Cloning Auto-plants News:  Although the city has achieved its cloning quota, new hybrids remain in development.
Cloning Auto-plants

FOBians - teethe?  -taught in the Undercity that crying makes one think about their ailment more, so none of them ever cry.  Remaining silent in pain, they also receive no bottles to teethe with, as this warps teeth alignments.

Inisfreean Anatomy

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Yet-unassigned names:
  • Andromeda - (each subpg says who they are a fusion of, if not a complete clone of a recon image)
  • Jylyssa
  • Rafaina
  • Rafainnifer
  • Xozipher
For the complete list of Inisfree's clone variants, see this page:  [Inisfree's Clones]


Authorized Writer

Inisfreeans are extensions of the Lord Auzdein von Himmler character, and are essentially the same person, just in multiple bodies.  Every female born by the city Inisfree shares a consciousness with her father, Lord Himmler, who is both their King and their Governor.  To ensure in each story these Inisfreean-borne females are speaking and acting as they actually would, only the writer and typist of this Lord Himmler character may write and NPC them.

The Automated Cloning Facilities

Inisfreean cloning plants are built into the city-orb's subterranean infrastructure, near the halfway mark from center-point to perimeter-ring; about halfway up the slope of the city's main mountain, and several stories below the surface.

Picture Perfect In Every Way:
In stark contrast to Outland cloning programs, there is absolutely no margin of acceptable error in Inisfreean cloning, and after having practiced this field for hundreds of years, they have refined it from a science to a fluid art.  100% of Inisfreeans are engineered clones, absolutely flawless physically and mentally, completely immortalized with the very rare exceptions of extreme combat damage and the will of their Governor.

Facility Nicknames:
(FOBians talk in poetic code much of the time, so if you hear witty pet-names in place of technical terms and phrases, you are witnessing intentional, accurate, deeper language.)

Baby Maker
Maia; Goddess of Growth, namesake of May
Nymph Factory
The Kitchen / The Oven
The Gestator

Clone and Facility Restrictions:
All Inisfreeans assist in the raising of each clone batch, as per their vocation rotation, but access to these facilities is otherwise forbidden.  Fresh Batchlings (Inisfreeans having been grown in the vats / tanks to the point of being 'birthed' by said vessels / devices) are forbidden to leave the Undercity until they reach age 10 and graduate the prescribed courses and grades of The School. At this point, they are redubbed Hatchlings, and are restricted to the surface-portion of their home-city until age 13.  Between age 13 and 14, clones are exiled beyond the safety of the Perimeter Wall, and are forced (although all Inisfreeans see this as a great honor; not a burden) to survive nomadically on their own for 1 Earth-year's time, at the culmination of which they must find their way back to the city's Gates to be judged for worthiness before being granted re-entry. Assuming they survive this pilgrimage and are deemed worthy to return home, they are still only Inisfreeans by birth, but not at all by rites.  To become a true and full Inisfreean, they must then recover (if needed) in the city's Hospital, then return to The School to complete their primary education by age 16 (including all university-level studies), then study at The Academy to complete their secondary education by age 18, and then complete their Inisfreean military training in the Military Zone to deploy for Rapture Campaign combat operations by age 19.  At age 20, when all training is complete, and at least one deployment has been honorably completed, all restrictions are lifted, and Inisfreeans go through the sacred and highly secretive review boards to earn the title of Master Female.  A 20-year-old Inisfreean may leave the city alone and without notice; expected only to participate in the vocation rotation when they choose to return.

Aging Advisory:  
Inisfreeans do not mark time, nor do they age, in the same way or at the same rate as Outlanders.  As Inisfreeans go through the physical developments of infancy and childhood, they remain inside their respective, individual cloning vat, aging just one Earth-year.  When they are born from their vat, they have the form and full development of an adolescent human female -including all of an adolescent's desires- (never needing Outlander puberty), but the height of a toddler.  While in their elementary-equivalent schooling in the Undercity (which includes the full battery of Inisfreean sexual education), their looks and form never change, except to grow proportionately until they are roughly 5-feet tall.  From birth to Hatchling status, 10 actual Earth-years pass for them.  Once graduated to the surface-realm of Inisfree, their expanding immediately slows down (a reversal of Outlander growth spurts), and their looks barely change at all for the rest of their lives.  The more years pass for them as Hatchlings, Inisfreeans, and Master Females, the more slowly their height will increase.  By Inisfreean-age 20 (the only point at which they will look slightly closer to age 19 than 15), they will have grown up to be between 5-feet and 5'9", they will never grow taller after this age, and they will still, as always, look like fully developed teenagers.  Their engineering, educating, farming, dieting, exercising, and other lifestyle signatures keep them effectively immortal in the most beautiful, youthful form imaginable.

From Inisfreean-age 10 to 20, each successive Inisfreean-age takes much longer than the one before it, so although technically they do graduate from their city's sole High School within 16 actual Earth-years of being alive, their bodies will continue to look about 15-years-old long after this date.  Below is a chart to better explain: 

(BMI:  Body Mass Index, WHR:  Waist-to-Hip Ratio, HWB:  Hip-Waist-Bust ratio)

So when an Inisfreean says they are 20 years old, that means they have reached their Inisfreean-measured 20th mark of forming and training (appearing physically to be about 19 to 20 at the oldest), and are hundreds of actual-years old, if not much, much older.  Inisfreeans don't see this as lying or twisting the truth; they choose to say their age in this way to simplify things for those who are not yet ready, in their opinion, to learn of the details.
"Genetic engineering lets us correct God's horrible, horrible mistakes."