Cryo-A News:  This facility can now house the entire annual guest, resident, and citizen population of Inisfree.
Cryogenic Archive
Cryogenic Archive:

Inisfree's suspended-animation facility is where its citizens may go to sleep for very long or indefinite periods of time.  Originally based on cryogenic preservation techniques, the Grid Mind has since upgraded this facility to be much closer to stasis, no longer requiring extremely cold temperatures to achieve the same results.​  Also, because of how relatively immortal all who visit the Inisfreean realm become, this facility is almost obsolete; no one needs to slow down or suspend their natural processes anymore to stay alive.

Dimensions & Layout:
This facility is a hollow cylindrical prism oriented around the
Main Womblike a tire is to a wheel.  It uses the same technology as the stasis tubes on theMPHAs, however all of these stasis tubes are, in the standard Inisfreean fashion of being ultra-hospitable, luxurious and as comfortable as can be.  Billions of these luxurious tubes line the walls on both sides of the ring-shaped hallways that run through every level of this facility.  The tubes are stacked five vertically to each floor/level/story, with a total of 1,000 levels; 1,000 ring-shaped hallways for the innermost, tube-like section of this facility, with the same number of hallways for each concentric ring out from the Main Womb toward the slopes of Inisfree's central mountain which all of this is in.​​​  Because those successive rings are slightly larger than their predecessors, they, of course, contain a few hundred more stasis tubes.  With 2,000,000,000 annual visitors to Inisfree, this facility now makes room for 2,000,000 per floor; 400,000 per stack level (tubes are stacked five high per floor); 8,295 tubes around the innermost ring's ~33,180' circumference, with 50 walls of tubes situated around 25 bisecting hallways.  Each tube measures 4'Wx8'Dx2'H, including its borders separating it from the other tubes.  Hallways are 10'W.  Walls between tubes are 4'D.  All in all, this facility measures two miles tall and 1,500' from outermost curve wall to innermost curve wall; just over 1/4 of a mile thick.

Special Features:
​​Many of the black-ops personnel who helped The Wolves get the prototype Grid Mind to Antarctica, and its inventor become the Governor of the city that grew out around it, chose to sleep securely in this facility until that man wanted their services again.  In the distant future, he did indeed call on them, having his daughters (the Inisfreean-born girls) gently wake each of them, then giving them one of the most prolific assignments of all time

Note 1

Cryo-stasis is much more of a choice now than a requirement.  With half a millennium of medical, nutritional, fitness, and electromagnetic forces research and advancements, the average human, when in an environment with all of those upgrades, is virtually immortal.  

Engineered clones, such as the Inisfreeans, have even greater physical and mental stability and longevity.  

Cryogenic freezing and preservation is typically only used in less sophisticated areas of the colonized Verse, and sporadically to skip ahead through time past any tedious and boring parts.