Faux Prison News:  This surface-side construct is now Earth's largest 'kill-house', scheduling nearly round-the-clock live-fire drills.
Faux Prison
The Surface-side Faux Prison

It is important to note several things related to the terminology of this facility; firstly, that no one is actually imprisoned within Inisfree unless it is for a training or voluntary stimulation exercise, and secondly, that 'kill-house' means "an indoor firearms range involving natural unit movements between rooms and floors" and 'live-fire' means "real ammunition used in the marksmanship drills".  Thus, this Inisfreean 'prison' is actually more of a training environment helping participants to better plan, rehearse, and perfect the customary Inisfreean military operation of exfiltrating high-value persons and other assets from highly-secured Outlander facilities, such as actual prisons.

Sequence of Training Evolutions:
Inisfreeans progress first from the classroom to the outdoor firing ranges, then to the Training Tower and silos, followed by the F.O.B.s (Forward Operating Bases; military outpost-towns), next to the Sotu (dense urban) training areas, then to the subterranean architectural replicas of the Halo (video game series) combat maps, and finally to this faux-prison; the largest, most claustrophobic, and, thereby, most challenging of hostile operating terrestrial environments.  Once they are fully trained to function fluidly as teammates within such an environment, even cave network warfare comes as easily and naturally as breathing.

Dimensions & Layout:
Spanning just over one third of a mile (1,782', to be precise) by just over one quarter of a mile (1,518'), this compound, doubling as Inisfree's M.O.U.T. town (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), has 2,705,076 square feet of land; just over 62 acres.  Near the middle of Inisfree's highest desert plateau, the surrounding terrain is generally flat, sandy, and windswept, with only light and sparse patches of lawn-like grass.  The closest surface structure is the Firm Base about one quarter of a mile away.  The Quarantine Facility and actual prison close-by on the map to the right of this text block are actually far underground.
人造 監獄