Coliseum Amphitheater News:  Violent Rebirth II is now performing weekend evening shows at this amphitheater.
Coliseum Amphitheater
Coliseum Amphitheater

This open-air seating area is modeled after the Colosseum of Rome; elliptical, multiple stories all connected by cascading rows of seats, and big enough to seat many thousands.  Unlike the Colosseum, though, this amphitheater does not have encircling walls, and is not elliptical all the way around.  Instead, it narrows toward the stage, eventually appearing to stretch forward to touch that stage, at which point you have the orchestra pit, giant speaker towers, curtains scaffolding, and light-show devices... with the base of a group of towering statues beginning in its farthest background.

Dimensions & Layout:
The seating area of this amphitheater slowly slopes down from the beach behind it... all the way to the foot of the stage.  At its back and outermost rows, it is widest; nearly half a mile across, though the curve of these rows increases their length much more than that.  As one approaches the foot of the stage, the rows of seats narrow to 924 feet across.  The orchestra pit separates the front row of seats from the stage, and is about 60 feet from front (the edge of that front row of seats) to back (where the stage rises up and begins), and measures 792 feet across; room for a full symphony of instruments and their players.  This orchestra pit is a full story down below the front row of the audience seating area.  Next is the stage, and it is a few feet above that front row. The stage measures 792 feet across, like the orchestra pit, and 330 feet from front to back. At the back of this stage is the area for the bases of the towering statues, and that area is also 792 feet across, and measures 462 feet from front to back.

That same seating area of this amphitheater has 120 rows from front to back.  Each row is 10 feet from front to back, and instead of chairs, there are silk and vicuna covered mattresses, loveseat recliners, and studded leather chair-and-a-halfs.  The back row is on level with the beach, and each successive row is a bit lower than its predecessor, resulting in the front row being 120 feet (12 stories) below the beach (ground level).​​  This helps keep the (sometimes) loud music amplified only for and toward the audience, deflecting the rest of it up and out into the Inisfreean sky.  The mountains, greenbelt, and other attractions that neighbor this amphitheater help to cancel out a lot of that escaping sound, too.  The depth of this stage also means that its towering statues, each standing 15 stories tall, still have only their heads visible as rising just above ground level; their busts (head to shoulders) are their three stories which are visible to those behind them, with their whole bodies being visible only to the audience in front of them.

When fully occupied, this amphitheater's seating area can comfortably fit ​close to 100,000 human-sized people; that's on par with the biggest football (soccer) stadiums from around the world, and is a greater capacity than almost all of the American football stadiums.  If the chairs and spacing of those Outlands stadiums had been used instead of love-seats and beds, this amphitheater would actually dwarf those stadiums in terms of seating capacity; it would be able to seat about half a million people.

To the left of the stage, as the audience faces it, stands the quarter-of-a-mile tall, conical, flat-topped volcano called Dante Peak.​  To the right of the stage, as the audience faces it, the flying roller-coaster train from Inisfree's theme-park routinely makes its rapid barrel-roll approach, flying right past the side of the towering statues standing tall at the back of this stage, over the audience, and out above Inisfree's main lake on its soaring loop into the city's mile-deep canyon and beyond.

Special Features:
Overlooking this amphitheater is a group of versions of the Statue of Liberty.  Like the version that is used as Inisfree's school building, these statues have been heavily modified to be much more attractive and life-like than the Statue of Liberty that once stood on the coast of New York. Unlike that school building, these statues are male and clothed; they are the likenesses of the band members of the original Violent Rebirth heavy metal music group. They are as follow:
  • Auz: front center, as lead vocalist, a long mane of hair, holding a microphone and its stand as he screams into it
  • Kolob Kraig: right middle (from the audience's perspective), as bassist, buzz-cut and glasses, strumming his bass guitar
  • Malcolm X: back, offset from center (so he's visible to the side of Auz), as drummer​, bald, raising his drumsticks up to thrash on his 50-piece drum set
  • Raz: left middle (from the audience's perspective), as electric guitarist, short low-reg haircut, playing his guitar as it rests along his shoulders behind his head (yes, he was that good)
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