Double-carrier Racetrack News:  Tokyo Drift style racing is now hosted here, though it is much more impressive in Sotu.
Double-carrier Racetrack
Double-carrier Racetrack

Based on the racetracks of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), this automobile sporting arena is the next level; instead of being a track built within a stadium on the ground, Inisfree's NASCAR track is built atop two aircraft carriers fused together in the largest catamaran ever conceived.  With its two giant ships weighing in at 95,000 tons a piece, and the racetrack and stadium built atop it weighing in at about 10,000, this nearly 200,000 ton sailing vessel is a force to be reckoned with.  Called the Double-carrier Racetrack, this ship passes through the four-stories-deep water of Inisfree's main lake with little room to spare, but is Repulsine assisted, making its programmed circular route (~1 mile long, in a loop, with a diameter of just under 1/3 of a mile) possible and reliable.  Due to its design and low speed, paired with the Repulsine-assisted racing vehicles and 'smart'-surface of the racetrack, racers do not have to compensate for the gravitational fluctuations otherwise felt due to choppy waters or changes in acceleration of the parent construct.

NASCAR stock cars, as well as Formula 1, Baja off-road racing trucks, and a variety of other race-worthy vehicles are all seen from time to time on this special, elevated, floating racetrack. The track is easily converted back and forth between each of their needs.

Guests of these races typically fly in by way of their Owls (hover-saddles) or other small, personal aircraft, parking them in the parking spaces (more like landing pads for helicopters) which are all surrounded by landscaping and waterworks, such as small fountains from statues and flower pots.  Instead of stadium seating, guests are then helped to find their assigned convertible canopy bed (the canopy is retractable when shade from the Sun isn't desired), and may also make use of the many VIP boxes which come complete with automatically shading window-walls.  Guests staying overnight may use those VIP boxes as their hotel suites, but may also make use of the dozens of group berthings and hundreds of single and double-bed rooms below the flight / racetrack / topside deck.
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