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Customs and Courtesies:

Customs and courtesies are vastly different on some worlds, but here is the current standard and baseline for modern humanity.  On this page, for military, federal, law enforcement and civilian personnel, you will find:

how to address ranks and titles

attire for various events and occasions

Drill & Ceremonies (D&C) procedures

a rare glimpse into the highly private customs and courtesies of the people of the city-nation Inisfree

C&C vary greatly across even the narrowest of terrestrial, national and state borders.​​  While those of the higher ranks will usually understand ignorance of their people's C&C, those of lower ranks will usually take at least minor offense.  Thus, prior to traveling to a new realm, be it a different nation, continent, or world, it is important and polite to memorize their C&C.

Customs and Courtesies
Federal and Law Enforcement Officers:

It is regarded as being universal that all of the following professionals prefer and expect to be addressed formally based either on their gender (as in their language's terms for 'sir' or 'ma'am') or on their title (such as 'director' or 'section chief').  While military personnel tend to say 'aye, sir' often paired with a salute, civilian personnel tend to say 'yes, sir' without a salute.  Civilians and military do not salute each other.

Federal Agents:

Field Agents:
  • New Agent Trainee (until graduation from Quantico)
  • Special Agent
  • Senior Resident Agent (non-supervisory, in a Resident Agency (satellite office))
  • Supervisory Senior Resident Agent (only applies in Resident Agency offices)
  • Supervisory Special Agent
  • Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC)
  • Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC)
FBI Management:
  • Unit Chief
  • Section Chief
  • Deputy Assistant Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Associate Executive Assistant Director
  • Executive Assistant Director
  • Associate Deputy Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Director
  • Bomb Technician
  • Pilot
  • Polygrapher
  • Technically Trained Agent
Law Enforcement Officers; Police:
This rank model is generally quasi-military in structure. Although the large and varied number of federal, state, and local police departments and sheriff's offices have different ranks, a general model, from highest to lowest rank, would be:
  • Chief of Police, Police Commissioner, Superintendent, Sheriff
  • Chief of Police, Deputy Commissioner, First Deputy Superintendent, Undersheriff
  • Deputy Chief, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Sheriff
  • Assistant Chief, Assistant Superintendent, Associate Sheriff
  • Commander, Deputy Assistant Superintendent, Chief Deputy Sheriff
  • Colonel, Inspector
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major, Deputy Inspector
  • Police Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Master Sergeant, First Sergeant
  • Sergeant First Class, Sergeant II
  • Sergeant, Sergeant I
  • Master Trooper, Master Trooper
  • Corporal Grade 1, Senior Trooper
  • Police corporal, Deputy First Class, Trooper First Class, Master Patrol Officer
  • Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Trooper, Patrol Officer
Royalty & Dignitaries:

The proper way to address people of these high stations varies greatly between nations and worlds.  'Your Majesty' is generally acceptable for those at or above the rank of king or queen, but all lower ranks in this list become complicated, such as with 'your excellency', 'sire', 'his imminence', and so forth, often based as much upon the person's rank and the event during which they are being addressed.

​​Imperial Titles:
  • ​Emperor / Empress / Caesar / Tsar / Kaiser / Basileus / Samraat
High Royal Titles:
  • King of Kings / Ubar of Ubars
  • ​High King / Pharaoh
Royal Titles:​
  • ​​King / Khan / Sultan
  • Queen / Sultana​
Other Sovereigns, Royals, Peerage, and ​Major Nobility:
  • Archduke
  • Grand Duke
  • Grand Prince
  • Prince / Infante
  • Duke
  • Sovereign Prince / Fürst
  • Admiral / Emir / Emira​
  • Marquess / Marquis /
  • Margrave / Landgrave
  • Count / Earl
  • Viscount / Vidame
  • Baron
Minor Nobility, Gentry​, and other Aristocracy:
  • Baronet
  • Dominus​
  • Hereditary Knight
  • Knight
  • Esquire
  • Gentleman​
When visiting foreign realms, such as allied nations and worlds, or the Spaceships of allied realms, or when serving as an ambassador in an embassy, again the ways in which these people are addressed may change, often based on what the meeting cultures are both comfortable with.  For example, a member of a democracy might not always address a king as 'Your Majesty'.
Drill and Ceremonies (D&C):

Nearly every advanced species across the Universe has drills for military units and marching bands, as well as formal ceremonies for a wide variety of special occasions.​​  Here are a few brief examples of what to expect at these events:

Marching Band Drills:
  • Outlanders:  uniform suits, barely gender-adjusted, with (often tall) hats
  • Inisfreeans:  nude or barely-clad in completely gender-adjusted livery, always with their hair either cascading down or put up into intricate, complex braids (such as the 'double halo', 'quad-tails', and 'waterfall')
​Military Unit Marching Drills:
  • Outlanders:  camouflage utilities/fatigues or suit-and-tie dress-uniforms (usually very basic and contrasting colors) with covers (military hats)
  • Inisfreeans:  nude or clad in couture ('second skin'; form-fitting, custom-tailored) dress-uniforms with bright/light, happy, soft, beach colors (such as coral, lavender, peach, raincoat yellow, salmon, sweeter green, and teal), always with their hair either cascading down or put up into intricate, complex braids (such as the 'double halo', 'quad-tails', and 'waterfall')
​ Formal Ceremonies:
  • ​​​​​​​Outlanders:  'black-tie affairs'; evening gowns, three-piece suits, jewelry, colognes/perfumes, walking canes, etc.
  • Inisfreeans:  nude except for diaphanous armbands indicating Inisfreean rank (grade in Inisfree's educational system), with academy graduates having golden highlighted strands of their hair, and Master Females wearing their diaphanous black-sash uniform
Inisfreean Customs and Courtesies (C&C):

Inisfreeans are all very sensual, tactile, and holistic.  Their home and capital, Inisfree, is the cleanest, safest, healthiest, happiest, most majestic, most luxurious, most innovative, most healing city on Earth, as well as most of the rest of Creation.  This means that when in Inisfree, or around any Inisfreean, it is important to present oneself as beautifully and refined as possible, making every effort to be picture perfect in every way.  Inisfreeans are not superficial or otherwise shallow, though; they aim to uplift all who are compatible with them to their maximum potentials in all areas of their life; Inisfreeans look for the exemplary character in a person as much as the exemplary physiques.  Also, Inisfreeans do not salute, shake hands, wave, or say greetings or other expressions common to the humans.  Here are a few examples of situations and the appropriate forms of interaction when in the presence of Inisfreeans:
  • greeting or bidding farewell to a new Inisfreean or group of them:  If their body language indicates attraction, offer a loving hug and kiss.
  • greeting or bidding farewell to a known Inisfreean​ or group of them:  Offer lingering/longing sexual contact, such as a romantic orgy.
  • soothing an Inisfreean or group of them:  ​Offer to carry them to bed, then gently massage their erogenous zones, cup their breasts and asscheeks, kiss and suck on their fingertips, rest your forehead against theirs, and caress their cheeks with your own.
  • ​seeking to earn an Inisfreean's trust:  If you are an attractive human or humanoid female, ease down into the Gorean Kajira kneeling position to display your body in one of its most feminine ways, and let your aura/vibe/mindset by one of eagerness to have every part of you casually inspected and scrutinized by the Inisfreean.  By eagerly submitting to one Inisfreean in this way, all Inisfreeans will instantly appreciate you, for they are all of the same, one mind.
  • congratulating an Inisfreean or group of them:  Especially when it comes to an Inisfreean having that glowy, beaming-smile, 'freshly fucked' look and stride, and, of course, whenever an Inisfreean is happily chatty about recent sex, give her a celebratory high-five, smack on her ass, or make-out session, telling her how beautiful her sex must have been, and how horny it is making you just to hear her happily talk about it.
  • putting an Inisfreean to bed, or waking her up:  Do this slowly, gently, and subtly, preferably starting with oral sex, then finishing with sex ending in at least one mutual, full-body/energy-orgasm --a simultaneous one, if you can manage it.  Be sure to relax and tightly cuddle, nuzzle, and snuggle for at least half an hour.
  • sharing a meal with an Inisfreean or group of them:  Offer to hand-feed them, always sitting close by their sides, keeping at least one of your legs draped over their own, and politely encouraging them to drape at least one of their legs or arms over or around you.  Do not clack your cups alongside theirs; instead, kiss the side of your cup before offering it to them for a sip, and always accept it when they offer to pour a mouthful of drink from their mouth into yours.
  • swimming with an Inisfreean or group of them:  Offer to engage in a romantic orgy with them on the beach, in the pool or pond, and on the watercraft, such as a yacht; whatever you are on, in, or near, and never wear a 'bathing/swimsuit'; Inisfreeans are nudists, and clothing is generally regarded as being cowardly, unhealthy, and otherwise offensive to them and their realm.
Ranks, Identifiers, Gestures, & Command-sizes for Armies, Marine Corps, Air Forces, Navies, and Coast Guards:
Ranks, Identifiers, & Command-sizes of the people of Inisfree:
Universal Social Classes: