Cloud City Balconies News:  Though Cloud City itself is one big observation balcony, hundreds of dedicated balconies here now are also.
Cloud City Balconies:

These are the balconies at the edge of the topside of this slowly hovering construct.

Dimensions & Layout:
Ranging in size from a dozen square feet for an individual's small apartment... to thousands of square feet for public picnic areas, these balconies are arranged artistically around this circular, outermost ledge of Cloud City.

Special Features:
Many of the plank-like ramps for skydiving are attached to the outside edges of these balconies.


The new Eagle's Nest, this city-within-a-city has the following sections:

​1. Outer Chameleon Sphere
2. Top Hemisphere:
    - ​Spires (Habitable)
    - Beaches & Ponds
    - Observation Balconies
    - Skydiving Ramps
    - Higher Inner Deck
    - The Observatory (top of tallest spire)​​​​
3. Lower Hemisphere:
    - G.A.H. Loop​
    - ​Suites (with Owl garages)
    - ​Hangars
​​​    - Club:  Angels' Allure