Colored Boulders Saloon News:  One of Inisfree's famous dance clubs has been relocated to just below this construct.
Colored Boulders Saloon
Colored Boulders Saloon

Named for the house- and van-sized boulders just outside this facility, all of which have very colorful curving lines revealing their very eclectic compositions and layering, this establishment, much like an antiquated sports bar, is designed to look like the storied Wild West condensed into one construct and its surrounding terrain.  Alcohol is banned in Inisfree, though, so expect this to be the Inisfreean version of a saloon; healthy drinks, no ugly or surly patrons, and no foul odors.

Dimensions & Layout:

Special Features:
Hidden beneath this saloon is the dance club Wild West, formerly known as Club Cowgirl.

based on Joshua Tree National Park

great place in Inisfree to go boulder scrambling​​