Cloud City Spires News:  The many skyscrapers of Cloud City's upper hemisphere are now open for exploration, lodging, and lounging.
Cloud City Spires:

Reaching up from the topside main deck ('ground level') of Cloud City II, a few hundred feet inside its outermost ledge opening up to the Inisfreean sky, are the spires of this construct.  Like minarets, these smooth, cylindrical, slightly concave skyscrapers stand between 10 and 130 stories tall (100 and 1,300 feet).  Many of them are wide enough for AIOWs and rooms, if not also suites and penthouses, which guests are welcome to stay in.

Dimensions & Layout:
The ratio of height to base diameter of these spires is usually 10/1; a 1,300' tall spire, for example, will usually have a base at least 130' in diameter, while a 100' tall spire will have a base with a diameter of 10'.  Some spires rise up from the walkways and greenbelts of this part of Cloud City II, while others rise up from the rooftops of the boxier-looking buildings.  With their zone including about 9,726,464 square feet of floor-space (on 'ground level'; where their foundations are), there is plenty of room for a few hundred of the larger (1,300' tall) spires, and tens of thousands of the medium- and small-sized (100' tall) spires.  No spires' bases span across the width of the G.A.H., though, so it is over that ring of superhighway that no spires rise at all.

Special Features:
Hundreds of these spires have groups of crystals orbiting them at even intervals in ring formations halfway up their necks or higher.  These serve as the majority of Cloud City II's streetlights, often glowing an inviting sky-blue color.  With the landscaping up here on Cloud City II, some of which is bioluminescent, the combined effects make for a most pleasant evening and nightfall every single time.
The adventure through Cloud City's topside continues here...


The new Eagle's Nest, this city-within-a-city has the following sections:

​1. Outer Chameleon Sphere
2. Top Hemisphere:
    - ​Spires (Habitable)
    - Beaches & Ponds
    - Observation Balconies
    - Skydiving Ramps
    - Higher Inner Deck
    - The Observatory (top of tallest spire)​​​​
3. Lower Hemisphere:
    - G.A.H. Loop​
    - ​Suites (with Owl garages)
    - ​Hangars
​​​    - Club:  Angels' Allure