ColonyPod Hatches News:  These circular doorways require the scheduled passing of an IC CP to be opened.
ColonyPod Hatches
ColonyPod Hatches

These are the giant, horizontal gates which cover the slanted, cylindrical tunnels allowing the town-sized, mound-like, Inisfreean Spaceships abbreviated as CPs to fly down into, and up out of, their cavernous, miles-deep, housing hangar in the core of Inisfree's central mountain.

Dimensions & Layout:
Each of Inisfree's four CP Hatches is more than three quarters of a mile in diameter, allowing just enough airspace for one CP to hover down or up through.  These four hatches are arranged radially around the top of Inisfree's central mountain, at even intervals, each one being just a few hundred feet away from the Avalanche Wall's outer face.

Special Features:
Each CP Hatch dilates open a bit like a camera lens or the iris of an eyeball would, and when the wedge-like sections of one of these hatches contract to seal back together, a sigil is formed by their meeting.  Those sigils are as follow:
  1. CP Hatch 1:  Lucifer; an angel whose name means 'the Light Bringer'
  2. CP Hatch 2:  Naberius; an angel, and the most valiant Marquis of Hell, also known as Cerberus, and one of Odin's two crows (one of his shape-shifter forms)
  3. CP Hatch 3:  Inisfree, as represented in an elliptical, simplified glyph similar in appearance to Morse code; capital city of the whole Universe
  4. CP Hatch 4:​​​  Azarel (also Auzdein's symbol; the pictograph of his name), who is a high-ranking arch-angel and commander of many legions of their kind