Colonial News:  With the 34 Tauri sector of our glorious Verse stabilized and thriving, attentions are directed to new worlds beyond the rim.
Colonial Opportunities
Outward Aesthetic:  sea-green
Investment Point: Silica, carbonaceous mat's, and equatorial sites with millions of elaborate crypts (of the Zeioph; a long-extinct Space-faring species) a few meters below the surface.
Outward Aesthetic:  purple
Investment Point: Core contains many radioactives and other heavy elements, and there is volcanism (bringing valuable mat's to the surface) with no plate tectonics (no earthquakes).

Outward Aesthetic:  sporadic mini-continents of beaches
Investment Point: Carbon dioxide and ethane frozen to the ground (easy to collect dense shipments already cooled for maximum shipment packing).

Outward Aesthetic:  Amazon and Congo rain-forests with scattered Great Lakes
Investment Point: High pressure and ammonia.

Outward Aesthetic:  teal rocky, with pink-gray desert strip above the equator
Investment Point: Equatorial remains of a primate-like Space-faring civilization; some creatures still wearing suits for extravehicular activity.

Corang - 
Outward Aesthetic:  crimson and salmon-colored craters
Investment Point: 1) High density & active plate tectonics = >normal concentration of heavy elements & radioactives; mineral richness, and possibility for subterranean development, 2) atmosphere = smog of methane, ammonia, & water vapor; "primordial soup" ~ early Earth, 3) dextro-amino acids.

Outward Aesthetic:  forests and prairies, dark purple seas
Investment Point: 1) Surface is ethane-soaked mush, 2) supports a diverse, simple, & slow-moving carbon-based ecology, 3) atmosphere = molecular nitrogen & carbon monoxide.

Outward Aesthetic:  pewter, gray dust, and clouds
Investment Point: 1) Habitable, 2) averages below-freezing temp's; equatorial climate tolerable for agriculture, 3) junk left behind by the Quarians fleeing impending orbital bombardment due to an eviction notice for illegal premature colonization clogs up portions of the landscape; excellent salvage opportunities.

Outward Aesthetic:  golden fields and plateaus, Aegean lake spatterings
Investment Point: 1) Super-terrestrial world; 1/3 > Earth, "post-garden" state, now waterless (no floods risk), 2) most of the atmosphere lost (no re-entry burn-up risk), 3) few relics found suggest an advanced Space-faring culture thrived on the world from ~20-40 MYA.

Outward Aesthetic:  yellow and pale brown crags and mammoth dunes
Investment Point: Untouched.

Outward Aesthetic:  forests, jungles and swamps, snow-free Himalayas
Investment Point: Frozen rock, 1) life-bearing; small equatorial farm belt, well-insulated marine life in its seas, 2) vast underground Krogan bunkers, 3) home to corporate ecoengineering efforts trying to implement sustainable agri- & aqua-culture practices after some overfishing and pollution.
Outward Aesthetic:  green tornado haze over chocolate with a gold ribbon
Investment Point: 1) Temperate zones, atmosphere is primarily nitrogen & oxygen, dextro-amino-acid-based life, supports life easily, 2) deserts with a minimal number of pest species, 3) tropical belt largely unexplored, 4) surface crust has high concentrations of alumina & silver.​

Outward Aesthetic:  soft, light-brown dusting around radiant, lush, Irish forests & meadows
Investment Point: Rock & ice, atmosphere of chlorine & argon, frozen toxic surface mainly composed of potassium with iron deposits, decades of heavy excavations (easy to establish uncontested bunker complexes shielded from radiation and bombardments).

Outward Aesthetic:  pink, purple, lavender, and forest-green
Investment Point: Arid terrestrial, slightly > Earth, wide deserts of dust-fine sand that are easily stirred by the wind, lower density reflects its relative lack of heavier elements, 1) crust composed of tin & aluminum (easily mined), 2) most striking feature is the Great Rift valley that stretches across the southern hemisphere, appearing to be made by a "glancing blow" from a mass accelerator round of unimaginable destructive power (occurring ~37 MYA).

Outward Aesthetic:  red, brown, and cream; the rich coffee gas-giant
Investment Point: Hydrogen-helium gas giant, faint ring system, 1) good helium-3 fuel & recycled waste products source, 2) "rust belt" of decrepit refueling stations & abandoned habitats on its moons (good for hiding and the slave trade).

Outward Aesthetic:  moon-dust and pale-lavender salt-flats and sink-holes
Investment Point: Earth-sized, exploration by robo-miners has recovered iridium from the crust.

Outward Aesthetic:  dirty-blonde mane with a snow-capped gray mountain belt
Investment Point: Tidally locked Venusian hot-house, surface perpetually obscured by clouds of sulfur & carbon dioxide, and littered with crushed, corroded remains of ships of Krogan who attempted to land and exit naked to prove their strength (excellent salvage opportunities).

Outward Aesthetic:  dusty, gray-brown, with dark-gray sea strips
Investment Point: 1) Almost habitable temperature & abundant water, 2) no signs of life (open for all types of colonization & industry), 3) regular supervolcanic eruptions (getting valuable minerals to the surface) in the southern hemisphere have shrouded the sun & led to that region's indefinite winter (perfect for cold weather equipment R+D).

Outward Aesthetic:  soft melon blue, yellow, and orange
Investment Point: 1) Standard hydrogen-helium gas giant (familiar and easy to work with), 2) many strange disturbances once reported in the cloud bands, suggesting many remarkably large solid objects were present beneath the cloud tops. As the investigating ship approached, however, they subsided one by one, and have not been reported since (possible alien air-whales, ships, or appendages of a living planet; a first-contact opportunity).

Outward Aesthetic:  oceans, reefs, and sandy island chains
Investment Point: 1) An extremely rare example of a habitable world circling a red dwarf star (tourism opportunities; sight-seeing), it is low-density, 2) composed of rock, light metals, and a water-based crust (easily mined), tidally locked to Fathar with a sunward "hot pole" and shadowed "cold pole". Water on the sunward side evaporates quickly, traveling over the islands of the 3) habitable terminator zone (surface colonization opportunities) in the form of 4) massive fast-moving thunderstorms (opportunities for wind farms for indefinite free 'green' (clean) energy) and finally 5) settling as snow on the frozen dark side (skiing and snowboarding resort opportunities).

Outward Aesthetic:  vibrant, radiant purple sheen with sand traps
Investment Point: Dense rock, thick methane-ammonia atmosphere, large university, some kidnapping and slave trading.

Outward Aesthetic:  gas-giant; blue and gray latitudinal bands
Investment Point: Hydrogen-methane gas giant with rumored lost massive stockpiles of Element Zero somewhere amongst its moons or the other worlds of this system (treasure opportunities).
Outward Aesthetic:  hazy gray-lavender prairies, and deep-blue-green forests
Investment Point: Large rock world, unusually thin atmosphere of hydrogen & carbon monoxide, 1) frigid crust contains extensive deposits of uranium, & occasional lodes of naturally occurring plutonium, 2) total mass >4x Earth's = it should have a significantly thicker atmosphere; this unusual feature has flagged it as worthy of scientific investigation (*expensive amounts of radiation shielding required).

Outward Aesthetic:  shadowy sapphire plains, and snow-capped mountains
Investment Point: The 2nd of the Macedon system's giant terrestrial planets, and by far the more interesting; most of the surface covered by a vast sea of liquid ammonia, in which a unique aquatic ammonia-based biosphere has developed. While the frozen continents are largely bereft of life, a rich bounty of complex organisms — many larger than a human — flourish in the chilly, toxic seas.

Outward Aesthetic:  dusty ruby and lavender
Investment Point: 1) A combination of features that make terraforming a possibility; comfortable temperatures & a mild atmosphere of mostly nitrogen & argon mean it could be habitable with the addition of oxygen-producing cyanobacteria. 2) Its crust is high in silicates & carbon, allowing for easy fabrication of construction materials. 3) Smugglers, pirates, and other unregistered starships sometimes touch down here to lay low or make repairs (business, trade, and alliances opportunities).
Outward Aesthetic:  radiant brown and cinnamon bands with purple haze rings
Investment Point: Hydrogen-helium gas giant, a ship-killing enigma; the Bermuda Triangle of the Terminus Systems. Too many ships have been lost here for it to be happenstance. Theories as to why ships never return from here include undetectable space debris such as old disruptor torpedoes and magnetic mines from a long-forgotten war, or even miniature black holes (good opportunity for daring reconnaissance and planetology). Due to the large number of ships lost when attempting to discharge their drive cores in Preying Mouth, the Relic system highly recommends using First Land's complimentary discharge stations instead.

Outward Aesthetic:  shadowy shades of blue, teal, and marble
Investment Point: 1) Frozen surface rich with heavy metals, 2) higher than average density suggests further mineral richness in the depths, atmosphere composed of nitrogen & carbon monoxide, 3) remains of a well-developed Prothean mining infrastructure dot the planet; abandoned mines connected to dead cities by collapsed maglev lines, all these ruins still reasonably intact, which allowed looters to strip the silent necropolis of anything valuable (mapping, retrofitting, and minor salvage and reverse engineering opportunities).

Outward Aesthetic:  forests, jungles and swamps, snow-free Himalayas
Investment Point: Once a large ice dwarf, it was shattered into a field of debris (thousands of tiny moonlets rotating around one another, colliding and ricocheting) by what is assumed to have been the test of an exotic weapons system. Ships that have traveled to the edge of the event's light cone observed a moment of extreme gravitational lensing around Rothla immediately before its break up, but no other clues (good opportunity for daring reconnaissance).

Outward Aesthetic:  Irish-light-green mountain caps, dark, snaking rivers, and a light-teal desert
Investment Point: Large Venusian hot-house, rough weather (wind farms opportunities) & active magnetosphere (suggesting an iron-rich core) has a reputation for confounding or destroying Space probes launched to investigate it, dense atmosphere is largely carbon dioxide & sodium, surface is lime, heavy gravity.

Outward Aesthetic:  gray-blue and -green, with a moon-dust band above the equator
Investment Point: Freezing ice storms cover the poles and temperate zones, narrow habitable equatorial strip is dry & windy with minimal terrestrial plant life, no land-based animals, invertebrates grow quite large in its pelagic seas, mining common everywhere for the rich platinum & palladium deposits as well as boron, which is locally used in semiconductor doping.

Outward Aesthetic:  rich, Jello-blue
Investment Point: Standard Neptune-type gas giant, hydrogen-helium atmosphere (familiar and easy to collect), upper cloud decks tinted a dramatic blue by traces of methane (tourism; sight-seeing opportunities).

Outward Aesthetic:  crimson and burgundy splotch minglings
Investment Point: Orbiting closest to the F-class star Amada, this is a blistering, sun-blasted hell. Neither its carbon dioxide nor its weak magnetic field provides any protection from the star's harsh radiation (excellent for radiation shielding and power conversion R+D). Notable for an unusual purple desert in the southern hemisphere, thought to be the result of eroded spessartite (possible tourism; sight-seeing opportunity).

Outward Aesthetic:  baby-blue islands, dusty blue marshes and wetlands, and dark blue lakes
Investment Point: Remote and largely unexplored, carbon dioxide atmosphere has long since frozen into fields of dry ice.

Outward Aesthetic:  gas-giant; brown, rust, and pale-green latitudinals
Investment Point: Hydrogen-helium gas giant with a helium-3 collection and the refueling facility nearest to the Nubian Expanse's mass relay, making it a major gateway to the Verge and Terminus Systems, & famous for its hospitality industry. Tefnut's motto is known throughout the galaxy: "Like home, only better." Visitors here can stay at expansive resort stations, watch locally produced entertainment, buy mind-affecting substances not welcome in Citadel space, and rent companionship (such as Registered Companions). Resources are shipped in from Yamm at substantial discounts, allowing the small Space-stations to have surprising luxuries, such as edible arthropods and large amounts of fresh water.
Outward Aesthetic:  ETW-like
Investment Point: Banded by a harsh equatorial desert, 1) areas closer to the poles are temperate, 2) extensive deposits of platinum (required in the clean-burning hydrogen cells that power private vehicles) attracted a 'platinum rush' of immigrants and investment from throughout Alliance Space, 3) has one of the first human extra-solar colonies, & once had the highest population of any Alliance colony (until threats of attack in recent years triggered a mass emigration), 4) a light Reapers force landed but was soon remotely deactivated (phenomenal reverse engineering, salvage, and colony (and mining facilities) reconstruction opportunities).

Outward Aesthetic:  gray seas and lavender islands
Investment Point: Frozen, 1) in a backwater solar system (untouched and uncontested), 2) crust has significant amounts of tin, fractional atmosphere with trace amounts of carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide, strange radiation emissions have been charted coming off of Thegan but it is unknown if these are from radioactive elements or merely a star's radiation reflected by a high-albedo surface (good planetology opportunity).

Outward Aesthetic:  Indonesian-like island chains
Investment Point: Punished with (life-killing) UV and Gamma radiation from the F-class star it orbits, nitrogen-rich oxygen-poor atmosphere, covered in seawater (a few proteins have managed to form in the ocean depths), hydrosphere & O-zone layer ~ to Earth's, 1) served as a way-station for slaves escaping their Batarian masters, what little land it has is 2) tectonically stable, 3) considerable radiation belt & electrical storms grant cover from many common types of sensors.

3rd Mortgage, Refinancing, Foreclosure, and Filing for Bankruptcy... you down?  Pick out a new home somewhere far away, ignore your severe debts and negative credit score, disregard all laws and morality, and settle in on a new colony planet where no one will find you... until, perhaps, Interpol-of-the-Future notices you by pure chance and slams your sorry ass in a "triple-max" cryo-prison on another world no one has ever heard of.  Think unregistered CIA "black list" prisons are bad?  Try living in purgatory in an indefinite freezer coffin buried 50 miles beneath the surface of a semi-molten rogue world.  Now that's
a vacation!

The list of worlds to the left is not necessarily of the safest or most lucrative choices, but they are pretty, and pretty is pretty good. Yes, we are completely superficial, shallowminded, and morally void. That being said, pack your space-bags and mosey on down to the local Virgin Galactic spaceport.

We can show you the worlds, shining, shimmering, splendid.  Tell us, hapless-prospect, now when did you last let your heart decide?  We can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under, on a magic spaceship ride.  A whole new world; a new fantastic point of view.  No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming.  A whole new world, a dazzling place you never knew, but when we're way up here, it's crystal clear, that now we're in a whole new world with you.

Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings, soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky.  A whole new world!  Don't you dare close your eyes.  A hundred thousand things to see.  Hold your breath; it gets better! You're like a shooting star, you've come so far, you can't go back to where you used to be...

A whole new world; every turn a surprise, with new horizons to pursue; every moment red-letter.  We'll chase them anywhere.  There's time to spare.  Let us share these whole new worlds with you.

A whole new world...
That's where we'll be...
A thrilling chase...
A wondrous place......
For you... and... billions of other Earth-evacuating humans below the poverty line.

Current Colonization Campaigns

Featured worlds with low per-acreage appraisals, and high retention:
If You Are Interested in Colonization:

Please proceed based on your classification:
  1. Explorers:  register your expedition plan with each solar system's governing authority, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to the intended world/s.  If no official Space lanes for non-military traffic exist for your intended world/s, indicate your indented route/s when registering your expedition plan.
  2. ​Terraformers:  register your terraforming plan with each solar system's governing authority, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to the intended world/s.  *The U.A.P. and similar governing authorities will only approve terraforming efforts if the targeted worlds are void of recognized sapient life and civilizations. Unauthorized removal of such life and/or constructs is regarded as an act of war.
  3. Colony Builders​:  register your construction plan with each solar system's governing authority, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to the intended world/s.  *The U.A.P. and similar governing authorities strongly discourage construction above, on, or near fault lines, swamps, and/or shifting soil, as well as below sea level, in 'tornado alleys', and/or in seasonal hurricane and/or flash-flood paths, as recurring relief missions and reconstruction efforts will not always be financially possible.
  4. ​Pioneers:  register your travel plan with each solar system's governing authority, receive the relevant inoculations and travel advisories, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to the intended world/s.
  5. Colonists:  register your migration plan with each solar system's governing authority, file for or update your passport or visa, receive the relevant inoculations and travel advisories, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to the intended world/s.
  6. Traders:  ​​register your business or trade plan with each solar system's governing authority, then proceed with your ship/s along the approved Space lanes to and from the intended world/s.
For mass migrations (fleets of dozens of starships or more, or individual starships coincidentally massing in groups of dozens or more, please coordinate with local authorities who can provide convoy escorts in the form of security or military starships.

For starships intending to enter orbit/s, please coordinate with local Space traffic control for current information about satellite trajectories in order to avoid collisions.

If you encounter any drifting Spacecraft, please fill out the necessary derelict forms online via the appropriate authority's Cortex website.​​

OOC/IRL note:  All writers, please post your colonization (and all other) threads in our creative writing forum under the sub-forum corresponding to the solar system of the world you are writing about.