to the now-obsolete vaccinations approach to combating the spread of crippling dis-eases)
2005 -- Kno -and- Violent Rebirth (a.k.a. Violence Reborn; the name favored by the first guitarist, 'Raz')
  • Kno's focus: racy and brazen couture to encourage young, fit, Abercrombie-style females
  • V.R.'s focus: theatrical rock-band stage performances (inspired largely by music bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Marilyn Manson)
  • Kno's Black Ops aspect: further psychological warfare with the same focus as that of Grunt; restoring the total natures of worthy Outlanders who would later enlighten and ascend enough to be useful in Inisfree
  • V.R.'s Black Ops aspect: further psychological warfare with much of the same focus as that of music bands such as Marilyn Manson and Rammstein; 'shock rock'
2006 -- M.A.F.I.A. (Males And Females Initiating Action)
  • Focus: recruit from across the nation to restabilize as many cities as possible
  • Black Ops aspect: partially focused on the same concerns The Wolves had, but also focused on proactive infiltration; gaining senior membership in comparable organizations as they were being established, rather than once they'd become operational (comparable to Fight Club -which aired in 1999)
2007 -- (time off to transition into the 1stCivDiv)
  • Focus: stabilize after a challenging E.A.S. (End of Active Service) and major career and life-path adjustment
  • Black Ops aspect: cleverly detaching from the mainstream in such a way as to never waste further time on active or reserve duty, or in a stop-loss or recall, as well as to relocate and reapportion sensitive acquired assets to uninspectable areas for later use in the American Exodus; the main pre Rapture Campaign operation
2008 -- Schwarzdonner (P.M.C.: Private Military Contractors/Company)
  • Focus: resurrection of The Wolves and M.A.F.I.A. work to become a formal P.M.C., privately recalling the finest from the fleet and U.W.T.C./M.C.A.G.C.C. (Urban Warfare Training Center, part of the Marine Corps Air & Ground Combat Center), in order to conduct black operations in CONUS (CONtinental United States)
  • Also: Schwarzdonner became useful as a tool to lure out false patriots, scam artists, and corrupt competitors in the P.M.C. field, thereafter using them as test subjects for P.M.C. strikes, thereby continuing the defense of the Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic"; good black-ops against bad black-ops.
  • Black Ops aspect: elite mercenary business operations almost immediately at the global scale, disregarding anything that had the potential to thwart or even hinder them in any way, such as licenses, registrations, tax filing, and other paperwork (Schwarzdonner's initial business strategy was to exist completely off-grid, and to refine professional bank robbing, as well as playing national superpowers against one another, such as with donning military uniforms and retreating toward OPFOR (OPposing FORce; enemies) army- and airbases) *This P.M.C.'s on-base-only unit-insignia was a Velcro arm-patch featuring only The Grinch.
2009 -- T.N.H.: The New Horizon
  • Focus: resurrection of the sporadic U.S.C.M.C. (United States Colonial Marine Corps) and N.H.H. (New Hadley's Hope) R.P.G.s (Role-Playing Games) as creative writing kindling; using this platform for brainstorming and think-tanking to further refine all business ideas and ventures in a controlled environment
  • Black Ops aspect: using an R.P.G. community as a front for all aforementioned business operations; the latest added camouflage for clandestine work "right under their noses" / "in plain sight"; the best places to hide something
2010 -- A.B.D.: Austin Bunton Design (a.k.a. Auzdein Besseres Design)
  • Focus: T.N.H. gets a P.C. (Politically Correct) face-lift as it debuts online via Google; T.N.H. was not specific or transparent enough and did not have a marketable image
  • Black Ops aspect: incorporating the simple name-changing technique employed by P.M.C.s such as Blackwater I.O.T. maintain the operational tempo and focuses of T.N.H. while eluding the opposition and harassment T.N.H. had attracted during its formative and experimental years, all the while doing so under the guise of an effort to achieve greater transparency in the interests of the allegedly public target audience
2011 -- V.R.II (Violent Rebirth 2; the resurrection of the Violent Rebirth rock band via the children (clones) of Inisfree)
  • Focus: the first children of Inisfree, 'crown jewel' of A.B.D., resurrect the rock-band V.R., making it vastly superior in every way, and putting on concerts predominantly atop Inisfree's firetruck-stage vehicle and the Beach-side Amphitheater
  • Black Ops aspect: 'proof-of-concept' that not only is human cloning possible, but that human clones and computers alike are more than capable of composing and executing 'truly magical' ballets, concerts, symphonies, and other stage performances
2012 -- SEDCorp (S.E.D. as a corporation, not just an army)
  • Focus: administration organizing the staging of personnel and other assets for the impending Rapture Campaign terraforming event; management of the repurposing of forces such as the 'unmarked black helicopter squadrons' and Rex 84 F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps
  • Also: There was also a think-tank during this time regarding the pros and cons of a controlled introduction of Ketamine traces into certain units' diets. Separately, SEDCorp then used Schwarzdonner as its blunt and surgical instruments to counter false environmentalist claims and organizations.
  • Black Ops aspect: protecting global ecosystems by systematically neutralizing the otherwise incurable and unsalvageable pandemic colloquially known as humanity (in a word, genocide, democide, parasiticide, or near-omnicide)
2013 -- WMKM (M.K.M.'s Ansible channel; next-gen' radio station)
  • Focus: taking M.K.M. 'on the air'; talk-radio for the magazine evolved from comic strips spearheaded by The Wolves illustrated novel (intra-Inisfreean only, and the precursor to the I.C.s' I.N.N. (Inisfreean Neural Network, a.k.a. Inisfree's M.A.S. (Mass Alert System))), inspired by the SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) and Good Morning Vietnam; SEDCorp's form of an M.W.R. (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) Service
  • Black Ops aspect: the entertainment side of universal 'by-mind' (mind-interfacing and mind-control) technology; the breakthroughs which made computer hacking, ciphers, encryptions, key-cards, laser-mics, microwave communications, passwords, RADIO, social engineering, spy satellites, and wire-tapping obsolete
2014 -- W.G.I. H.Q. (W.G.I. Headquarters, as all of the above-listed companies became united under one 'umbrella')
  • Focus: resurrecting the previously non-P.C. company name W.G.I., having stabilized the new and permanent Inisfreean culture and wisdom as the dominant and apex predator (un-demonizing necessary violence; a 3rd 'V.R.', if you will), and making the W.G.I. tower (skyscraper) the corporate H.Q. for dozens of other companies, including all of the ones listed in this chronology
  • Also: "Who watches the watchers?" We watch the watchers.
  • Black Ops aspect: Located in the most remote spot on the surface of the Earth, this seat of the true Illuminati and New World government is 1) disguised as a private enterprise, 2) intentionally impossible for nearly 100% of humanity to reach (much less picket), and 3) designed to be a modern super-fortress within other successive fortresses (similar in concept to sandwiched armor), such that absolutely no human technology is capable of penetrating it, and no human effort could ever warp the desired outcomes of any of the projects discussed here ('warp', such as by the ways in which politicians may be lobbied or annoyed on the streets of Washington D.C. and other capitals, resulting in their states of 'emotional compromise'; rage, etc.). *The best way to accomplish your goals is to make sure that no one knows what you are really working toward, or where you are really doing the work.

Additional Vocabulary:

Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats.

Omnicide is the total extinction of the human species as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to human extinction through nuclear warfare, but it can also refer to such extinction through other means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe.

adjective: anthropogenic
1. (chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity.
"anthropogenic emissions of sulfur dioxide"

More than 500 years of business development from The Governor's humanity to immortality:

2015 -- Global Congress (1st session)
  • Focus: W.G.I. H.Q.'s corporate expansion and image (as evidenced by its daily flying of the World Flag) prompts Inisfree to become the seat of the first global government (the evolution of N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), S.E.A.T.O. (South-East Asia Treaty Organization), and the U.N. (United Nations), and the positive version of the prophesied N.W.O. (New World Order)), making Inisfree the first world (Earth) capital, and The Temple of Auzdein (a.k.a. The Auz-dome) the first world capitol.
  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, is not permitted to participate in nor know of the existence of this governing body.
2016 -- Pungie (computer and video games producing company (a spin on Bungie), based out of the WMKM Studios facility)
  • Focus: produce the SotU (State of the Union) MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game), a video game set in Inisfree's namesake dense urban area, to further refine this part of the city via extensive player interaction data (since Inisfree is kept classified from human Outlander awareness, players instead include members of the 18/+ humanoid races (species) represented in the Global and (upcoming) Galactic Congresses)
  • Black Ops aspect: Along the concept of Ender's Game and War Games, these games are used to refine the Inisfreean war machine, such as through augmentations of Space naval warfare strategy, flight formations, and using social media networks as the most inexpensive, constant, and total form of spying (never just for surgical advertising/marketing and urban design ('city planning')).
2301 -- Galactic Congress (1st session)
  • Focus: the N.W.O. becomes the N.V.O. (New Verse Order; 'Verse' as in 'the known Universe'), Inisfree is upgraded from being just the first Earth capital to being the first galactic (Milky Way Galaxy) capital, and The Auz-dome is upgraded from being just the first Earth capitol to being the first galactic (Milky Way Galaxy) capitol.
  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, is not permitted to participate in nor know of the existence of this governing body.
2401 -- Universal Congress (1st session)
  • Inisfree is upgraded from being just the first galactic (Milky Way Galaxy) capital to being the first Universe capital, and The Auz-dome is upgraded from being just the first galactic (Milky Way Galaxy) capitol to being the first Universe capitol.
  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, is not permitted to participate in nor know of the existence of this governing body.
2501 -- Megaversal Congress (1st session)
  • Inisfree is upgraded from being just the first Universe capital to being the first Megaverse capital, and The Auz-dome is upgraded from being just the first Universe capitol to being the first Megaverse capitol.
  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, is not permitted to participate in nor know of the existence of this governing body.
2510 -- Spacecraft Carrier I.S.S. (International Space Station) 'The New Horizon' begins its maiden voyage across the 34 Tauri multiple-star-system (*I.S.S. was a designator evolved from H.M.S. (His Majesty's Ship) and U.S.S. (United States Ship). Technically, Inisfree is an I.S.S., as well, as it serves as the station for an international effort, and as it is Space-worthy; Space-flight capable.).
  • For the next 7 years, I.S.S. The New Horizon will patrol 34 Tauri as part of a social experiment to determine if the Outland humans can satisfactorily coexist with Inisfreeans (the newest evolution of humanity) and other humanoid species, such as the Asari (ancient off-shoots of the same genetic substructure that humanity and many other humanoid species evolved from).
  • I.S.S. The New Horizon's anticipated voyage for 2520 will take it to some of the human-colonized StarCraft star systems (where its human crew will encounter 2 humanoid species; Protoss and Xel'naga). *This is more than a decade after the Protoss-Terran-Zerg War (ending in 2505 A.D.) which ravaged this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • I.S.S. The New Horizon's anticipated voyages for the 2600s will take it to some of the human-colonized Halo star systems (8 Space-faring species, 3 of which are humanoid; Jiralhanae (a.k.a. Brutes), Kig-Yar (a.k.a. Jackals), and Sangheili (a.k.a. Elites)). *This is more than half a century after the end of the Human-Covenant War (ending in 2552 A.D.) which ravaged hundreds of worlds in this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, and more than a decade after re-terraforming efforts restored Reach and other previously human-colonized planets here.
  • I.S.S. The New Horizon's anticipated voyages for the 2700s will take it to some of the human-colonized Mass Effect star systems (where there are dozens of humanoid species, such as the Asari, Batarians, Collectors, Drell, Geth, Krogan, Quarians, Raloi, Salarians, Turians, Volus, Vorcha, Yahg). *This is more than half a millennium after the Reapers Incident (ending in 2186 A.D.) which ravaged thousands of worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, is kept under constant watch by the Inisfreean complement of I.S.S. The New Horizon's crew, always with the possibility that 100% of them will be terminated at a moment's notice, should they regress to the point of being annoying to the Inisfreeans or any of the Inisfreean-compatible races/species across the Universe.

​*WGIHQ functioned as the leadership for it all.
*Exponential miniaturization and technological refinement in general helped make this pace of major centennial upgrades possible.​
Rainbow Units as they were established over the years; 'The Rainbow Initiative':

  • Black Ops aspect: Humanity, classified as an accidental disease outbreak and innate terrorist cell, (after 2013) is not permitted to participate in nor know of the existence or missions of Special Operations units of this level or caliber.
  1. ​1939 -- Rainbow 1: U.S.A. SpecWar (USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command); MARSOC (Marine Corps Special Operations Command), NEST (Nuclear Emergency Support Team), SEALs (SEa, Air, Land; including NSWDG (Naval Special Warfare Development Group, a.k.a. DEVGRU)), SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), UFORT (Unidentified Flying Object Retrieval Team), USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command; including Delta Force), etc.)
  2. 1939 -- Rainbow 2: U.S.A. allied with U.K. (S.A.S. (Special Air Service), etc.) and France (COS (Commandement des Opérations Spéciales), GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale), etc.)
  3. 1939 -- Rainbow 3: Rainbow 1 tasked with a war against Japan
  4. 1939 -- Rainbow 4: Rainbow 1 tasked with the defense of the western hemisphere
  5. 1939 -- Rainbow 5: U.S.A. allied with U.K. and France, together tasked with the defense of Europe or Africa or both
  6. 1998 -- Rainbow 6: U.S.A. allied with a dozen or more major nations, together tasked with the defense of the Earth
  7. 2014 -- Rainbow 7: originally called Rainbow 196; all 196 nations (under Inisfree, the supreme allied command), together tasked with the proactive defense of the Earth (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)
  8. 2015 -- Rainbow 8: human Earth nations allied with all humanoid Earth nations (Aghartans, Drow, Elves, etc.) represented in the Global Congress, together tasked with the proactive defense of the Earth (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)
  9. 2016 -- Rainbow 9: Earth and multiple other colonized worlds (which are dominated by the humanoid species represented in the Global and (upcoming) Galactic Congresses), together tasked with the proactive defense of the Sun solar system (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)
  10. 2301 -- Rainbow 10: Earth and all other colonized worlds (which are dominated by the humanoid species represented in the Global and Galactic Congresses), together tasked with the proactive defense of the Milky Way Galaxy (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)
  11. 2401 -- Rainbow 11: Earth and all other colonized galaxies (which are dominated by the humanoid species represented in the Galactic and Universal Congresses), together tasked with the proactive defense of the Universe (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)
  12. 2501 -- Rainbow 12: Earth and all other colonized universes (which are dominated by the humanoid species represented in the Universal and Megaversal Congresses), together tasked with the proactive defense of the Universe and all its dimensions (mostly from overpopulation and pollution)

*WGIHQ functioned as the leadership for it all.

Earth Under Quarantine:​

​Though there are virtually countless Earth-like Class-M planets in the Megaverse, it was deemed important-to-critical for humanity to be quarantined to Earth until it learned how to coexist without pollution or other forms of instability, such as overpopulation and congestion. I.O.W., no humans were allowed off-world until they had mastered living in harmony with the rest of nature; using other worlds as back-up options was deemed inexcusable and unacceptable. Growth and profits are unacceptable unless they are slow, justifiable, and beautiful. "Good enough" is no longer good enough. Thus, the Rainbow units once focused entirely on human-style special warfare against the enemies of the U.S.A. ...evolved to become focused entirely on special warfare to keep ALL humans in check. 'Rainbow' at first (in the 1930s) referenced the color-coding of the theater-wide, battle plans; Green was for Mexico, Black for Germany, Gray for Central America and the Caribbean, Brown for the Philippines, Tan for Cuba, Red for Great Britain and its colonies, Orange for Japan, Yellow for China, Gold for France and its colonies, Indigo for Iceland, Purple for any of South America, White for domestic uprisings (such as would result in martial law), and Blue for defensive plans and preparations recommended to be taken in times of peace. Later, (in the 1990s) 'rainbow' symbolized the representation of numerous nationalities and ethnicities by teammates on each of the Rainbow squads. Now, (post-1998) 'rainbow' also symbolizes the Full Spectrum Canons, as well as the legendary 'promise of God never to allow such devastation to occur again' (the devastation of the Biblical flood --or-- the devastation caused by humans running amok).

Rainbow and TNH:​

​Rainbow Units have little to do with I.S.S. The New Horizon, as that Spaceship is a social experiment between humans and Inisfreeans which exposes humans to other humanoid species after 2510 A.D. starts (first the Inisfreeans (and ONLY the Inisfreeans until 2518, with the exceptions of rare and brief encounters on the fringe-Space of the colony-worlds of 34 Tauri), then the Protoss in 2520, then the Sangheili after 2600, then the Asari after 2700, etc.; these successive humanoid exposures are scheduled for centuries after the establishment of Rainbow 12 which went operational in 2501). Until humans from mainstream military units have proven capable, as a re-emerging species and Space-faring power, of coexisting and conducting cooperative exploratory operations with comparable humanoid species, the vast majority of humanity will not be entrusted with the responsibilities of being teammates with said species' military operations (i.e. of Rainbow Units, in this case). Rainbow Units, until that advent, will be predominantly comprised of humanoid species, with only a handful of the most enlightened and compatible humans being allowed partial participation. This is the prescribed phased restoration of the nearly vestigial human species to a respectable status in the galactic and megaversal communities (after many millennia of humanity's zombification). So while there is a 'rainbow' assortment of humans (from all human-colonized worlds in 34 Tauri and beyond) aboard The New Horizon Spacecraft-carrier (T.N.H.), T.N.H. is NOT a Rainbow unit or Rainbow-operations-affiliated entity.
Ultra-top-secret Training Locations:​

Rainbow personnel are predominantly educated and trained in Inisfree's restricted-access swamp and desert plateaus, which are collectively referred to as the NWO MIL TRNG AREA; New World Order's Military Training Area. All Rainbow instructors here are Inisfreean Master Females.  Rainbow units also train on numerous worlds in numerous galaxies in numerous dimensions/universes of the Megaverse. Instructor Assistants (the equivalent of Instructor-Controller Augments of the M.C.A.G.C.C.) at these Outlands training locations may be from any of the Inisfreean-compatible races represented in any of the Inisfreean Congresses.

The History Behind the History:​

The following chronology elaborates upon the previous life of the Governor of Inisfree; the time and chapter in which he laid the impressive field and groundwork for the man he was to become (and be reborn as):

1900s-20s: Born into a well-to-do house in the alpine highlands of Baden-Württemberg near Swabia, Auzdein grows up with an expensive and well-rounded education. A demanding home and school environment quickly mold him into a disciplined and focused, if not also sometimes bitter and privately melancholy prospect for distant future politicking and command. He becomes sharp, agile, and seasoned at smooth-talking and networking in order to survive through many of the elaborate trials which he is pressured through. By the time Auzdein is a young adult, many regard him as being well beyond his physical years. Already, he demonstrates both innate and well-honed speed (Celerity), surprise (Presence), force (Potence), and fiery vision (Presence).

1930s-40s: Recruited to help form the Ahnenerbe, his world travels began for free and afford him privileged and sometimes exclusive access to the most treasured and wondrous of ancient sites and artifacts. Essentially what he learns from each is how the simplest solutions in nature are often, by far, the most powerful ones requiring no maintenance or high-tech gadgetry of any kind –even over the spans of many millennia.

1950s: Stationed in New Swabia, he helps oversee the completion of Base 211 which, in turn, leads to the site surveying and foundation laying for what will, over decades, grow into what some will nickname ‘Rainbow City’.

1960s: Pushing farther inland than anyone in known history, he and his team venture to Agharta and meet with the many intelligent peoples there. Trusting cultural submersion to be the most effective technique for rapid and longer lasting retention of all their wisdom, he remains in Agharta for several years, living and speaking only as the Aghartans do.

1970s: Auzdein returns from Agharta to New Swabia, debriefing at Base 211. From there, he takes a cavitating submersible to the United States, scouting it out to do one last major project before picking an ideal location to ‘start fresh’ within. Working on what led to the Human Genome Project 20 years later, Auzdein helps other researchers learn which exercises are best suited for each blood type, which blood types make the best survival drinks (how they carry nutrients differently), how to reverse-engineer blood cells to perform in better ways, and how to breed humans to produce the blood types desired for various purposes. These findings, little did he know at the time, were paid extremely close attention to by the vampire community. What’s more, this collaborative scientific effort, along with that of the Human Genome Project years later, were both almost completely funded by the vampire businessmen; the Ventrue.

1980s: After years of passionate service to his quiet and keen group, the Ahnenerbe, Auzdein chooses to utilize some of their retrofitted ancient technology to have his memory temporarily repressed for one of their commonly clever experiments; this is akin to putting memories –instead of money- in a trust fund for access and use many years later, in order to seem human again and to blend in with the experiment called America. It is this method which allowed him to truly believe he was much younger and brand new; to think and act as a child. In this way, he became one of the Ahnenerbe’s perfect sleeper-cells (one which does not have any conscious knowledge that they are such, and, thereby, cannot be detected by any of the means at the time) and he was then placed right in the heart of the greatest opponent his leaders had faced during the faked death of their entire nation; the empire which would survive as the only remaining superpower.
‘Reborn’ in America’s capital, he was placed in a foster family’s care, and was honored with the prestigious name of another nation-founder; Stephen Fuller Austin, being passed on to him. Auzdein’s cover-story includes a family with an anglicized Deutsch surname; one of only a handful of carefully selected hints to track them. Their substantial ‘allowance’ through his maternal grandfather’s petroleum business front-company afforded his second elitist education.

1990s: Growing up a warrior-scholar once again, Auzdein stuffs his intellectual portfolio with Honors and A.P. courses, P.A.C.E., the National Honors Society, Latin competitions, a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, Officer Candidate School, piloting lessons, and constantly studying all subjects, fields, and manuals he comes across, culminating in his voluntary enlistment into the toughest military branch (he holds this to be the clearest demonstration of educated confidence), through which he goes on to complete hundreds of combat missions with zero health incidents before being ‘turned’ –also voluntarily- one night overseas.

2000s: Always feeling out of place, even as a Marine after a childhood full of military studies, training, field trips, and summer camps, Auzdein can’t stop recalling how he was curiously taught some actual magic during a few of the periods of that childhood; wiccan ceremonies, recipes, and techniques by one practitioner, and portals and sigils earlier by another. He never got to use what he had been shown, but always had visions for how to develop it, such as in what he came to call the Magics Chambers in his city design. This later leads him to investigate the new term he encounters as a recently-turned vampire; thaumaturgy. Somehow… he just knows in his cells he is inclined to practice its many facets.
In Arabia, a man of small stature and incredible aura practically homes in on him like a heat-seeking missile one warm, clear night the moment Auzdein asks for help with his electronics studies. The whole thing feels blatantly arranged, but a bond and mutually beneficial arrangement are formed quickly and Auzdein is soon turned. Brujah is the clan that fits him best, he is advised; having already been a ‘super-scholar’ and a warrior many times over, becoming a Brujah is only the next natural step. Now a vampire, his studies only increase further in their frequency, depth, and range, and he begins to learn things that are exceedingly difficult even for historians and conspiracy theorists to dig up. Thaumaturgy rapidly approaches his enlightenment schedule in the years that follow his completion of military service.

2010s: The vampire who turned him, Sir Haydn, pops on and off the grid less and less, just as was foretold to him; Auzdein is being set lose on his own, having spent many years now as an adept and apt pupil.
Still craving more knowledge, he pours himself into his studies; both those academic as well as extracurricular. Earning multiple collegiate degrees, he delves into advanced computer science, learning about neural network mapping, by-mind interfacing, ‘techno-pathy’, optical character recognition, photonics, acoustics, harmonics, layered encryption, E.L.F. and ansible communications, superconductor levitation, autonomous management applications, artificial recognition of signatures (fingerprints, retinal nerves, vocal patterns, pupil dilation, perspiration queues, blood pressure fluctuations, brainwaves, et cetera), quantum entanglement supercomputing, biomechanical machine growing (such as carbon-fibers and nano-tubes), subatomic transmutation, harvesting all energy sources (such as wind, hydroelectric, bioelectric, thermal, geothermal, seismic, piezo-electric, solar, magnetic, kinetic, aura, aurora, and even the void of Space), and other ‘bleeding edge’ fields and industries. Whenever he encounters a species with a rare ability, or reads an epic story with a ‘tall tale’, he soon knows how to reproduce the abilities, imagined or otherwise, technologically.
Combining his encyclopedic knowledge of computer science and information technology with his equally voluminous understanding of genetics, he also learns how to rapidly forge and mass-produce DNA and similar molecular structures with alternative components, such as buckyballs, and via frequency sequences (sounds forming ‘songs’, if you will) into microscopic instruction structures to make custom people, including their acuities and personalities; ‘couture clones’. With modern supercomputers and server farms handling the virtually countless gene sequencing permutations, Auzdein takes 3D-printing (capable in 2012 of printing working weapons and vehicles) and raises it to the next level; ‘flash-cloning’ and ‘flash-engineering’; 3D-printing humans and entire buildings (living buildings). The result he enjoys is gaining awareness of how to grow people and entire cities –both of them out of newly engineered materials as flexible as plastic yet far stronger than diamonds. These are the ‘ubermensch’ (demigods; people with great powers and abilities) his Ahnenerbe fellows were working so diligently in his previous life to make a reality; real life Superman variants. Instead of just ‘smart’-bombs and ‘smart’-phones, he now bolsters the technical expertise to establish ‘smart’-factories and ‘smart’-cities.

2013: With all of his advanced scientific revelations and breakthroughs being forbidden and illegal in the nation he still lives in, Auzdein makes ready to permanently exfiltrate back to New Swabia where he can build and test them all, free of religious, political, legal, and competitive constraints. Bearing no ill will toward those who always held him back, he chooses to remove himself from their equation; to go where both he and they can be free to live on as they have deemed fit and prudent for themselves. The most effective way to have a revolution, after all, is to not have to have one in the first place.
His carefully crafted re-development as an American eventually reaches a mental trigger which restores many of his memories and remotely activates what has lain dormant under the New Swabia ice for decades; Rainbow City, which he (once again going by his first-life’s given name, Auzdein, which came to him as part of his restored memory cache) knows by another name; Forward Operating Base 1, a.k.a. ‘Inisfree’. (In this case, Base 211 is the ‘firm base’, while its first outpost deeper into the newly pioneered Antarctic ice-desert is its ‘forward operating base’. Thus, its designator: FOB 1.)
Having been immortalized as a vampire by Sir Haydn, Auzdein struggles to fight his way back out of the America he chose to be clandestinely planted deep within, with the unflinching hope of being reunited with his Rainbow City… To reach it, and his destiny, he will need all the vampire alliances he can get.

Black Operations with Names:​

The following list includes abstracts of some of the black operations carried out by the powers behind the aforementioned business enterprises:
  • Operation Doppelganger Dossier: (2010s) Auzdein von Himmler's cover story is prepared for his work on The New Horizon during the 26th century; a new life history with supporting (forged; falsified) documentation to reflect his levels of expertise in the latest fields such as ODST.  In short, Auzdein was born in the 1920s, reborn in the 1980s, and then said to've been born in the 2490s, oft'times deploying as a member of one of the units he designed; in order to know from first-hand experience just how well his inventions worked, and, of course, exactly which parts of them warranted further fine tuning.
  • Operation Grode Guadian: (2000s-2010s) A university secret society is taken to the next stage of its evolution as Grunt, WMKM, and T.N.A. are born.
  • Operation Human Genome Project II: (2000s) using the map created from the first H.G.P., design life from the ground up
  • Operation H.G.P. III: (2010s) redesigning (reverse engineering) D.N.A. itself to be Superman-level; 'I.C. S.R.C.' is born​
  • Operation Rex 84 II: (2010s) the only time male Outlanders are utilized in a P.M.C. fashion by Inisfreean powers; preparation for the Rapture Campaign
  • Operation Vimanas II: (1930s-2010s) R+D to develop StarCraft-style floating buildings in preparation for making entire cities floatable and flyable

Rex 84 II; the Pre-Rapture:​

Abstract intro': the Secret Army of America, and the secret armies of the other nations, were swept aside; black-ops units defeated by Other, Better black-ops units; Inisfree's Own.

Lord Himmler was able to muster a force of around one million mercenaries from nearly every nation on Earth by making them men again; he restored all their rights, freeing most of them from various prisons and levels of government-imposed poverty, and gave them all the authority they would ever need to do whatever they wanted to whomever they wished, largely resulting in their surgically going after and brutally destroying all those who had accused them and used the local legal systems against them and all their kind. Many policemen, judges, and undisciplined women, especially in America and Australia, were dragged out into the streets and fucked to death as his new force of troops used their (those accusers') long overdue demise to make personal snuff films as keepsakes, souvenirs, and war trophies for their lives after the Rapture Campaign. This force performed exactly as was intended; as an army of special operations commandos functioning as 'bad karma'; payback for all the Outlanders had done to true leaders and nature since time immemorial, and a 'softening blow' and 'soft opening' for the Rapture Campaign which would follow barely a year there after.

The F.E.M.A. camps, once used to house Japanese during the time of the Great Wars, were commandeered with ease by Lord Himmler's manhood-restored personnel armed with the finest Outlander weapons Inisfreean technology could locate and teleport into their hands -straight from the government and military armories, bunker complexes, and weapon vaults of the many secret and not-so-secret bases. All the weapons and ammunition the D.H.S. (Department of Homeland Security) bought in bulk at the onset of the 2010s were put in the hands and vehicles of Lord Himmler's eclectic male Outlander force. Ironically, the F.E.M.A. camps, intended to no longer be potential internment facilities, but now potential quarantine facilities for epidemic and pandemic scenarios, did end up being utilized that way, though not by the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control); instead, by this second 'secret army' in pre-screening and pre-acclimating all worthy Outlander girls to the Inisfreean Way that was to come (pun!).

Once Lord Himmler's men had had their fill of those girls and payback missions, confirming in doing so all that which he had promised them as part of their contracts-free enlistment agreement, he sent them off on their more regimented and pre-planned missions, and it was during these that Sarah Santos was first taken in a White Rhino vehicle from her hometown. Girls across the country --and across All countries-- were taken similarly, kept in identical vehicles, then released once their Stockholm Syndromes had begun to take predictable hold. The longer they were kept, the longer they Wanted to be kept, and the longer the men of this special force kept them, the more they, too, came to trust and yearn for more and more of the Inisfreean Way.

After Lord Himmler's men had proven capable and committed, with his same goals and wiring in their hearts and every action on patrol, he gave them aNother promise; once this military campaign was satisfactorily completed, he would install each of them as demi-god kings of the Earth realms of their choosing; any landmasses across the Outlands that made up the outer surface of their world. They could take any females they wished as their lifelong slaves, and so long as they lived and were of like-mind with him and his Inisfreeans, they would have resupplies of fresh clones of these mortal girls whenever they ran low or merely wished to torture and fuck some more to death. No longer would such natural urges for true and total justice be demonized or put down by the monster zombies known now as Xians. These men, now needed less and less for successive and follow-up missions, were groomed for royalty and kingship, and those such as Gabriel Tiberius taking command of the realm once known as California... rose to fill their destined roles; kings making Lord Himmler the fulfillment of the 'King of Kings' prophesies.

This was Operation Rex 84 II, for the Outlander-planned Rex 84 (utilizing F.E.M.A. camps for clandestine or en-masse quarantining of American citizens by the C.D.C.) was swept aside before it could ever begin. Lord Himmler's new force merely allowed them (the American powers) to get everything ready for the Inisfreeans and what the Inisfreeans wanted to do. Such is the cleverness, patience, and inevitable domination of the Inisfreeans. As more and more nations and communities were economically brought to their knees, and as more and more battles (secret and otherwise) were lost, more and more service members deserted or defected, which made them and everyone they once watched over... that much easier to pick out, pick up, or pick off. The F.E.M.A. camps, along with almost all subterranean bases, fell into the hands of this Black Ops Army, and, in the process, a great percentage of the legendary cave networks were rediscovered, re-mapped, and reconquered. *The humans, humanoids, and other creatures found in those caves (such as during the black ops beneath Syria, as seen through the dreams medium) were then added to the populations of the F.E.M.A. camps (when applicable; whenever they weren't neutralized on-site), which were then nuked or teleported away by remote Inisfreean tech'.

While nearly all other humans were forced to migrate off-world (in the 24th century, A.D., eventually leading them to colonize the 34 Tauri system), it was these men --the only ones from the Outlands-- who were allowed to remain behind and stay in charge of the new political divisions of the Outlands of planet Earth, for Earth sorely needed real men --and Had needed them for some Time now --for milLENnia. Once just minions, underlings, cannon fodder, convicted felons, fugitives, smugglers, and underdogs, all of these men were protected by the Inisfreeans, living to see their rise into kingdoms of their own. This, in turn, restored the health of Earth to much closer to the levels of the planet Gor, though some 'pocket realms' continued to produce the kinds of girls the Goreans and Inisfreeans loved to shock and break as pleasure slaves.

Those among these men that heard of the Inisfreean immortality, and wished it for themselves, were allowed to live indefinitely, though none of them would ever be invincible against anything Inisfreean, of course (something never mentioned to them, nor confirmed if they surmised). Some of them chose to die eventually (such as the Norse or Viking-blooded ones), or just disincarnate (such as the Tibetans), while a few hundred of them opted to be placed into indefinite sleep in Inisfree's Cryo-stasis Facility; Inisfree's cryogenic archives, for this is the only place in Inisfree where guests are allowed to sleep forever (for as long as they like). Their belongings were, naturally, kept preserved in the Black Vaults. They agreed that the Inisfreeans (Master Females, to be precise) would awaken them when they needed them, much as Master Chief John 117 had told Cortana to with him, and this would enrich their lives even further; with the thrilling surprises of a completely new Age and civilization with which to infiltrate and, eventually, as they had with the U.S.A. and other pre-Rapture Outland nations, bring to its sobbing end and knees. Thus, many thousands of human male Earthlings achieved immortality without having to be turned into vampires, inject nanobots, or anything else like that.

(*These are the only human men allowed to fuck the Inisfreeans (all of whom are girls), which Lord Himmler sometimes enjoys watching; how sexy and arousing it is when these girls of his lock eyes with him and hold the sides of his neck as these men fuck them from below or behind, cumming inside them as the girls transfer their arousal energy to their Lord through their exchanging gazes! The other males allowed to fuck the Inisfreeans are, of course, those of the compatible races and species from the rest of the Outlands (across the whole Megaverse), such as the Elves from the Earth, Yautja from other planets, Draenei from the other dimensions, et cetera.)

It turned out these kinds of men remained in ALL Outland nations throughout all of time, and had, as the Governor, merely been 'down periscope'; 'lying low', 'under the radar', 'low profile' until the right time when they could strike and win for sure, reclaiming their birthrights, pursuits of happiness, and manhoods all in one. Nothing had been able to squash them Or their spirits. They had remained strong and unchecked for all of time. Such was the way of the True warriors, and Inisfree was greatly and deeply pleased. So many, in fact, had defected masterfully from their various Special Warfare and assassin units that it had destabilized even such once tight-knit groups as DEVGRU, Force, and the Kidon Mossad. All of the most elite organizations still had plenty of members who always sensed there was something more, better, and worth risking all for. The advent of Inisfree was their trigger and catalyst.

When the remaining Priest-kings of Gor had heard (smelled, rather) what the Inisfreeans had done on Earth, they sent the Inisfreeans 1,000 of their world's finest slave sluts, flawlessly trained and wholeheartedly devoted to their heavenly craft, as a celebratory victory gift --having already sent just as many of the same quality to the Inisfreeans back when the Inisfreeans had come to their aid in the aftermath of their Nest War and Gorean Underground Reconstruction. These girls, raised to be perfect pleasure slaves (kajirae) on Gor, naturally became the equivalent of Sergeants in Inisfree's Concubine Corps; the regimented companions organization which was the only means any Outlander females could earn any time inside Inisfree's Perimeter Walls. Inisfreean-born Master Females served as the equivalent of Senior Drill Instructors, while these 1,000 Gorean kajirae served as Drill Instructors, while the remainder of the Outlander girls lived and learned as recruits under their close scrutiny and tutelage.

The Inisfreean mass-flash-cloned both of these shipments of kajirae for their (fellow Inisfreeans') own enjoyments, giving the originals to the men in the Outlands (the members of Inisfree's black ops army) as a further reward and incentive for them doing what they wanted to do, Anyway. It was a very fine arrangement, both parties agreed. In trade (though the Inisfreeans would easily have teleported them away, Anyway), these men, the most elite warriors of the Outlands, kept all of the highest-borne females they captured in all of the falling, burning Outland cities on their way to the Inisfreean DropShips' radial landing-gear camps, ensuring all the Inisfreean people got to enjoy them just as Lord Himmler would have, relaying them next to Lord Himmler in his command and flagship, The God's Fist; the blood-red Inisfreean WarShip then in low orbit over the Americas (as it pleased Lord Himmler the most to watch that particular region of the world burn, smoke, and crumble). It was in this way that the richest, most privileged, most spoiled, most educated, most combative women and girls from every Outland nation were eventually sent to Lord Himmler, having been raped a hundred times before he got to enjoy them; seasoned just the way he liked 'em. Naturally, he teleported out to enjoy first dibs on a few hundred of them, but the rest he loved the flavor of when they were as 'pre-chewed' and spiritually broken as those he'd selected fresh.

Millions died, killed out by this force's hands in the preparatory work leading up into the onset and initiation of the Rapture Campaign, and then the Inisfreeans took out the rest, sweeping aside billions and ensuring their souls would never again reincarnate to plague their world (the Earth) as the body-hopping bastard beings they'd always been. Meanwhile, the Inisfreeans' global force of mercenary Outlander males was divided, some turning in to rest in the Inisfreean Archive tubes (something like 'the Odin sleep'), while the rest watched the global purge and terraforming from the safety of the Inisfreean MPHAs and other I.C. ships. Once they had finished executing the long-dreampt-of plans of the original S.E.D., they were dropped back off at the realm landmarks of their individual choosing... where they then began to establish their new kingdoms however they saw fit, no longer having to even think about politicking or working up through existing systems or bureaucracies, and the Inisfreean-escorted supply convoys of whatever they needed began to flow direct through their hidden routes of portals to them (as well as through the re-mapped global cave networks, starting with the subglacial riverways connecting to Inisfree's ultra-secret, subterranean, uber gates and WarShip hangars).

As mentioned before, financial backing for this and other Inisfreean-connected black ops came from the Ventrue (while Inisfree was still stabilizing in the 2000s and early 2010s), and there were rumors of cooperations with the Hell Fire Club (and its namesake academy and inner circle). Thus, Operation Rex 84 II was based on Rex 84, fulfilled multiple prophesies, established business relationships with top-tier mutant and vampire organizations, set the stage for the Rapture Campaign, installed a great number of post-apocalyptic kings (another reason for keeping the term 'Rex' in the operation's name), and was one of the Inisfreeans' most complex and impressive black operations.