Cloud City Moon Exterior News:  Cloud City is now masked in a 'false-skin', similar to a hologram, making it look like a 2nd moon.
Moon Exterior
Cloud City Moon Exterior:

The outer surface of Cloud City II is a lot like polarized sunglasses or a sheet of one-way glass; to those looking up at this hovering construct from the outside, it will appear to be like a tiny moon very low in the sky; just a couple miles above the top of Inisfree's central mountain.  To those inside this construct, however, they will be able to see out from any topside area, or lower hemisphere hangar or window, just as easily as one can see out through a clean windshield.  And because this exterior 'energy shell' of Cloud City II is an optical illusion much like a hologram, sounds and breezes can pass in and out, so if you are about to fly into it, you may hear a few voices of the Inisfreeans and their guests hidden on the other side, and if you are One of those guests, you will get to enjoy the wildflowers-scented breezes of Inisfreean air while you dine on the balconies and observation decks that cover this city's uppermost decks.

Dimensions & Layout:
This part of Cloud City II is its outermost surface area; a perfect sphere which measures 87,538,176 square feet.  It is one millimeter thin.

Special Features:
A computer program controls the cycles of this man-made (Inisfreean-made) moon-like neighborhood; when its exterior is brighter it looks like the full moon, when its exterior is dark it looks like the new moon, and when its exterior is half lit up it appears to very slowly change through all the phases of the moon from sliver to quarter to half to three quarters to almost entirely full as it continues its eternal orbit hovering exactly two miles above the edge of Inisfree's central mountain's circular plateau summit.


The new Eagle's Nest, this city-within-a-city has the following sections:

​1. Outer Chameleon Sphere
2. Top Hemisphere:
    - ​Spires (Habitable)
    - Beaches & Ponds
    - Observation Balconies
    - Skydiving Ramps
    - Higher Inner Deck
    - The Observatory (top of tallest spire)​​​​
3. Lower Hemisphere:
    - G.A.H. Loop​
    - ​Suites (with Owl garages)
    - ​Hangars
​​​    - Club:  Angels' Allure