Bridge Inverted Skyscrapers News:  Once a Vulcan legend, these signature buildings now adorn all sections and tiers of the 'inner city'.
Bridge Inverted Skyscrapers
The Bridge Inverted Skyscrapers

These are full-sized skyscrapers that extend down, rather than up, and are vertical extensions of the many SotU skyscraper-bridges (bridges that are skyscrapers in size and function) which connect the larger SotU constructs; the uber-skyscrapers visible even farther away than most mountain ranges.

Dimensions & Layout:
These skyscrapers are comparable in size to normal ones; some of them are hundreds of feet wide at certain points, with as many as 50 stories, making the tallest (longest) of them up 500 feet from bottom tip all the way up to where they connect with the undersides of their respective 'sky-bridges'; their 'parent skyscrapers'.

Special Features:
If being a skyscraper hanging like a stalactite from another skyscraper oriented sideways like a giant bridge full of office buildings and airship hangar bays wasn't enough, some of these skyscrapers are also 'shape-shifters'; each of their floors rotates independently, allowing them to appear to twist and take on new forms almost like a fluid stack of Jenga blocks.

inverted shape-shifting skyscrapers

*stalactite ground-scraper shape-shifters

橋 倒 摩天大樓