Cosmic System Short-hand News:  These restored symbols are now how many connect to other realms like dialing a telephone.
 Cosmic System Short-hand 
Cosmic System Short-hand

The following symbols are an ancient alphabet; characters used similarly to Oriental letters which are more akin to concepts or full words than individual sounds requiring spells (spelling) and syntax to form them into the same. These symbols, also called sigils, describe the way in which various bodies and systems in Space behave, including how they will interact with various energies and other elements.  Naturally, being primitive, Outlanders have instead called them 'demon names', banning their use (don't they ban everything that is useful?).  That being clarified, each of these symbols corresponds to a cosmic body, such as a star system or rogue planet (commonly misperceived as a comet), which you might encounter here.

Inisfreeans use these sigils to 'dial' connections to wherever in the Universe they want to go.  Since there are many trillions of worlds out there, in order to make single, reliable connections, each sigil must be rather complex in order to remain unique like a social security number or fingerprint.  If you don't have a series of Stargates built, these sigils are your best bet for accurate, relative-FTL travel across the Black Ocean some call the Verse.

Here's how it works:  When a human thinks of someone they want to call, they remember and dial that person's phone number (or use voice-command to have their smart-phone remember and dial the number for them).  When an Inisfreean​​​​ thinks of a place they want to see, they automatically imagine its associated sigil which then causes a sequence of events from checking the possible routes to connect to that realm, finding the most pleasant one, opening a 'doorway' to it (like a semi-permeable 'smart' worm-hole), and adjusting the doorway to the desired dimensions (such as radius, duration, visibility, and filter; what is allowed to use the doorway, and along which directions are allowed things able to travel?).  This can be used to secretly or overtly observe any place across all of Outer Space, as well as the interiors of stars, worlds, Internets, and minds.  This can also be used to look at any of those things at any point in time.  For a human, this would be daunting, which is why most humans are afraid to use this powerful, advanced form of connecting to 'the Internet of all Creation', and why some humans have had such frightening accidents with their fledgling attempts to master it.  For Inisfreeans, however, this comes as easily as breathing, for every Inisfreean is born with a natural supercomputer for a brain, and a whole array of ways to automatically stop anything from harming or even bothering her.  Thus many Inisfreeans are requested as guides and guardians when others seek to remote-view or worm-hole out to alien destinations around the Universe.