Cloud City Suites News:  Designed with the 'look and feel' of being on fluffy clouds in the heavens, these guest rooms are now available.
Cloud City Suites:

Suites in Cloud City II range in size from that of apartments to that of mansions.  There are tens of thousands of them, mostly in this construct's lower hemisphere, with many additional ones in its spires and other buildings topside (rising up from the 'ground level' of its mostly open-air upper hemisphere).  Inisfreeans serve as maids and general staff for all of these suites, and all of these suites are open for guests to pick and choose from, as well as switch between, at their leisure.

Dimensions & Layout:
Apartment-sized suites may have as few as 400 square feet of floor-space, while mansion-sized suites as many as 30,000.  Most suites are single-story (10' tall), while some of the mansion-sized suites have three or more stories, spreading out their average floor-space amongst those floors; typically 10,000 square feet of floor-space per floor (meaning that these mansions' stories will show up as being less than 2 pixels wide when viewed on the overall map of Inisfree).  The absolute largest of these mansion-sized suites are located in the lower hemisphere, immediately adjacent the largest of the airship hangars.  All suites in the upper hemisphere enjoy windows to the outside; views of the Inisfreean sky, while only a small fraction of the suites in the lower hemisphere have this feature, as most of them are hundreds of feet inside this otherwise solid part of Cloud City II.

Special Features:
Suites in this part of Inisfree are known for their silently floating beds, each of which have settings which will determine if they stay where you place them, float around based on how you move upon them, or follow a route through your suite, hovering along like a drifting cloud.  In the dance club up here in Cloud City II, the floating beds are also designed to look like white, fluffy clouds.


The new Eagle's Nest, this city-within-a-city has the following sections:

​1. Outer Chameleon Sphere
2. Top Hemisphere:
    - ​Spires (Habitable)
    - Beaches & Ponds
    - Observation Balconies
    - Skydiving Ramps
    - Higher Inner Deck
    - The Observatory (top of tallest spire)​​​​
3. Lower Hemisphere:
    - G.A.H. Loop​
    - ​Suites (with Owl garages)
    - ​Hangars
​​​    - Club:  Angels' Allure