Cloud City Beaches News:  Smooth, soft, white sand beaches now adorn the open-air courtyards and greenbelts of Cloud City.
Cloud City Beaches:

Dozens of ponds and hundreds of swimming pools complement this open-air side of Cloud City II, and many of them also have encircling beaches of the finest, smoothest sand, sometimes white in color, and sometimes beige.

Dimensions & Layout:
Around the larger ponds, these beaches may be hundreds of feet long (one loop around the edge of the pond) and nearly 100 feet across (from shore out into the surrounding parks, neighborhoods, and walking paths.  They are usually at least 10 feet deep here, too, so feel free to make sand castles and bury yourself in the sand if you like.  Inisfreean hostesses here often make sand-couches and fire pits as much as three feet deep in these sands, too.

Special Features:


The new Eagle's Nest, this city-within-a-city has the following sections:

​1. Outer Chameleon Sphere
2. Top Hemisphere:
    - ​Spires (Habitable)
    - Beaches & Ponds
    - Observation Balconies
    - Skydiving Ramps
    - Higher Inner Deck
    - The Observatory (top of tallest spire)​​​​
3. Lower Hemisphere:
    - G.A.H. Loop​
    - ​Suites (with Owl garages)
    - ​Hangars
​​​    - Club:  Angels' Allure