Civilian Aerospaceport News:  This, the only public-access airport in all of Inisfree, is now open for operations.
Civilian Aerospaceport
Inisfree's Airport

Though Inisfreeans more accurately call this type of facility an aerospaceport, as its flights can and do go both into the air, as well as Space, it is still a common practice to refer to it more colloquially as just an 'airport'.  Its layout is almost identical to that of many Outlands airports, and the term 'airport' still gets much of the same point across.  To be completely accurate in referring to this facility, however, one might best choose its official designation on the Inisfree map; the Civilian Aerospaceport, as all civilian and declassified air-and-Space travel is routed through here.

A Means to an End:
Utilizing the local, polar vortex, this facility's airships (aerospaceships) are able to reduce the energy they require to both launch out of and land into the realm of Inisfree.  The vortex, resulting in Earth's magnetosphere being in the form of a doughnut (toroidal vortex) is basically a giant, invisible tornado or whirlpool, and just like when an object enters a more rapidly moving body of air (such as the jet-stream) or water (such as river-like underwater currents), one may take advantage of the way this vortex energizes, rotates, and accelerates.  In short, almost like a glider or gravity-slingshot method, pilots can easily guide their airships into the 'receiving areas' of this vortex, thereby enjoying the atmospheric equivalent of 'tail-gating'; the vortex, at a certain point in their trajectory, takes hold of their vessel and gives it all the lift and thrust it needs to spiral out and up (and out some more) from Inisfree, Antarctica, and (if one stays in the vortex long enough) even the whole world's high-orbit range.

The basics of this vortex (similar to the properties of a tornado) are as follows:
  • ​​​To go up and out, fly into the inside of the vortex and ride its inner current.
  • To go down and in, fly into the outside of the vortex and ride its outer current.​
  • To speed up, fly closer to the vortex 'wall cloud equivalent' (the division between its inner and outer currents).
  • To slow down, fly closer to either the vortex's 'eye of the storm' (its calmer center) or out away from its form (a few miles or more outside the perimeter of influence of its cone form).​​
A good pilot can easily ride the winds and other energy streams such that their ships require almost no energy what-so-ever -even for launching many thousands of miles away or more.​

Speed Lanes:
Though almost never used (or even authorized), each gate (door) in each terminal (wing) of this 'airport' has an expediting option; these doors can be activated to function like the Stargates. Instead of flying somewhere (covering a distance via conventional, linear traversing), one can instead 'connect the dots'; stepping through a portal allows the traveler to move through a Space-time warp virtually (temporarily) overlapping two points (very small areas, more accurately, about the size of a closet).  Once they have stepped through one of these doors, when it is activated and connecting to a similar 'doorway' at their destination, the door is closed (deactivated as a Stargate), severing the connection and, thereby, ending the Space-time warp.  This speedier method of travel is for Outlanders, as only Inisfreeans are capable of willing portals to open and close around their own bodies (Inisfreeans don't need these Stargate-like 'doors' (portals) in order to do this form of teleporting).

Common connections include:
  • any of the Stargates
  • any of the (Mass Effect) Mass Relays
  • any of the (World of Warcraft) stone ring portals​​
  • any like-functioning 'door' on any other Inisfreean construct, such as a Warship or the Military Aerospaceport's terminal gates​

It is important to note that these 'doors' cannot connect to any other points in Creation; they require another portal-like gateway in order to establish a connection (a portal, sometimes called a 'worm-hole'), much like how telephones can only connect to other telephones, and computers to other computers; not to bodies or minds.  All of these 'doors' in Inisfree are indestructible, but any such 'door' equivalents in the Outlands can be damaged or destroyed.​​  Should any traveler find his or herself in just such a situation, they will be unable to travel back via the same route (unless they know how to, and are able to repair or rebuild these kind of 'doors'), thereby requiring an Inisfreean to will one of the Inisfreean portals open for them (and this usually means summoning an Inisfreean or Inisfreeans to form a human, 3-D, Celtic infinity-knot with their interwoven limbs, fingers, and thumbs).

​​* This airport/Spaceport now features its own night-and-dance club:  Astroglide!
Predominant Aspects

Main Entrance:  The Uber C-5

​Drop-off and Pick-up 'Street':
 The G.A.H.

​Parking Garage:
 Greco-Roman temple with landscaping, fountains, and babbling brooks around every parking space and landing pad.

Check-in Area:  no kiosks, desks, or wait lines; like the Grocery Store, the 'smart'-doorframes do the scanning, identifying, luggage inventorying, ticket issuing, ​​​and roster updating.

Terminals:  parallel, stacked, wide-corridor, rectangular-prisms; a triple-decker arrangement of lateral rows of gates out to the aerospacecrafts.

Gates:  appearing as the ivory-and-gold, luxrurious version of the Stargate design; can be set to function as normal doors connecting to the tube-ramps out to the docked aerospacecrafts, or as worm-hole portals connecting to other like-functioning 'doors' elsewhere across the Universe and other dimensions.​​  * From the outside (the runway's vantage point), these gates are separated by towering, stone-brick stacks based, castle turrets, and from the top of each of these castle-style turrets is a tall, narrow waterfall pouring out and down to fall into a swimming-pool-sized collection basin, resulting in areas of mist and many small rainbows near the runway and the bottoms of most of the aerospacecraft.

Runway:  a paved area (sometimes called a 'tarmac') 1/2-mile by 1-mile, supported by.on giant Chess-piece-shaped pillars in order to prevent potential floods from affecting the runway's take-off and landing surface; many stories above ground-level, allowing for the storage of hundreds of aerospacecraft beneath it (which can be flown (hovered) or brought up to the topside runway via aircraft-carrier-style 'lifts'; industrial elevators designed for jets).

Main Exit:  Uber U.F.O. ('flying saucer')​

[Terminals] Directory

See what each terminal of Inisfree's Schloss-like, Chess-pillar-elevated aerospaceport looks like, including their open-air frequent travelers' bedroom-based lounge clubs:

Terminal 1: (lowest)
Terminal 2: (middle)​
Terminal 3:​​​ (highest)
- - - COMING SOON - - - ​
民用 航天站

All Inisfreean air-shows are hosted at this aerospaceport, while the 2nd of Inisfree's two aerospaceports (on the opposite corner of Inisfree-city) is strictly reserved for nonstop military pilots training exercises.

Outland Realms Where Each Terminal and Gate Connect, and Usage Constraints:

* The only beings who may pass through these portals are those whose holistic-signatures have been recorded and approved by Inisfree, via its Grid Mind, upon the completion of their 41-day Official Tour of Inisfree-city, and who do not have travel-bans due to detainment sentences, such as those being detained in Inisfree's Subterranean Prison have.

Some connect to the air/Spaceports of the biggest capital cities of the homeworlds of the species and empires Inisfree is allied with;
  • Ar (largest city of Gor)
  • Arcadia (capital of the Fae's realm)
  • Armali (city with the finest omni-tools and bio-amps, on Thessia; the Asari homeworld)
  • Asgard (capital of the Aesir; of Thor Odinsson, and of Freyja; Dis af Vanir, etc.)
  • Commorragh (capital of the Dark Eldar, in the Webway)
  • Hammer Bay (capital of Genosha; Magneto's mutant island nation)
  • Nazjatar (capital of the Naga; night-elves turned mer-people)
  • New Bhaerynden (rebuilt Drow capital)
  • New Kandor (capital of New Krypton; new homeworld of the race of Kara Zor-El; Supergirl)
  • Nos Astra (capital of Illium; an Asari entrepôt world)
  • Pandemonium (fortress-temple-capitol of Hell)
  • R'lyeh (beneath the Pacific Ocean)
  • Telos (beneath Mt. Shasta)
  • Tirion (capital of Valinor, on Aman; hidden continent of the Elves)
  • Treve (city of the greatest tarn-mounted raiders of Gor)
Others connect to the private, royal airports of the human, humanoid, and alien wives the King of Inisfree has married;
  • Acropolis of Thanatos (main temple of a temple-city of Kiaransalee, on the old site of V'elddrinnsshar)
  • The Promenade (main temple of Eilistraee, on the ancient temple of Ghaunadaur, near Skullport, in the depths of Undermountain)​
  • Xull'rae Zauviir's estate
* Civilian aerospacecraft, commonly called 'repulsines', are used to fly at warp-speeds out from Inisfree, via Pearly Gate 1, through the South Polar Vortex, and on to any place in the Universe which the Civilian Aerospaceport terminal portals do not directly connect to (though it often makes sense to fly through a portal first, then fly from there at warp speeds).

* All MKM hardcopies are shipped in bulk via our commercial repulsines along this route; via this aerospaceport.