Crater Lake News:  Crater Lake is now open for swimming.
Crater Lake
Crater Lake

Inspired by Crater Lake and its Wizard Island, which was in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, this lake has many of the same characteristics.

Dimensions & Layout:
Crater Lake is just over half a mile along its long axis; 2,706 feet, and it is just over one third of a mile along its short axis; 1,914 feet, to be precise.  Like Inisfree's two Caribbean-colored ponds over by Arch City, this lake is in the form of an inverted half ellipsoid; an upside-down dome elongated to be more oval than circular.  It is surrounded by a narrow ring of a beach of tan-colored sands, and then by water-proof crags along its taller, steeper, outermost curves (which eventually drop more than 1.25 miles nearly straight down into Inisfree's main canyon), and then by a narrow strip of meadow comprised of soft, short grass along its curve facing uphill over the Valhalla ski lanes to the Avalanche Wall.

The surface of this lake is placid, and it serves as the very gradual collection point for any thawing and runoff that may occur from those aforementioned ski lanes; melting snow and ice trickle down as water into this lake, and the silos beneath it constantly monitor it so its water level never changes, any water flowing down into it being quickly recycled by both pump stations and evaporators so that it ends up back on top of the Snowdunes region, falling as, of course, more snow.

The floor of this lake is, like the rest of Inisfree, entirely man-made (Inisfreean-made, rather), and so it is only made to Look like the result of a crater-causing impact; it is a bit more bowl-like than the other bodies of water across Inisfree, having steeper sides more akin to a swimming pool's, and a slope that becomes more gradual as it approaches the lake floor's center, but eventually rises up into the hint of a tiny island, rather than smoothing out entirely until it is flat in the middle. The maximum depth of this lake is a ring around the base of this central, tiny island, and measures 50 feet down from the water's surface, making this the deepest body of water in the city.​​​​

Special Features:
Like many other bodies of water in Inisfree, this one is slightly bioluminescent; on a dark night, or under the shadows of a heavily overcast sky, one can make out little fluctuations of light dots twinkling almost like reflected stars.  This effect is especially beautiful when swimming out into the lake and down below its surface.  It makes for quite the sight for the skiers and snowboarders who choose to take the topside (surface) ski lanes down from Valhalla.

Watercraft, such as speedboats and jetskis, are not allowed on this lake, but swimming and diving are, and are enjoyed by thousands.