Cabins News:  There are now nearly 1,000 cabins in this region of Inisfree.

The cabins neighborhoods of Inisfree include standard cabins, along with chalets, and lodges. These neighborhoods are located high on the slope of Inisfree's central mountain, right between the longest stretch of the city's cliff-dwellings, and the Redwoods and Sequoias greenbelt which separates them from the base of the Avalanche Wall.

Dimensions & Layout:
Cabins in these 'hoods range in size from single-room constructs about the size of a guests' lakeside hangout house or hotel room, to a hundred or so cabins which are as large as a full hotel building or mansion.

Special Features:
Most of these cabins have a 'look and feel' inspired by the toys called Lincoln Logs; they look like traditional, old fashioned, tree-trunk stacks for walls, with overlapping end-sections protruding at 90 degree angles as if the frame of each cabin was made from a neat pile of telephone poles laid on their sides.  Inside, most structural and artistic features are of this same 'look and feel'; most of them are made from tree trunks, including rocking chairs and bunk-bed railings.

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See what the different rooms in your residence will look like:

Bathroom (and walk-in shower)
Bedroom (often in center of livingroom)
Bookroom (library and study)
Breezeroom (patio, porch, balcony)
Cookingroom (and pantry)
Croproom (miniature farm)
Diningroom (including breakfastrooms)
Entryroom (foyer)
Exerciseroom (gym and dojo)
Gameroom (billiards, chess, et cetera)
Gardenroom (greenhouse, lawn / yard)
Laundryroom (breeze-drying)
Livingroom (lounge and piano)
Mediaroom (theater / movie screen)
Meditationroom (cube within a cube)
Poolroom (indoor swimming)
Storageroom (closet, built-in laser-eye)
Toiletroom (urinal, throne, and bidet) 
Trophyroom (war-suit display)
Workroom (office)
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See what each cabin in Inisfree looks like:

  1. Aspen - 731 Bay St., Aspen, CO 81611
  2. Aspen 2 - 931 N. Hayden Dr., Aspen, CO 81611
  3. Aspen 3 - 411 Willoughby Way, Aspen, CO 81611
  4. Aspen 4 - 201/565 Midnight Mine Rd., Aspen, CO 81611
  5. Beaver Creek - 602 Bachelor Ridge, Beaver Creek, CO 81620
  6. Jared's Cabin - in Montana
  7. Loveland Colorado Estate
  8. Mountain Village - 105 Highlands Way, Mountain Village, CO 81435
  9. Mountain Village 2 - 107 Eagle's Crest Circle, Mountain Village, CO 81435
  10. Snowmass Village - 601 Two Creeks Dr., Snowmass Village, CO 81615
  11. Steamboat - 46660 County Rd. 129, Steamboat, CO 80487
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