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Browncoats / Dust Devils

The pro-confederate military force nicknamed the 'Browncoats' for their namesake G.I. long-coats, has been re-dubbed the 'Dust Devils' after losing their campaign during the Unification War.  Dust Devils do not typically harass UAP reconstruction forces each U-Day, though; instead, they sabotage soft targets throughout the (core worlds) border and (34 Tauri Multi-System edge) fringe worlds, where their lingering influence remains significant.  Although virtually without any space-faring military vessels to speak of, the Dust Devils have retrained themselves to rapidly adapt and re-fit any salvageable or commandeered vessel for their purposes, making them some of the best field engineers, mechanics, pilots, and covert and clandestine operators in the Verse.
Carrying on the Righteous Fight

Dust Devils no longer have proper military bases or other facilities from which to muster and launch operations.  Today, Dust Devils train wherever they can find a vacant or abandoned house, factory, silo, bunker, warehouse, or complex.  Their units are always mobile, nomadic, and outwardly rag-tag, due to the total disbandment of their official units, and the strict UAP monitoring of all those who used to contribute to their supply channels and trains.

Inaccurately Labeled Terrorists

Dust Devils see themselves as the military version of 'checks and balances', as well as brave, rogue operators daring and skilled enough to stand up to the ever-present threat of governmental monopolies.

Dust Devils are also the only line of defense for most of the worlds farther from the core (the innermost planets and moons of the 34 Tauri Multi-System where the remaining post-Unification-War military forces have focused their reconstruction and security efforts).  Border and fringe worlds were largely left to fend for themselves, creating a natural power vacuum that was immediately filled by the combination of disbanded Browncoats in need of work, and colonies in need of protection from gangs, pirates, hostile aliens like the Reapers, and the newly forged and haphazardly rampaging Reavers.


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