Crucible Reaper Trail News:  The Crucible week for Inisfreeans now combines American east coast swamp warfare training with the west coast's beach, desert, and Reaper hikes.
Crucible Reaper Trail
The Reaper

Fashioned after the Outlander American Marine Corps' Reaper hiking trail at the end of The Crucible week at Camp Pendleton during Boot Camp, Inisfreean NWO Military recruits will be able to reach forward at certain points and touch the steep slope in front of them, just like on the original in what was once California.

While the original Reaper hike was 9.7 miles, culminating in the ascent of a 700'-tall mountain, Inisfree's Reaper hike takes them along a route closer to 10 miles, plus much, much more elevation changes; recruits and instructors hike in platoon formations from their barracks on the lower desert plateau... down into the swamp region, ...around the city's largest obstacle course, through a narrow valley opening out toward the Disc Pond, into the mouth of Inisfree's canyon, along that canyon's riverbank, across that river to get weighted down with water, then up the largest mountain's slope to within half a mile of the Avalanche Wall.  All in all, this takes those on this hike through more than 2.25 miles in elevation changes; down from the desert plateau into the swamp, up a bit into the narrow valley, down into the canyon river, then up 1.75 miles to the rest and turnaround point near the Avalanche Wall (at which point the hikers get to feast, change their socks, and make additional preparations for the return hike, though Inisfreeans, of course, can't get fatigued or wounded, and can even complete this hike barefoot).  In short, American Marines complete a grueling Reaper hike with a final climb (steep walk) up 700 feet, but Inisfreean military personnel complete a Reaper hike capable of being surmounted only by the gods, hiking down and up a whopping 11,880 feet; 17 times what the Marines ascend --and that's just one-way; they must still cover all that distance and those elevation changes on the hike back to their barracks.  If you count the return trip, this Inisfreean Reaper hike then covers 20 miles and 23,760 feet in elevation changes, plus there is a tougher optional route that adds another two vertical miles; another ascent and descent of the lower desert plateau's cliffs times two; twice up them and twice down them, if you are counting the return hike.  That results in the total elevation change reaching 34,320 feet.

Comparable Hikes:
Though this Inisfreean Reaper hike dwarfs even that of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world of the Earthling Outlanders, a few other exclusive and Herculean groups of Outlander fitness enthusiasts and ultra-marathon runners can actually hold a candle to what the Inisfreean people can do.  For example, the R2R2R hike covers 50 miles, taking its travelers down into the Grand Canyon from one rim to the other and back, with an elevation change of 20,000 feet.  The Bridger Ridge Run covers just under 20 miles, and is a timed running (not jogging) event, and its travelers experience an elevation change of 6,800 feet.  Then there are those who climb Mt. Everest; 19,000 feet from base to peak.
[Route Waypoints] Directory

Start:  Recruit Barracks Complex
Waypoint (WP) 1:  ​Artillery Gun-line
WP 2: ​ Obstacle Course
WP 3:  Swamp/Greenbelt Border
WP 4:  Beach Assault Valley
WP 5:  Disc Pond
WP 6:  ​​​​Canyon Riverbank
WP 7:  TNA Slope 'Hood
WP 8:  ​​Basketbells Temple Ruins

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