Ferngully Crater News:  The historical record of how this crater was formed is now available to guests; what once filled it became Cloud City II.
Ferngully Crater
Fern Gully / Avatar / Un'goro Crater

F.A.U. is an acronym for "Fern Gully, Avatar, Un'goro".  Fern Gully is the name of an animated movie about a rainforest.  Avatar is the name of a CGI movie about humanoids on a heavily forested moon of a gas giant.  Un'goro is the name of a rainforest crater in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.  The heavily forested environments of these wonderful stories have all been combined here to create an unprecedented synergy for all those beings who revel at the very thought of being immersed in a heavenly and 'havenly' woodland environment.  And speaking of those beings, this rainforest crater is home to many of the Fay; real-life fairies.

Dimensions & Layout:
F.A.U. Crater, sometimes called Ferngully Crater, or just 'Fau', has a diameter of one mile.  Its side closest to the center of Inisfree, which is also closer toward the core and top of Inisfree's largest mountain, has a cliff (concave from the perspective of the crater, and convex from the perspective of the mountain) 1.75 miles long, oriented at a nearly sheer 10 degrees.  The highest canopy of this crater's triple canopy is at about the bottom third mark along that cliff, and this triple canopy is a gently swaying dome of countless leaves which extends all the way over the crater to the opposite side, almost level at that point with the much more gradual and walkable slope leading up out of it and over the foot-hills into the Schlosser Hood, as well as over three quarters of a mile of wooded terrain toward the perimeter of the Kathedrom.

This region of Inisfree is specifically designed to honor and house guests of the Fay; fairies, sometimes also called 'fair-folk'.  This includes Dryads and many of the other subsets of this race of humanoid people who are so frequented in Outlander storybooks called fairytales. Though all regions and attractions of Inisfree are extremely happy, peaceful, and picturesque, this one is particularly so in the ways that the heavenly forest of our collective dreams must be in order to be worthy of such beings as its guests and residents.

After the Forest Temple was relocated here (during the design phase of Inisfree), it was also decided that Club Dendro s
hould be here.