Equestrian Escape News:  Once just a hurdles course the size of a couple football fields, this area now stretches out for miles.
Equestrian Escape
Equestrian Escape

Few things can compare to the majesty and stress relief of riding your prized steed, galloping across the sands aside the surf, with the warm sea breeze in your billowing hair, and even a horseback archery range to your other side, should you wish to prove your accuracy and dexterity as the great and legendary cavalry bowmen of olde did.


While Clydesdales are, of course, always available, so are Friesians, Gypsy Horses, and even Pegasi (flying horses) and Unicorns.  Don't worry about their prominent spike, though; in Inisfree, you can't get hurt.

Dimensions & Layout:
This is an area 528 feet wide and as long as the beach section is between the Atlantis hotel and the Bed & Breakfast Spire; about 2.5 miles.  That gives the Equestrian Escape an area of 6,969,600 square feet; 160 acres.  All girls here ride nude, and can take a detour into the shoreline archery range to practice their marksmanship even while still mounted.