Dropship Theater News:  This building now has a rare flight ability.
Dropship Theater
The Dropship Theater

This is where Inisfreeans go to watch motion pictures on the largest public screens their realm has.  The overall form of this building is the UD-4L 'Cheyenne' dropship from the movie Aliens, though it is a much larger version and does not have weapons.  Like other theaters located elsewhere in this home city of theirs, instead of airplane seats, rows of king-sized beds anchored to each floor section (aisle) are the extra-cushioned, ultra-relaxing pieces of furniture that moviegoers here sit and lounge upon.

Dimensions & Layout:
Measuring 726'x330' across its foundation, and standing more than a dozen stories tall, this is one of the largest movie theaters ever built.  With each theater measuring 100' from side to side, and 150' from back to movie screen, this building has seven of these theaters on each of its long sides, with healthy concessions at either end of the building (between its foyers and the hallway linking them and all of its theaters between), and an upper-level hallway providing access to any of their balcony-levels.  Thus, 14 different movies can be playing simultaneously in this facility, each on a giant screen measuring nearly 100 feet square (though most movies are in wide-screen format).

Special Features:
Instead of the traditional L-tunnel pull-down doorways of Inisfree, this building has drawbridges which automatically raise up and close just before the start of their theater's movie.  There are also UV (black lights) rooms for fun and racy occasions, such as glow-in-the-dark, rave-like orgies leading up to the showings.

For very special occasions, when all foot traffic in and out of this facility can be limited to about once every two hours (when all movies are scheduled to start at the same time, and end near the same time), this entire building can use its internal Repulsines to take off and land vertically, spending the duration of its movies (usually about one and a half to two hours) silently and rather slowly flying around the outside of Sotu, as if it was a tiny, winged moon orbiting that circular, dense urban region of Inisfree.  Once the movies end and all the moviegoers leave their king-size beds to return to the central hallways and concession areas where all the window-walls are, they will get to enjoy the views as this theater of theirs slowly flies back over its foundation landing pad, settles down upon it, anchors into place, and opens its exterior doors (also like drawbridges) to allow them to walk back out to the luxurious parking lot where their automated vehicles or airships can then pick them up.​​
[Theaters] Directory

Inisfree's main public movie theater is showing marathons of the following blockbuster motion pictures:

Side 1:
  • ​Theater 1:  The Wolves
  • Theater 2:  Harry Potter (all)
  • Theater 3:  Lord of the Rings (all)
  • Theater 4:  Thor (Inisfree's remake)
  • Theater 5:  Gor (all 33)
  • Theater 6:  Conan (all)
  • Theater 7:  Star Trek (all)
​Side 2:
  • ​Theater 8:  Firefly (all)
  • Theater 9:  (comedies)
  • Theater 10:  (crime films)
  • Theater 11:  (dramas)
  • Theater 12:  (historical films)
  • Theater 13:  (dance / musicals)
  • Theater 14:  (war)