Dragon's Back Saddle Ruins News:  These ruins are now one of two India-architecture-themed constructs atop this mountain range.
Dragon's Back Saddle Ruins
Dragon's-back Saddle Ruins

Nestled atop the ridge-line of the mountain range separating Inisfree's military training plateau from the civilian-occupied regions of the city... is this area of buildings designed to look like ruins. 

Dimensions & Layout:
Covering many thousands of square feet, it is difficult to tell where these ruins begin and end; their borders are perfectly blended in with the surrounding terrain of the ridge-line.  There are dozens of medium-sized structural remains here, hundreds of small ones, and thousands of tiny, stand-alone ones, such as obelisks and other markers.

Special Features:
Instead of basic humanoid carvings protruding from breakable masonry, as is the case with the Outlands temples which inspire this attraction, this set of ruins is adorned with lifelike miniatures (exact replicas of the perfect human female figure) in all the possible sexual positions for pairings and orgies.  Additionally, gangbangs, gloryholes, and the B.T.B.s are depicted on the walls and other structural components of these ruins, as are scenes of beastiality; Inisfreean girls fucking, and being fucked by, humanoid aliens, dozens of Earth animal species, tentacle monsters such as Cthulhu, the dildo-headed Inisfreean plant-life, Inisfree's sexual variant of the Xenomorph drones, and more!