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Cloud-mass Land
The Cloudmassland

Common Misperceptions:
Forming during the events of 2013, many of the primitive Outlanders of Earth-That-Was naturally saw this as one of the Earth's main portals to their concept of Heaven; with beings made of air, light, and cloud vapor floating and flying around, building cities and launching expeditions of their own, not to mention the fact that it came during the predicted time for their perceived Apocalypse / Armageddon to end, it was easy to see why

Covering an area of airspace the size of a few U.S. states, the 'Cloud-mass Land' is a region in the sky composed of fixed-position clouds which one can easily climb upon and traverse as if they were semi-elastic land-forms.  Every type of cloud is represented across this region, including tornadoes, rain tails, hail bowls, super-cells, and wall clouds.  The people and civilizations developing in this region utilize a technology and wisdom which allows them to build their materials and structures out of the 'cloud-mass' (a new element not on the human Periodic Table of the Elements) without having to mine it from the rare, floating, stationary material of their region.  Thus, there is no risk of their region changing shape or losing its mass due to mining or construction efforts.

Special Features:
Just as there are rivers of water and landslides of earth down below, up in the Cloudmassland there are rivers and streams of cloud-mass, and even slowly turning tornadoes who are now more like permanent, slow, soft whirlpools connecting land and sky.



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