Corporate Backing - The Gray Backbone Directing the Force

Hundreds of major corporations and thousands of individual companies back the vast, expansive might and reach of the Union of Allied Planets; the unifying and governing body of force and reason throughout the Verse.

It is through them that our life-blood flows.  It is through them that our orders come.  It is through them that we remain as strong as we have become.
Ancient History - Oil, Iron, and Herb Mongers

Ever since the first Wizards (later referred to in religious books as "prophets", "angels", "saviors", "boddhisatvas" and "buddhas", "krishnas", "yogis", and "christs"), Masons, and Illuminatis came on the scene, the corporate agenda to entice, hook, and string along weak, impressionable, and entertained customers has been behind the scenes.  Every major world event, conflict, and political campaign has been based upon and around this growing agenda, and has been designed to further its goals within a masterfully complex and increasingly ingenius masquerade of open-ended, virtually selfless slogans, promises, and confusing packaging ingredients labels.

Oil became plastics, and just about everything else we use, and how what we use is produced and preserved.  Iron led to our knowledge of how to turn sand and rock into stable building components.  And those crazy witches and wiccans and witch doctors scattered about the wilds and huts and realms; their local remedies and herbs became our modern pharmaceutical giants.  Every body say "Thank you, African witch doctor and Native American medicine man."

But these men of the shadow government, aka "corporate America", aren't necessarily "bad" guys.  As the Great Allah says, "variety is the spice of life", and these handsomely suited and deep pocketed men, members of families who can trace their lines well back beyond the dawn of what we "know" as the birth of man in the fertile crescent of planet Earth, are here to help... kind of.  They keep us producing and using all that which makes us who and what we are:  modern 'man.

How Corporate Sponsorship Affects You

You probably won't ever see these corporate "G men" during your time in this RP Verse (think: "2 by 2, hands of blue" (the blue, of course, being the Nitrile gloves professionals choose over the allergenic Latex alternative)), but if you should ever encounter one, only remember  this:

“I know we might seem imposin', but trust me, if we ever show in your section, believe me, it’s for your own protection. ‘Cause we see things that you need not see. And we be places that you need not be. So go witcha life; forget that Ros-well crap. Show love to the black suit, ‘cause that’s the men in, that’s the men in…”

God bless our noble, brave, and selfless G-Men; the busied Justicars and Spectres of our Verse.



Corporates News:  Mars Candy opts to bring back the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar.
Big Money throughout the Colonized Verse:

This directory of major corporations will provide data portals for ease of reference.  Understanding which corporations facilitate which technological abilities will help Verse RPers better role-play with the appropriate allusions.  This directory also helps to better elaborate upon the intricacies of Verse shipping lanes, trade agreements, and the occasional embargo.

History Repeats Itself:

You will find some familiar names here, as many successful companies enjoy few name changes despite many mergers and acquisitions.  The Virgin brand, for example, expanded to include over 300 other companies by the beginning of the 21st century, and 500 years later -it should come as no surprise- it had expanded even further to include over 3,000.

Names like Bilderberg, Boeing, Cyberdyne, Dow, DuPont, Raytheon, Stark,
Umbrella, Walt Disney, and Wal-mart have remained common in households across the colonized Verse.  Joining them are new and promising, rising stars, such as Blue Sun, Gehörnspiel, and WGI.

Employment Opportunities:

Although the vast majority of menial through executive labor today (the 26th century) is performed autonomously or with the supervision of A.I. platforms, there are still billions of shifting job vacancies waiting for you and your polished résumé.

There will always be a need for human interaction, manual overrides, and the unique creativity of biological life as we know it. If you would like to become a member of any of the dozens of conglomerates, hundreds of corporations, thousands of companies, or millions of small businesses spreading their goods and services across the Verse, simply inquire within (with a TNH staff member, via our RP Forum).



















[Conglomerates of the Verse] Directory

Anglo American PLC

Boeing Lockheed Martin

Dow Chemical Company



Stark Industries

The Walt Disney Company


Virgin Galactic

[Corporations of the Verse] Directory


Blue Sun


"Please, step into my office..."