Earthships News:  There are now thousands of Earthships in Inisfree.
'Earthship' Homes

This 100% biodegradable house type is called an Earthship, and in Inisfree there are large neighborhoods of them, the sum of which covers a full square mile.  Earthships are made from building materials which are largely salvaged, such as glass bottles, reclaimed floor wood, and used tires.  Cement and wood are almost never used in the making of these homes, the idea being that they are not intended to be permanent or hand-me-downs; made without even harming a single tree or animal, they will also not even harm the earth upon which they sit... as they finally start to gracefully return to it.

Dimensions & Layout:
Earthships are typically one-story houses built low to the ground, often half or completely hidden under a hill, and may extend for up to several rooms along a single axis.  Few have basements, but there is always plenty of storage space in each, including troughs both inside and out for gardens.  Earthship neighborhoods are arranged almost chaotically, with winding trails to get to each, no streets or other central roadways for vehicular traffic, and, thereby, are very difficult to spot by the untrained or unexpecting eye.  Because they are so oddly arranged, often widely dispersed to help maintain the lowest possible impact on the local terrain and biosphere, the area of land all the Earthships in Inisfree are built upon is the largest plot on this side of Inisfree's central mountain.

Special Features:
This type of dwelling pioneered one of the most efficient plumbing and water usage systems in history; every Earthship collects rainwater on its roof and first uses it for bathtubs, sinks, and showers, then passing that water into the toilet tanks, then on to the plant troughs and rest of the garden, and finally back out into the surrounding earth as a natural septic tank.


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See what the different rooms in your residence will look like:

Bathroom (and walk-in shower)
Bedroom (often in center of livingroom)
Bookroom (library and study)
Breezeroom (patio, porch, balcony)
Cookingroom (and pantry)
Croproom (miniature farm)
Diningroom (including breakfastrooms)
Entryroom (foyer)
Exerciseroom (gym and dojo)
Gameroom (billiards, chess, et cetera)
Gardenroom (greenhouse, lawn / yard)
Laundryroom (breeze-drying)
Livingroom (lounge and piano)
Mediaroom (theater / movie screen)
Meditationroom (cube within a cube)
Poolroom (indoor swimming)
Storageroom (closet, built-in laser-eye)
Toiletroom (urinal, throne, and bidet) 
Trophyroom (war-suit display)
Workroom (office)
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See what each Earthship in Inisfree looks like:

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