Shadowmassland News:  Inisfreeans have used their mind-interfacing technologies to map this entire realm through the eyes and other senses of its beings.
Shadow-mass Land

This region of the recently terraformed Earth is named for the tangible shadows which have now become so prominent and diversified that they almost completely dominate a continent-sized land area and ocean mass.  Shadows were originally the result of blockages of light sources by objects between a given light source and the other objects that light was reaching.  Now, however, some of the shadows on Earth are more like the fabled elementals; living, breathing, moving, thinking, sometimes speaking, intelligent plant and animal life which have begun to form communities, civilizations, and technologies all their own.  There are even entire rivers and mountains made of nothing but this newly formed 'shadow material' or 'shadow mass' which one can, respectively, swim through or climb -or even develop construction upon.

Dimensions & Layout:
The Shadowmassland is a uniquely linked island chain of two areas each about the size of Texas. Beings of this realm's two parts can travel between them via various points which act like portals; worm-holes.  Collectively called the Shadowmassland (not 'lands') due to these connections, this new feature of the Earth includes mountains, caves, prairies of wind-swaying shadow-grasses, shadow-trees which can be used for shadow-bark and shadow-syrup, shadow-animals which can be skinned for shadow-hides, and even shadow-rivers which flow one or both ways through the many portals of this realm.

Special Features:
Some of this 'shadow mass' only affects others of this shadow realm; the shadow elementals and the landforms and bodies of water made out of shadows here, but some of these shadows can and do also affect those of us from the realms we are more accustomed to.  For example, explorers of this newly formed --and still forming-- realm may discover hidden passages in these objects of 'shadow mass', and further discover that the shadow beings cannot make use of those same passages any more easily than a human could walk through a stone wall.  This, to the shadow elementals living in this Shadowmassland, makes us outsiders seem to be moving as ghosts seem to be moving to Us; through what they consider to be solid and stronger objects.

Also of note are the weather patterns made completely out of shadows here; shadow rain, shadow hail, shadow lightning (also called 'dark-ning' or 'shadow-ning'), and even shadow tornadoes and shadow forest fires.  When it shadow-rains, for example, your clothes might start to show shadowy spots all over them, as if you were standing under dirty glass, but to the touch... those spots feel cool and damp.  And when you see what looks like the silhouette of a fire, instead of a flickering of warm colors, it will be all cool colors, if not entirely black, and everything around it will become darker; more shadowy, rather than alight with the light of the flames.​​

Curiously, shadow dragons (shadow elementals in the form of dragons) prefer to avoid this realm, as their special composition and abilities are not so special here; in the Shadowmassland, shadow dragons appear to the other shadow beings the way normal dragons appear to Us. Thus, shadow dragons cannot move through and hide in the shadows here... like they can in the shadows of the rest of the world.​​


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