Council of Elders News:  The Universe's top representatives now have private residences and teaching positions in Inisfree.
The Council of Elders
Inisfree's Council of Elders

Inisfree's Council of Elders is sometimes called The High Council, for they are the highest ranking citizens and guests of Inisfree, and because, of course, they meet in a boardroom half a mile up in the air above the streets of downtown Sotu.

Who represents the beautiful races, and where they live when they are relaxing or at work in Inisfree:
  1. ​Angels: Divinity Gottschalk: 2013. She has a private suite in the lower hemisphere of Cloud City II, and teaches 'hard light' applications; an advanced form of the physics of Forerunner 'light bridges' (as seen in Halo), at Inisfree's high school. She also makes regular trips to the Cloud Land and the dimension some call Heaven.
  2. Asari: Liara T'Soni: 2220s. She has a private pent-house in Sotu, and teaches a galactic recent history, as well as an information brokerage and brokering class at Inisfree's high school.
  3. Aspara: Urvashi: 2160s. She has a private suite in the India Temple, and teaches a dance class at the Tantric Academy.
  4. Demi-deities: Freyja (a.k.a. Aphrodite / Venus); reduced from a full-fledged goddess after Ragnarok (part of the Rapture Campaign, which deployed Inisfreean forces into Asgard and the rest of 'The Heavens'), she was offered the chance to live on as a concubine in Inisfree, and, still being a great magician (advanced scientist, sometimes called a witch or sorceress), both her herbal and aesthetic wisdom and wizardry make her a fantastic healer, though her former status as the Norse goddess of sex and promiscuity ("free love") has now been astronomically bested by the perfect genius of Inisfree and the Inisfreean people in that field of study. Freyja came to Inisfree in 2013, has a private suite in the Valhalla resort, and teaches multiple classes at the Tantric Academy.
  5. Demons: Lamia (half woman, half serpent): 2160s. She has a private pent-house in the Under Concavity (the cavernous realm beneath Sotu, the pent-houses there being at the bottom, not top, of ground-scrapers, not skyscrapers; skyscrapers attached to the ceiling like stalactites. She teaches classes at Inisfree's high school about the biology and general science of the succubae and various hybrids, such as chimeras.
  6. Drow: Xull'rae Zauviir: 2160s. She has a private cave suite in the Underway, and teaches a class at the Kno Factory about spider-silk textiles and armor, as well as a sword dancing class at Inisfree's high school, and a couple classes at the Tantric Academy.
  7. Elementals: Queen Xephia (whose new royal palace has been built in Earth's Shadow Lands): 2160s. She has a private suite in the Highway Volcano, and teaches classes to Inisfreean military personnel at Inisfree's training tower about stealth and the shadow arts.
  8. Elves: Tauriel: 2160s (during All Reappear). She has a private tree-house mansion, and teaches a class in the Kathedrom about the principles of the E.P.A.. (Shelwe stayed on her Craftworld to birth and raise her (and the Governor's) child in the ways of her people. As a breeder, she cannot be in Inisfree, nor can those younger than the onset of puberty.) Having been born during the time of The Lord of the Rings, she is now more than several thousand years old, having lived as long as the wise Eldar.
  9. Fay: Queen Oona: 2160s. She has a private suite in the Kapok Helix Tree Skyscraper, and teaches a natural camouflages class in the Military Region, along with a few art classes at the Lion Art Academy.
  10. Inisfreeans: The Governor: (he has been Inisfree since the beginning). He has a private mansion high on the slopes of Inisfree's central mountain, and teaches classes in dozens of subjects.
  11. Kryptonians: Kara Zor-El (known on Earth as Claire Connors): 2013. She has a private suite in the Uber Geode (similar in appearance to Superman's crystal Fortress of Solitude), and teaches classes at Inisfree's high school about interstellar navigation and the effects of different solar radiation on various humanoid peoples.
  12. Naga: Tempest Thema: 2013 (exfiltrated when her estate near a human city was at risk of annihilation during the terraforming that year). She has a private suite in the Atlantis resort, and teaches language classes, such as for ancient writing and reading, at Inisfree's high school.
  13. Nymphs: Queen Thetis of the sea-nymphs (Merfolk/Merpeople/Mermaids): 2160s. She has a private suite in the Neptune Temple, and teaches swimming and deep-sea diving classes at Inisfree's main lake.
  14. Pleiadians: Maya Erra: 2220s. She has a private suite in Waterfall City II, and teaches classes at Inisfree's high school about galactic ancient history.
  15. Vampires: Queen Ambrosia LeMorte: 2013. She stays with her husband, the Governor, in his private mansion, and teaches classes at Inisfree's high school about the molecular gastronomy and medicinal properties of blood-based diets, keeping her knowledge of time stream manipulation to herself and her husband.
  16. Werewolves: Elena Antonov Michaels: 2013. She has a private castle, and teaches journalism at Inisfree's high school.
  17. X-Men: Emma Frost: 2013. She has a private mansion in the mansions neighborhood, and teaches classes at Inisfree's high school about telepathic communication, such as by Ansible.

So, the High Council of Inisfree grew thusly over the years, its members ranging in age from 400 to 14,000,000,000 Earth-years:
  1. Ambrosia (~1,000 years old, as of 2517 AD)
  2. Auzdein (hundreds of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  3. Divinity (14 billion years old, as of 2517 AD)
  4. Elena (hundreds of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  5. Emma (hundreds of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  6. Freyja (possibly billions of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  7. Kara (hundreds of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  8. Thema (thousands of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  1. Lamia (thousands of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  2. Oona (tens of thousands of years old (or more), as of 2517 AD)
  3. Tauriel (thousands of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  4. Thetis (tens of thousands of years old (or more), as of 2517 AD)
  5. Urvashi (tens of thousands of years old, as of 2517 AD)
  6. Xephia (tens of thousands of years old (or more), as of 2517 AD)
  7. Xull'rae (tens of thousands of years old, as of 2517 AD; an exceptionally long lifespan even for a gifted female of an elf race)
  1. Liara (>100 years old, as of 2517 AD; still a teenager by Asari standards; they live >1,000 years)
  2. Maya (hundreds of years old, as of 2517 AD; exposure to Inisfreean constructs allowed her to live beyond her people's c.200-year lifespan)
Technically, Daenerys (who came to Inisfree in 2013) speaks for many dragons, though she spends most of her time caring for them in Inisfree's zoo, and Sarah (who was brought to Inisfree in 2013) speaks for regular humans (not of X-Men abilities) so long as they are worthy enough to begin Inisfree's version of Gorean kajirae training, setting this High Council's membership number at 19; another prime, which Inisfreeans prefer and know works best for this type of group.

By 2013, the High Council had 10 members, including Daenerys, Sarah, and the Governor --who represented the 39 Outlands kings.
By 2170, the High Council had 17 members.
By 2230, the High Council had 19 members.
The Basics

Membership Prerequisites:
  • must be a lady (owning property that regularly produces significant amounts of crops and/or other tangible assets), excepting the founder, who is male
  • must be in exceptional physical and mental health
  • must be highly educated to or beyond the level of a master's degree, preferably PhD level
  • must command at least one race or population of at least 1,000,000 persons, preferably multiple nations or worlds totaling above 1,000,000,000
  • must enjoy adopting the Inisfreean Way while in Inisfree, preferably living it at all other times, as well
  • members only (as of 2230, there are only 19, though any Inisfreean may be present in lieu of their king, as they are the same mind in many bodies)
  • all members are nude (anyone can make themselves look presentable in clothes, but only the truly responsible, wise, and caring will invest the longer periods of time required to look good in nothing at all)
  • meetings start and finish with a casual romantic orgy​​​​​​​

Meeting Etiquette; the Greetings of the Gods:

Inisfreeans are a new race of nymphs, and so it is that all of their greetings are holistic ones; forms of communication and other interaction which include the whole body, rather than just a few parts (such as smiling lips, a speaking mouth, and a waving or hand-shaking hand).  This means that sexual exchanges are by default a part of each greeting, and in Inisfree, all sex is at the group level; orgies.  So, anyone approved for entry into Inisfree as a guest is sexually compatible with the Inisfreean people, and introductions are not merely the Outlander method of saying given names and chatting about a topic or two to 'break the ice'.  Here in Inisfree, first encounters mean sex, sometimes lovemaking, sometimes rougher and more barbaric than that, but always wild and deeply satisfying.  If there are a large number of people meeting the Inisfreeans for the first time, for example, they will take turns pairing up with each of the Inisfreeans in the group they are meeting, then begin grouping in threes, until everyone has had at least a threesome with every possible combination of those in their meet-up group.

Return Greetings:
With the proverbial 'ice broken' from the introductions, all return greetings jump right into sex much more quickly, always eagerly, almost instantly.  Those who are familiar with the Inisfreeans are also, by default, intimate with them, even beyond being platonic, and it is a common sight in Inisfree to see guests of this city casually 'jacking off' or fingering the Inisfreean(s) they are near, even if they are window shopping or otherwise strolling around in public in any region of this realm. At this headquarters office building of the super-corporation staffed by the most elite and royal of all Inisfreeans, these casual sexual interactions are not only the bare minimum, but also expected to be performed with such otherworldly finesse, heart, focus, and impressive technique combinations that they would put any porn stars and escorts to shame --even the Registered Companions of the Outlands.

Parting Gestures:
Whenever one is saying their goodbyes or farewells to an Inisfreean or Inisfreeans, as much as Outlanders expect or hope for a hug or handshake, Inisfreeans expect a few hours or consecutive days of passionate, powerful fucking and orgies, and they often throw and host parties just for such occasions.  At this headquarters building, this is especially true, and these parties can take up entire floors of the skyscrapers in this downtown part of Inisfree, as well as, on special occasions with very sexually compatible demi-deities, whole city blocks (orgies right out in the city streets, alleyways, and everything, even with live bands playing arousing music right next to each group).
More Specifics:

Representatives of the Great Races:
The members of this High Council came out of hiding in the order of most to fewest similarities with the Inisfreeans; each one watched in secret to make sure there would be no chance of racism toward their kind.

Specific years and seasons:
  1. Auzdein (from Swabia during the 2nd Great War): He was, as its creator, the first in; exfiltrated by his children, the Inisfreeans, after he had ensured the American Exodus had gotten the chosen out of their crumbling nation(s); he arrived in Inisfree in the Autumn of 2012.
  2. Sarah (from the United States): She craved with all her being to be reunited with the brilliant people who had sexually unlocked her during the black-ops missions of the 2nd Secret Army as part of the pre-Rapture efforts. Thus, she had been tracked better than the rest, her exact location kept not only known, but a priority. She arrived in the lower hemisphere of Inisfree the very first day of January 2013.
  3. Thema (half-serpent, but can appear human when she pleases): Having endured the trauma of her people being hunted nearly into extinction during the spread of the plagues that were the Abrahamic religions (criminal insanity attempting to brainwash the entire human species into accepting and glorifying 'torture porn'), and as she possessed some of the last witness-accounts of historical knowledge through numerous centuries, which Inisfreeans preferred to Hear beautiful women tell rather than clandestinely extract it from their minds, this woman was prioritized to get her safely out and far away from the region of her estate before she saw the onset of the apocalyptic horrors that the Inisfreean terraforming would surely appear to her kind and the humans to be. Thus, she was picked up by an Inisfreean airship the same day as Sarah, and since she had already made friends with the Inisfreean king, no stasis tube was needed. She arrived at the Welcoming Square on the 1st day of January 2013, miles above Sarah's entry path, the global terraforming and humanity purge of the Rapture Campaign still well underway back behind them; from where they had come, many thousands of miles north around the curve of their Earth.
  4. Divinity (from another dimension and the beginning of time): The king of Inisfree met her during 2012, learning she had been trapped on Earth in weak human form. She was among those saved by his airships during the global coastal invasion, being brought to Inisfree by the 2nd day of January 2013. Due to her modern, fragile form, she was not confined to a stasis tube.
  5. Emma (from colonial New England): Considered exceptionally beautiful and relatively strong compared to most humans, and determined to not be a slave at heart, she was tracked as a priority second only to Sarah's kind, her powers nullified in the stasis tube that brought her to Inisfree by, like Divinity, the 2nd day of January 2013.
  6. Elena (from 70s Canada): Though werewolves are stronger and faster than vampires, they are still no match for orbital bombardments as part of global terraforming campaigns. This werewolf was captured by an Inisfreean airship and brought to Inisfree in one of its stasis tubes, keeping her controlled until the king had been able to address her himself. She was taken to Inisfree's Quarantine Facility to begin her acclimation to the Inisfreean Way by the 3rd day of January 2013.
  7. Freyja (looks much like a Barbie doll, from another dimension): What the humans called the Rapture, the Asgardians called Ragnarok, and as their realm had been so closely tied to Earth, it was purged of its troubles all the same, the legendary sex and beauty goddess, Freyja, being extracted during all the chaos of that chilling time. She was brought in a stasis tube to Inisfree by February 2013, her body, including her mind, fully mapped, all her witch powers nullified indefinitely.
  8. Kara (appears human, godlike strength, can fly, alien from another planet): Being like Superman, she was able to survive the sudden global terraforming, and just flew up into Earth orbit until the literal smoke had settled. Tracking her as easily as Americans monitor manmade satellite trajectories, the Inisfreeans let her come down to Inisfree upon telepathic invitation. She set foot on the ice of Antarctica right outside Inisfree's Pearly Gate 1... on the 1st of March 2013. There had been no one left to save while she had taken to the skies and Space, and until she spotted one of the Leviathan ships, and the lone surviving town it was sailing toward, she had thought herself possibly alone in the world. She had been unable to sense the sudden invaders' communications, unable to see their expected heat signatures, unable to see any skeletons within them, and unable, even with all her abilities, to do anything about their coordinated nuclear and disintegration attacks. The nuclear attacks during their last Independence Day had caught her off guard, but she had thought them just a terrorist plot or government conspiracy. Once she saw the Inisfreean armadas spread out into every nation on the planet, she realized it had only been the start of something far, far more serious and unavoidable. As all human civilization went dark, then quiet, then into irradiated dust blown away on the scorching air, she shook in silent terror and waves of grief, shaking next in speechless relief and waves of need for tight, tender hugs when the voices of the Inisfreeans entered her mind, surprising her still further. Once she was in their hidden home city, which she had Also been unable to detect or even deduce, she could not but accept the logic of their 'last ditch', '11th hour' choices in saving their planet. Humbled by their strength and other abilities, all of which dwarfed even hers, she knelt before them, removing her couture costume in honor of their customs, and realized that they had succeeded in doing what her people hadn't been able to; her people had not acted well enough in time to stop Their home, planet Krypton, from being destroyed. This convinced her the Inisfreeans were wiser, better leaders than she and her kind could be, and so she submitted to their rule, swearing an oath to be one of their greatest dames; the female equivalent of a knight. In appreciation, they swore an oath to her; in time, they would help her people find and advance a New home planet, with her as its representative in Inisfree... and queen.
  9. Ambrosia (from Europe's Middle Ages): She toured Inisfree one season before the Rapture was launched from it, asked Inisfree's king not to go to her realm, though at the time he didn't realize she meant not to go there to cleanse it of all human life, and dropped another hint; that it was 'there one day, gone the next'; after the Rapture, anything human outside of Nuuk had been swept away. The Inisfreean king thought she had meant just to let her live her own life in private when she was away from him, not letting the vampire relatives who might judge her find out about him, which would surely have angered both of them into vicious battle. She hadn't clarified that she meant the extension of himself; his Inisfreeans. The result was that their food supply; human blood, had been completely removed, thus forcing them into frenzies until they settled on the non-human animals that had been allowed to survive that global event. When she returned to Inisfree, the Leviathan ships had set sail for Nuuk; it was the Spring of 2013. It was upon this, her first return to Inisfree, that she accepted the membership offered her by its High Council, a Congresswoman position in the Auz'dome's Global Congress accepted shortly thereafter. She would spread the word back out into the Outlands to all her people; that the Inisfreeans would not allow the vampires they loved... to starve; millions of humans still lived, and, within the year, would be spreading back out and building cities around the world; the vampires would have their needed food, and Ambrosia would be looked upon as the one woman of all their kind who had the invaluable ability to get and confirm such news right from the source; from the Inisfreean king, whom she had wed.​
2160s: Inisfreeans had gone down and found Cthulhu, then sent Sarah to spy on the 39 Outlands kings, but had yet to meet the Space Whales and go to Lunar 1 or start their Deep Space R-CAXs.
  1. 2162: Urvashi (appears human, nearly as graceful as Eldar, from a river)
  2. 2163: Thetis (appears human, of the mermaids)
  3. 2164: Tauriel (elf ears, of the deep forest, but not rainforest)
  4. 2165: Oona (elf-like; ears and skinniness, shorter than human girls)
  5. 2166: Xull'rae (dark gray skin)
  6. 2167: Lamia (half-serpent, once appearing human before being changed)
  7. 2168: Xephia (shadow)
2220s: Inisfreeans had gone from the Oort Cloud to within 500LY of Earth
  1. Liara (humanoid, scalp tentacles, blue skin, purple blood, alien from another planet): She was found on the world she and her crew (of the SSV Normandy SR-1 (Systems Alliance Space Vehicle Normandy Stealth Reconnaissance-1)) crash-landed on in the aftermath of the latest Reaper invasion. While the Outlander humans of Earth and other worlds were picking up the pieces, back on their way to building the mega-cities of Judge Dredd's time, the Inisfreeans were using the technology they had developed on Earth to home in on all sexy humanoid females within their rapidly expanding range. Liara was one of them. By this time, there were about 250 worlds officially made Inisfreean protectorates, and the one Liara had been found on became one of those protected worlds.​
  2. Maya (appears human; Nordic, alien from another planet): By this time, Inisfree had nearly 300 worlds as its protectorates, and those inhabited by the Pleiadians were added to this number. Maya was soon thereafter noticed on the Pleiadian homeworld, Erra.​
In order of age from eldest to youngest, the High Council members are as follow:
  1. ​Divinity (created at the beginning of all things)
  2. Freyja (a Vanir descended from those created at the beginning of all things)
  3. Xephia (hundreds of thousands, nearly millions of years old; one of the race of elementals which is eldest of them all)
  4. Thetis (perhaps 50,000?)
  5. Oona (a fairy, younger than Aesir, and related to them, but older than elves? and live longer? became queen of the fairies between 2000 and 1470 BC, but was old enough to be a queen by then, and by fairy/elf standards, that means thousands of years)
  6. Urvashi (elementals, like the progenitors of the elves, are older than the elves, and might live longer)
  7. Xull'rae (~20,000? --from the age before Tauriels; before the elves split into 'light' (surface) and 'dark' (subterranean) sub-races)
  8. Tauriel (at least 8,500, as of 2517 AD)
  9. Lamia (~5,000?)
  10. Thema (~5,000? --and of an amphibious humanoid race not quite as ancient as the elves?)
  11. Ambrosia (born in the Middle Ages, so about 1,000 years old, as of 2517 AD)
  12. Emma (nearly 900?, as of 2517AD)
  13. Kara (1970s?; about 600 years old, as of 2517 AD)
  14. Elena (born in 1968; 549 years old, as of 2517 AD)
  15. Auzdein (reborn in 1983; 534 years old, as of 2517 AD)
  16. Liara (nearly 440, as of 2517 AD; a young adult, by Asari standards)
  17. Maya (nearly 400, as of 2517 AD)

In order of strongest to weakest (physically and mentally), the High Council members are as follow:
  1. ​The Governor
  2. Freyja; perhaps as old as the Universe and nearly timeless, her seductive and spellcasting abilities are equally off the charts.
  3. Xephia; able to remain in a humanoid shadow state indefinitely, she is virtually indestructible except for by some magics.
  4. Oona; fairies are somewhere between being angels and elves, and so it is that they have incredible strength, quickness, stamina, and senses for their size, as well as a working knowledge of magics nearly as impressive as that of the Aesir.
  5. Thetis; as the goddess of water, she is more powerful than a water-nymph, such as an Aspara
  6. Urvashi; being a water-nymph means she can move as gracefully as water flows, seduce almost as well as Freyja in some cases, manipulate water to do various things for her, and even avoid harm by taking on a liquid form and hiding within larger bodies of water.
  7. Kara; so long as she isn't near any Kryptonite, she is stronger and faster, and has better senses, than even the vampires, but has not as much power nor as many abilities as the nymphs and fay.
  8. Xull'rae; a Drow royalty, this woman is nearly a demi-goddess with her elf abilities and voluminous knowledge of magics.
  9. Ambrosia; as long as she drinks fresh human blood when her cravings call, she remains faster and stronger than elves and even some werewolves, heals more quickly than they can, and can even manipulate a few things about the flow of time without resorting to magics.
  10. Divinity; while in human form, she is mortal, as fragile as a human woman, and only physically formidable due to her ability to use light as daggers, shields, and explosions. She is mentally formidable due to her omnilingual ability, allowing her to understand any language in the Universe without having to analyze it first; even though Inisfreeans are polyglots with natural supercomputer brains, it still takes them longer to analyze new languages, especially if they aren't mind-reading to better pair mental images with uttered sounds.
  11. Tauriel; she is a typical elf; quick, graceful, a nearly perfect marksman, and stronger and more seductive than humans.
  12. Thema; she is a natural-born Naga who can shapeshift to appear as a human woman.
  13. Lamia; though a half-serpent like Thema, it is not by birth nor choice, so most of her strength comes from proximity to the deity she serves.
  14. Emma; telepathy and a diamond-skin defense ability make her more powerful than werewolves.
  15. Elena; though normally an average human female in terms of strength, she can turn into an alpha werewolf.
  16. Liara; her psionic abilities allow her to shield her form of above-average human strength.
  17. Sarah; the favored love slave of the king of Inisfree, she has been given near invincibility and the strength of several girls; she can't be hurt except by Inisfreeans, but Can be captured and overpowered for things such as sex.
  18. Maya; she is essentially just a humanoid who typically lives twice as long as human females, her strength coming from her upbringing into a society of aliens with a recorded history many millions of years older than that of mankind's.
Strength of the High Council members relative famous figures:

This section covers more about the diversity represented on our High Council; how its members range widely in both age and powers.

Compared to all other well-known species and historical figures, the order of strongest to weakest is as follows:
  1. The Governor
  2. Inisfree (& anything Inisfreean, since all Inisfreeans are a collective consciousness and essentially the same one being)
  3. Eru Ilúvatar (though the creator of all things, he has since stepped down a bit)
  4. Outer Gods (the Other Gods are the most powerful sub-set of this group, while the Elder Gods are the least, with those of the Q Continuum being comparable to that latter sub-set, though Elder Gods generally ignore humanity while the Q sometimes intervenes or toys with humanity)
  5. Unicron (the planet-sized Transformer which sometimes eats planets; a much more difficult target for a Death Star, as it can move out of the way and then eat the tiny-moon-sized Death Stars)
  6. Dyson Sphere (capable of remaining structurally stable even after several shots from Death Stars)
  7. Death Star II (capable of destroying most mid-sized planets with a single shot)
  8. Death Star I (capable of destroying most small planets with a single shot)
  9. Lexx (the mosquito-shaped Space-ship that can destroy a planet about as easily as a Death Star can)
  10. Star Wars Dreadnought ('Eclipse-class', capable of destroying most moons with a single shot)
  11. Space Whale (larger than Titans, these ancient creatures float through Space, sometimes becoming planets which sometimes become hyper-giants which sometimes become stars which sometimes become black-holes)
  12. Ymir (primordial progenitor of all Jötnar; Titans)
  13. Búri (father of Borr, and first Norse god)
  14. Borr (father of Odin)
  15. Odin (first and most powerful Aesir)
  16. Whale Probe (capable of disrupting an entire planet's communications and weather, as well as evaporating a planet's oceans, though destructible by the beam of a distant Death Star)
  17. Freyja (one of the most powerful Vanir)
  18. Cthulhu (capable of causing an entire planet's population to go insane)
  19. Great Old Ones
  20. Eve Online Titan (capable of destroying moons and tiny planets if at least three or four of them team up)
  21. Gaia (the conscious Earth, mother of Cronus who became her husband and father to some of her deity children)
  22. Borg Cube (capable of assimilating the crews of large Space-ships, as well as destroying them)
  23. Super Star Destroyer ('Executor-class', capable of destroying large Space-ships with a single shot)
  24. Reaper (capable of deflecting most Mass Effect Dreadnought firepower while battling armadas and razing cities)
  25. Mass Effect Dreadnought (capable of destroying large Space-ships with a few shots, crippling them with just one)
  26. Independence Day Mothership
  27. Independence Day City Destroyer
  28. Loki (son of two Jötnar, and a talented shape-shifter and trickster)
  29. (average) Titan (giant humanoid gods such as Cronus)
  30. Xephia (able to manipulate and travel through shadows, she is one of the most versatile Elementals)
  31. (average Aesir & Vanir)
  32. Oona (though she is a Fairy, she is one of the older ones, a queen of many thousands of them, a wielder of powerful magics, and is closer in size to an Elf, thus making her more like an Eldar or Vanir)
  33. Great Ones ("weak gods of Earth", which includes most of those of Olympus; the original Olympians)
  34. Thetis (though bound to the Earth, she is a goddess capable of doing nearly anything she wants with the liquid that covers 71% of that world's surface)
  35. Arch Angel (though timeless and incredibly naturally magically talented, they are almost mindless servants of just one of the gods)
  36. Urvashi
  37. Arch Demon (their magical abilities are so innate that they don't even need to learn spells)
  38. Kara (Kryptonians exposed to yellow-star radiation (sunlight) they can push islands, giant Space-ships, and even tiny moons around)
  39. (average) Kryptonian
  40. Warhammer Fortress-Monastery
  41. United Nations Space Command 'Infinity'
  42. Star Destroyer (medium-sized capital-ship)
  43. JumpShip
  44. DropShip
  45. United Federation of Planets Galaxy-class star-ship
  46. V Mothership
  47. BattleMech (though susceptible to many magics, many BattleMechs carry more firepower than Dragons, and can go into Space; where most Dragons cannot)
  48. Dragon (though Thor is said to be able to defeat the World Serpent in suicidal one-on-one combat, many Dragons can speak and wield nearly all magics)
  49. Shelwe
  50. (average) Eldar
  51. Thor
  52. Xull'rae
  53. Jedi Master
  54. Optimus Prime
  55. Megatron
  56. Ambrosia
  57. (average) Jedi
  58. Warhammer Space Marine
  59. (average) Giant (far smaller than a Titan)
  60. Divinity (though if she ever returns to her normal angel form, she will rank just below the Arch Angels)
  61. StarCraft Space Marine
  62. Spartan Master Chief John 117
  63. Tauriel
  64. Xenomorph
  65. Thema
  66. Yautja
  67. Lamia (though if she loses the favor of her master, a god, she will be weaker than an average Mermaid)
  68. Emma (though if she has her abilities dampened or nullified, she will be as weak as an average Human)
  69. Elena (though when she is not in her werewolf form, she is as weak as an average Human)
  70. (average) Werewolf
  71. (average) Vampire
  72. (average) X-Man
  73. Liara (though if she has her abilities dampened or nullified, she will be as weak as a Human)
  74. (average) Asari
  75. Hercules
  76. Elf (of Middle Earth)
  77. (average) Drow (slightly weaker than surface/'light'-elves because Drow are not used to direct sunlight)
  78. Conan
  79. Daenerys (nearly invincible for the same reasons Sarah now is, plus she commands the loyalty of multiple dragons)
  80. Sarah
  81. (average) Naga (slightly stronger than Mermaids because they can resort to either land or water realms)
  82. (average) Mermaid
  83. (average) Fairy (though some are very powerful for their size, they are tinier than dwarves and even gnomes, sometimes also being as empathic and sensitive to emotions as Eldar)
  84. Maya (her naturally longer lifespan and knowledge of Space travel gives her a tiny boost above even elite warrior humans in some instances)
  85. ODST
  86. (most) wild animals
  87. Alexis (Project C32-002A|HCP)
  88. Capt. Alison R. Hart-Burnett, call sign 'Lady Jaye'
  89. (average) Human clone (usually these are artificially genetically improved humans)
  90. (average) Human
*This strength ranking system may fluctuate a bit from time to time, given odd circumstances, such as alliances, power boosts, spells, illnesses, etc.