Black Vaults News:  All details pertaining to Inisfree's Black Vaults remains classified.
Black Vaults
The Black Vaults

All records are kept in these secret backup-libraries, as well as copies of all the chosen DNA; the blueprints for every special, perfectly-crafted member of the Inisfreean populace, along with the RNA of all plant types, such as those grown across the Cropland.  These vaults also contain all of the original materials once locked up in the Vatican Secret Archives.

Black Vaults exist in a few special locations spread out across the interior of Inisfree, always deep underground, protected by the tonnage of the mobile city-ship that is Inisfree (classified as a CSBS; a City-Sized Battle-station/ship).  These highly classified facilities are also protected by Inisfree's ability to become fully mobile, teleporting itself out of harm's way, and even warp-surfing across the entire Universe and all of its dimensions, if need be.  Furthermore, each Black Vault is contained within successive cubes and hollows, resulting in the most advanced form of sandwiched-armor in the entire city.  Lastly, each Black Vault boasts a suite of the full array of Inisfreean detection equipment and countermeasures, easily capable of instantly sensing and defeating even the presences or attempts at spying by all types of aliens, wizards (including witches and all other types of magicians), and deities.

There is only one person in the entire Inisfreean empire who can access the Black Vaults.  Once guarded by hand-picked teams of elite special-warfare operatives, such as Navy SEALs and Force Reconnaissance Marines (back when this type of vault was first developed in the Outlands), these Black Vaults now only allow the entry of the Governor of Inisfree, himself, and only once a full-body-and-mind scan has confirmed both all of his signatures, as well as his intentions.

"Black Magic", originally, was the term used to reference the agricultural science techniques utilized by farmers and other workers to ensure their soils remained as fertile as possible, resulting in their black coloration, such as we see today with Terra Preta.  This means that ancient references to 'black magic' were talking about positive, helpful, innocent practices and wisdom; not anything 'evil'.

"Not all knowledge is for everyone."
The Memories Trust:

It has been proven that immersion produces far better results and understanding in far less time than any amount of studying in classroom settings, and that not speaking your native language at all (while you are learning a new one) produces the same impressive results as opposed to merely living abroad in places where your native tongue is still spoken. Thus, we can conclude that the best way to learn all that ought to be known about a people or world... is through immersion, but not just the immersion of refusing to speak your native tongue, or even the immersion of going so deep into a new realm that your language is unheard of; no, the best immersion is when you don't even remember your native tongue or past at all.

I'm not talking about inducing repression or amnesia, but putting some or all of your memories into a high-tech version of a trust fund; accessible only at a certain point. Banks put money in trust funds until an heir reaches a certain age. Instead, we could put memories in a trust fund until a foreign exchange student (from another nation or another world) reaches a certain accumulated knowledge threshold or milestone. That way, instead of taking four times the least amount of needed time to learn and master much or nearly all of what a realm or world has to offer, one can do it in a year (or quarter-lifetime, in more complex cases) at most.

Don't be held back by yourself; by your own memories and previous acclimations, connotations, assumptions, stereotypes, and worries as distractions! Try using the memory-trust approach to cultural submersion. We have the technology, security, and experience to provide this option for many people of many species now.

And don't let other learners hold you back; don't let people who have not yet figured out how to have mature relationships and fun sex, or whatever else may be the case with their latest learning challenges, stop you from your ongoing experimentation and enjoyment of it. If they try to shame or cage (incarcerate/jail/imprison) you for those things, use S.E.R.E. and weaponized Tai Chi, mind interfacing, neuralizing (another form of memory adjustment, this one to help Others not be held back by themselves from cultural submersion and learning), etc.; whatever you can use and whatever you feel will work.

Stride Through the Natural Initial Struggle Phase:
If you try new things, and invent and prove solutions, you become a producer instead of just a consumer, and the initial shame of knowing you are making mistakes passes. The pain is short, the gain long --perhaps endless. If you don't try new things, and figure out solutions, you become a junkie; dependent on others and other forces. The pain in this case is forever, the gain never. It is ironic that people who want to avoid pain and shame end up guaranteeing it for the rest of their lives, because they are not willing to endure it being increased just for a brief time while they find a better way.

A perfect example of the incredible results and rewards of pushing through a brief period of more difficult times for long-lasting quality-of-life improvements is how lonely and illegal making much of Inisfree a reality used to be. There were angry times, sad times, lonely times, frustrated times, dangerous times, threatened times, fleeing times, pursued times, tired times, but then... stability, relief, clarity, and power like never before, connectivity like never before, momentum like never before. Inisfree was my journey to self-completion, no longer having to ask others what was acceptable to them, because I could now sense and defend what was right for me and my life.

All the books we read start out with problems for the protagonist. The same is true with all the video and computer games. We seem to like this initial newness, ignorance, alien environment, and challenge. We seem to like bad odds, as it gives us pride of accomplishment when we finally improve and beat them, and the only way to recreate this effect; that same challenge, and the joy from overcoming it, is with a memory-trust. This is the finest and most advanced way for us to try the most new things and have the purest stream of fresh and uncorrupted ideas in the shortest amount of time, stimulating the most learning, neural synapses growth, and cultural sensitivity. If you are interested in this greatest method and game of all, speak with one of the representatives of Inisfree about opening up your own memory-trust today. You'll be glad you did. You might even end up creating an Inisfree equivalent all your own.