Cliff Dwellings News:  These residences are now home to millions of Inisfreeans and their guests.
Cliff Dwellings
The Cliff Dwellings

Inspired by the Anasazi ruins, this Inisfreean neighborhood is for those who enjoy living in high-rises and skyscrapers, but also want to be close to Mother Nature and a lot of greenery; vegetation.  This cliff-dwelling is actually the first of two separate cliff-dwelling neighborhood constructs in Inisfree now, and is referred to as CD1; Cliff Dwelling (complex) 1.

Dimensions & Layout:
This neighborhood is a cliff whose lateral curve is about 2.5 miles long.  The cliff's height ranges, along this curve, from one vertical mile to three quarters of one.  The residential buildings built into this cliff extend back into the cliff one quarter of a mile.  The result is that there is roughly 80,498,880,000 square feet of living space  in this neighborhood.
[(5,280' x 2.5) x [(5,280' + 3,960')/2] x (5,280' x .25)] = (13,200' x 4,620' x 1,320')

​With an average number of 462 floors at any given section along those 2.5 miles, ​that translates to about 174,240,000 square feet of floor-space per story in this construct. Most apartments have about 400 square feet of floor-space, and can house four people comfortably, so that means there is room in this neighborhood for 435,600 apartments; enough room to house 1,742,400 human-sized people comfortably. Naturally, there are also mansion-sized dwellings built into this 2.5-miles-long construct, and since most mansions have fewer than 30,000 square feet of floor-space, even if all residences in this construct were mansions of comparable size, there would still be enough room for 5,808 of these mansions.

The 2nd of Inisfree's two cliff-dwelling-based neighborhoods (called CD2) is across the canyon, built into the one of the cliff faces of the city's lower of two desert plateaus.​​  Half a mile laterally, half a mile tall, and going into the cliff one quarter of a mile, its comfortable population limit is calculated as follows:
[(5,280' x .5)^2 x (5,280' x .25)] = ​(6,969,600 x 1,320) = 9,199,872,000 square feet of floor-space
Dispersed evenly over this construct's ​264 floors, that translates to 34,848,000 square feet of floor-space per floor; enough for 87,120 apartments (348,480 human-sized people) or 1161 mansions.  So, together with CD1, the cliff-dwellings of Inisfree can comfortably house up to ​2,090,880 human-sized people.

Burning Man Super-Raves:
Inisfree's own spin on The Burning Man desert-rave festival takes place in and on the lip of these canyon-situated, Anasazi-styled, luxury apartment condos and overhangs.  Although nightly raves only occur in clubs like Logan's Apartment and the basement-superdome of The Auzdom, raves here are just as epic when they do occur, and they always include the red-, green-, and blue-skinned desert canyon inhabitants indigenous only to this particular area of creation and the FOB. See the FOB Calendar online on the FOB-Net for details on the next upcoming canyon raves.

CD1 is predominantly used by civilians, CD2 by military, however civilian guests of military residents of CD2 sometimes stay with them to make traveling up Dragon's-back Ridge to watch the war games on the other side a simpler and easier process.