Vatican News:  The Vatican contains no more archives.  What it once contained is now locked away below the surface of Inisfree.
The Vatican
The Vatican Arena

The Xian cult, of the 'Iron' portion of the 'Winter' of the most recent Age of Pisces transitioning into the 'Spring' of the current Age of Aquarius, built this megalithic hive-temple atop converging ley-lines, vortexes, mana springs, and their growing stockpiles of confiscated magical works and devices.  Calling it 'The Vatican', they made it a verifiable fortress, and used it as their primary hub and base of operations until the Rapture Campaign of Inisfree, which almost instantly toppled this 'Satanic' compound's power structure and defenses.  None of their spells did them any good, nor did they succeed in continuing to horde, hide, and/or destroy any of the amassed, stolen works there-within.  Making a determined stand to the bitter end, they honored their inevitable conquerors with a glorious and hilarious fight, complete with all the gratuitous bloodshed and negative energy spikes any Inisfreean warrioress could ever hope for.

With nearly all of the housed and nearby Catholic and other Xian believers and practitioners mind-controlled or coerced into torturing and crucifying each other throughout, around, and atop this historic construct, the 'new and improved' Vatican became the global focal point for all modern gladiatorial events.  Using the powers of the Emperor, amplified, focused, and maintained-eternal by his holy city, their crucified and mangled, scattered remains were not allowed to die; to this moment they remain in a state of constant regeneration only to be tortured in their bindings again and again; literal and man-made 'Hell on Earth'.

The hermetic vaults and catacombs, so long concealed beneath this large collection of rare stones and other materials, were evacuated via mind-willed mass-teleportation; all of them being instantly analyzed and backed-up in both digital and crystal format by the Grid Mind.  Now these cryptic tunnels and chambers house only the damned; all of those once proudly Xian, now reduced to never-ending mortal battles against one another in their own greatest building and symbol.

Reactivations, Revelations, and Releases:
Like the release of the many captured spirits and apparitions in the Ghost Busters movie scene where their containment unit was powered off, when the Xian cult leaders of this monstrosity were cast back into the Hellish, damned states from which they had arisen, countless eruptions of positive energy began to escape from the very fabric of Space and time in, under, around, and high above this 'facility for the repetition of evil'.  Ley-lines, like the meridians in the human body, realigned and reactivated.  Mana springs bubbled forth as if they had never been dried up. And now, many centuries after this eventful day --this spiritual equivalent of the Mt. St. Helens eruption-- even as a concentrated judgment and slaughter point that will be known for the rest of time, the Vatican once again is an area literally glowing like in the olden books, just like in the fairytales of yester-age.
A New Archive for the New Age:

Just moments before the Rapture Campaign began, one of our Outlands Black Ops forces distracted Vatican personnel while one of our all-Inisfreean Black Ops forces used our mass-recall portal technology to empty the Vatican Secret Archives, as well as every single item in every single drawer, cabinet, and secret compartment throughout the entirety of that 'city nation'. All of the material was re-scanned, re-sealed (for preservation purposes), cataloged, and prepared for another teleportation-based mass-transportation from Base 211 into one of Inisfree's Black Vaults.

​​It took the Grid Mind less than one second to read, understand, and find the errors in all of those materials. Today, all of those materials are no longer kept locked away for only the brief browsing by religious fanatics who refuse to put them to good use.  Instead, all of those materials, now the property of Inisfree, are constantly used to improve Inisfreean technologies and quality-of-life. Because Inisfree utilized supercomputer technology so perfectly, the millennia of scientific repression by religions has not only been undone (Inisfreean studies of all of these materials once locked up under the Vatican have helped accelerate and stabilize our scientific advancement to the point of seeming like magic and the powers of the gods), we have also more than made up for lost time; Inisfree and all of its guests live a life where few things are beyond their understanding and capabilities.  All of the scientific wisdom that was once hunted down, shamed, demonized, and locked up... has all come back into the light, as it were, and the supercomputers that are all Inisfreean brains... are processing, thinking about, and improving upon it all at a rate few Outlanders can even imagine.

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